Forty-first annual report, 1945-46 /

Corporate Author: Victoria. State Rivers and Water Supply Commission
Other Authors: Duggan, Laurence, East, Lewis Ronald, Sir, 1899-1994, Hanslow, Harold, Lambert, W., McCay, Heywood Waring, b. 1897
Published: Melbourne : J. J. Gourley, Government Printer, 1946
Parliamentary Paper Number: Parliamentary paper (Victoria. Parliament) ; 1945-47, no. 29
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Item Description: "Presented to both Houses of Parliament pursuant to the provisions of the Water Acts"
Commissioners: L. R. East (chairman), H. Hanslow and H. W. McCay
"L. Duggan, Secretary"
"W. Lambert, B.Com., D.P.A., A.F.I.A., Chief Finance Officer"
Commission's staff who died on service: K. J. Dickinson (prisoner of war) (sapper Army), R. U. Golding (private Army), G. Ritchie (flying officer Air Force), W. A. Robertson (group captain Airforce), H. M. [i.e. N.] Stafford (flight lieutenant Air Force), S. C. Swift (flying officer Air Force) and J. Watson (prisoner of war) (private Army)
Commission's staff who served with the armed forces A-L: P. H. Abbott (captain Army), R. H. Affleck (leading aircraftsman Air Force), L. C. Anders (corporal Army), R. Y. Allinson (warrant officer I Army), J. R. Ashworth (private Army), E. G. Baghel (private Army), I. G. Baker (leading aircraftsman Air Force), A. W. Barlow (private Army), W. J. Bell (private Army), J. H. Bent (private Army), A. R. Beynon (leading aircraftsman Air Force), L. Binion (leading aircraftsman Air Force), R. Bird (ordinary telegraphist Navy), C. Q. Blinks (lieutenant Army), A. G. Boyd (staff sergeant Army), A. F. Bray (flight lieutenant Air Force), R. W. Briggs (warrant officer I Army), W. J. Brodie (sergeant Army), J. R. Bronmeyer (sub-lieutenant Navy), J. H. Byham (sergeant Army), H. W. [Hugh William] Caffrey (lieutenant Army), T. Callanan (sapper Army), J. D. Cameron (leading aircraftsman Air Force), B. M. Campbell (captain Army), J. Campbell (private Army), P. Carrigan (gunner Army), J. Carter (private Army), A. B. Champion (sergeant Army), W. S. Chirgwin (lance corporal Army), D. Clark (lieutenant-colonel Army), J. Clarke (warrant officer II Army), Miss P. Compton (private Australian Women's Army Service), J. P. Conway (sergeant Air Force), A. A. Cope (corporal Air Force), H. M. Corlett (sapper Army), J. P. Coutts (sergeant Air Force), E. D. Cromwell (able seaman Navy), A. E. Crow (sapper Army), Miss N. Cullinan (lieutenant Australian Women's Army Service), J. J. Cummins (captain Army), W. Creighton (lieutenant Army), H. E. Curnick (warrant office I Army), L. L. Curry (warrant officer II Army), K. E. Daniel (coder Navy), W. D'Arcy (private Army), S. Davies (leading aircraftsman Air Force), W. L. Deveraux (sergeant Army), E. G. Deveson DCM (major Army), H. Deveson (sergeant Air Force), J. E. Dodds (warrant officer Air Force), N. L. Doyle (writer Navy), R. Drummond (major Army), J. M. Duffy (corporal Army), R. C. C. Dunn (captain Army), R. R. Edmonds (lance sergeant Army), A. W. Elliott (warrant officer Air Force), J. J. Farish (corporal Air Force), H. B. Field (lieutenant-colonel Army), K. E. Findlay (lieutenant Army), H. J. Finley (staff sergeant Army), P. E. Fitz Gerald (flight lieutenant Air Force), J. D. Foley (corporal Army), I. G. Forbes (captain Army), T. J. Forristal (warrant officer Air Force), J. H. Fowles (private Army), M. E. Gillard (lieutenant Army), P. M. Gillespie (warrant officer II Army), S. G. E. Graham (sergeant Army), K. D. Green (captain Army), T. P. Grigg (captain Army), A. D. Haldane (sergeant Army), A. T. Hansford (sergeant Army), G. A. Hawkins (private Army), H. R. Hickey (leading aircraftsman Air Force), W. A. Hickey (leading aircraftsman Air Force), J. H. Hicks (leading aircraftsman Air Force), F. C. Hodgson (commander Navy), L. W. Hook (leading aircraftsman Air Force), W. J. Horadam (private Army), W. J. Horridge (gunner Army), R. A. Horsfall (major Army), J. F. Horwood (captain Army), R. E. Hoysted (ordinary telegraphist Navy), E. R. Inglis (captain Army), Miss B. M. Jackson (corporal Australian Women's Army Service), R. A. Jackson (private Army), R. J. Jackson (captain Army), P. M. James (leading aircraftsman Air Force), R. F. L. Johnson (flight sergeant Air Force), C. J. Jones (flight sergeant Air Force), V. R. Jones (sergeant Army), R. O. Kefford (flight lieutenant Air Force), D. J. Kehoe (leading aircraftsman Air Force), G. W. Kelsey (aircraftsman I Air Force), A. E. Kennedy (sapper Army), W. B. Kenyon (private Army), R. G. Knight MC (lieutenant-colonel Army), J. E. J. Ladd (private Army), J. D. Lang (lieutenant Army), B. F. Lawrence (sapper Army), C. Lawrence (brigadier Army), G. W. V. Lewis (flight sergeant Air Force), E. B. Longstaff (sapper Army), Miss L. I. Lynch (sergeant Women's Australian Auxillary Air Force),
Commission's staff who served with the armed forces M-W: J. N. McAuley (warrant officer Air Force), A. R. McCallum (sapper Army), B. C. McCannon (sergeant Army), P. J. McEniff (leading aircraftsman Air Force), G. D. McLean (captain Army), C. J. B. McPherson (flight lieutenant Air Force), C. D. Marr (private Army), R. G. Mason (captain Army), J. M. Mathew (lieutenant-colonel Army), R. W. Meadows (staff sergeant Army), E. R. Meyer (lieutenant Army), E. F. Michaelson (lieutenant Navy), G. A. Moon (sergeant Army), B. D. Moore (able seaman Navy), B. F. G. Moore (able seaman Navy), A. M. Morgan (warrant officer I Army), A. J. Murphy (corporal Army), C. S. Murray (major Army), R. A. Myers (lieutenant-colonel Army), R. Newton (private Army), D. F. Nolan MID (flying officer Air Force), D. J. Nolan (lieutenant Army), N. M. Nolan (flying officer Air Force), Miss P. T. Noonan (writer Women's Royal Australian Naval Service), C. G. Nuttall (sergeant Army), R. E. O'Connor (corporal Air Force), V. J. O'Connor (corporal Army), B. J. O'Halloran (leading aircraftsman Air Force), J. N. O'Heare (private Army), T. W. O'Keefe (warrant officer I Army), J. A. O'Leary (sergeant Army), G. O. O'Sullivan (leading aircraftsman Air Force), A. C. Paul (lieutenant Army), K. J. Perry (sergeant Air Force), R. H. T. Philbrick (warrant officer Air Force), C. W. M. Phillips (corporal Army), I. J. Phillips (flying officer Air Force), L. C. Peart DFC (flying officer Air Force), W. T. Pettit (leading aircraftsman Air Force), J. H. Pittard (flying officer Air Force), R. J. Plant (sick berth attendant Navy), W. R. Porter (warrant officer II Army), F. R. Priestley (telegraphist Navy), R. H. Purton (private Army), L. J. Rayner (flying officer Air Force), L. A. Reilly (private Army), R. H. Richmond (lieutenant Army), A. H. Rigg (lieutenant Army), C. D. Riley (ordinary seaman Navy), C. C. Robinson (captain Army), P. Robinson (lieutenant Army), F. Rogerson (colonel Army), S. W. Rogerson (lieutenant-colonel Army), A. F. Ronalds (captain Army), G. H. P. Rouke (private Army), W. Ruthven VC (major Army), M. J. Ryan (lieutenant Army), G. J. Scealy (flying officer Air Force), L. R. Schwarzman (lieutenant Army), J. R. Serpell (flight sergeant Air Force), J. L. P. Shaw (staff sergeant Army), S. G. Shaw (flight sergeant Air Force), R. A. Sherriff (sergeant Army), R. C. Simmons (lieutenant Army), R. W. Simpson (aircraftsman II Air Force), A. M. Sims (sergeant Army), N. A. Smith (staff sergeant Army), J. H. Soulsby (corporal Army), J. H. Standish (captain Army), V. T. Stevens (captain Army), R. A. Stinton (captain Army), A. G. Strom (lieutenant Army), J. F. Sullivan (sapper Army), J. T. Sullivan (lieutenant Army), J. C. R. Sundercombe (lieutenant-commander Navy), R. A. Swan (staff sergeant Army), V. G. Swanson MID (major Army), J. R. Sydes (writer Navy), J. W. Tancoe (lieutenant Army), B. P. Taylor (company quarter master sergeant Army), F. G. Taylor (lieutenant Army), L. B. Thompson (lieutenant Army), R. C. Thomson (sergeant Army), G. A. E. Thorley (leading aircraftsman Air Force), S. W. R. Threlfall (acting sergeant Air Force), H. H. Trewartha (sergeant Army), A. F. Tricks (lieutenant Army), J. R. C. Venables (captain Army), H. K. Wadsworth (signaller Army), A. Wallace (corporal Army), K. J. Ward (lieutenant Army), N. M. Warner (flying officer Air Force), J. N. West (leading aircraftsman Air Force), R. C. White (private Army), F. Wilde (sergeant Army), A. B. Williamson (staff sergeant Army), W. J. Wilson (leading aircraftsman Air Force), E. R. Wood (sergeant Air Force) and D. N. Wyndham (warrant officer I Army)
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