Item Description: "Presented to Parliament pursuant to Section 35 (b) of State Electricity Commission Act No. 3776"
Report to "The Honorable F. E. Old, M.L.A., Minister in Charge of Electrical Undertakings"
Commissioners: G. G. Jobbins (chairman), Aubrey F. Burstall and Andrew W. Fairley
"W. J. Price, Secretary"
"H. S. Kilfoyle, Chief Accountant"
"R. Liddelow, Manager"
"E. A. Peverill, Auditor-General"
G. G. Jobbins was re-appointed by the Government as Chairman of the Commission for a period of five years from 21st December, 1940. D. J. McClelland resigned as a Commissioner on 31st March, 1941, after holding office for nearly nine years. A. F. Burstall, Dean of the Faculty of Engineering, University of Melbourne, was appointed by the Government as a Commissioner for a period of three years from 13th May, 1941, to fill the vacancy caused by the resignation of D. J. McClelland
SECV employees who had died on active service: private F. W. Adamson (accidentaly drowned), private R. S. Broderick (killed in action), engineer/lieutenant-commander J. H. Dardel (died of illness), private B. A. Davies (died of illness), coporal F. E. Edmonds (killed in action), private W. P. B. House (died of illness), private F. R. Spendlove (killed in action) and corporal R. J. H. Robertson (killed in action)
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