Royal Commission on Education : table of contents, index to analysis, index to and analysis of the general evidence, index of witnesses (general), index of subjects, index of questions (general), evidence in detail (general) from question 2106 to end (evidence in detail questions 1-2105 accompanied first report) : synopsis of evidence (religious), index of witnesses Part I. Religious instruction in state schools Part II. The alleged grievances of a portion of the population (religious), index of questions (religious), evidence in detail (religious) and appendices : being continuation of paper no. 47

Corporate Author: Victoria. Royal Commission on Education
Other Authors: Archer, William Henry, 1825-1909, Baker, W., Barber, G. P., Coppin, George Selth, 1819-1906, Craike, C., Cutts, William Henry, 1828-1897, Ham, Cornelius Job, 1837-1909, Harper, A., b. 1857?, Hartley, John Anderson, 1844-1896, Henty, Herbert James 1834-1902, Horn, C. J., Ingram, James, 1828-1928, Keogh, Edmund, 1829?-1901, Loughnan, Henry Nicholas, 1818-1891, Love, Duncan, MacGregor, John, 1828-1884, McCoy, Frederick, Sir, 1817-1899, Meares, George, 1825-1903, Ormond, Francis, 1829-1889, Peterson, William, d. 1898, Rain, W., Rogers, J. Warrington 1822-1906, Saint, Charles Abraham, Templeton, John Montgomery, 1840-1908, Whyte, Patrick, 1820-1893
Published: Melbourne : John Ferres, Government Printer, 1884
Parliamentary Paper Number: Parliamentary paper (Victoria. Parliament) ; 1884, no. 47*
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Item Description: "Presented to both Houses of Parliament by His Excellency's command"
Commission: John Warrington Rogers (chairman), John MacGregor, C. J. Ham, Frederick McCoy, W. H. Archer, Francis Ormond, Herbert James Henty, Edmund Keogh, Henry Nicholas Loughnan, George Meares, J. M. Templeton, Duncan Love, William Henry Cutts and William Peterson
Witnesses examined (general): John H. Allen (singing teacher), James Bagge (accountant Education Dept.), Joseph Baldwin (inspector Educ. Dept.), Henry Robert Bastow (architect Educ. Dept.), Lewis Stewart Blair (truant officer), Thomas Bolam (inspector-general Educ. Dept.), Thomas Brodribb (senior inspector Educ. Dept.), Vernon Delves Broughton (deputy-master Royal Mint Melbourne), Gilbert Wilson Brown (Sec. Education Dept.), Henry Bucknall (Board of Advice School No. 253 Tullaroop East Riding), John Arnold Christopherson (head teacher Vere St. Collingwood), Alfred B. Clemes (Board of Advice School No. 242 Shire of Stawell West Riding), Andrew G. Connell (head teacher Prahran South), Thomas James Connor (head teacher South Yarra), Mary Ann Cook (Lithgow St. School Collingwood), Ross Cox & Robert Craig (inspectors Educ. Dept.), Charles Crooke (Eastern Rd. School Emerald Hill), James Cullin (head teacher Exhibition St. Melbourne), Robert William Verner [i.e Vernon] Dermott (truant officer.), William Dobbie (inspector of buildings Educ. Dept.), John Simeon Elkington (History Professor Melbourne University), James Ellis (ex truant officer), Daniel Hugh Evans (truant officer ), W. Finlay (sr. inspector Public Works Dept.), George Frederick Folingsby (director National Gallery & head School of Arts Melbourne), Frederick John Gladman (supt. State Central Training Institute Melbourne), John Hadfield (head teacher Brighton Rd. St. Kilda), Frederick Oliver Handfield (Board of Advice Branch Education Dept.), Andrew Harper (principal Presbyterian Ladies' College Melbourne), E[lizabeth] Hawkings (Queensberry St. School Carlton), Jacob William Hessel (head teacher Harkaway), George Mitchelmore Hitchcock (Board of Advice School No. 43 Newtown & Chilwell), Joshua Ingamells (head teacher Hawthorn), Mrs. M. J. Jenvey (Faraday St. School Carlton), Henry Jones (head teacher Bell St. Fitzroy), Albert Kosky (Board of Advice No. 276 Shire of Howqua Jamieson), Thomas James Lamble & Archibald G. Lang (singing teachers), James Lewis (head teacher Carlton), Ellen Looney (Prahran North School), John Main (asst.inspector-general Educ. Dept.), Margaret Mavor (Central Melbourne School), George Morgan (acting head teacher Sandridge), Samuel McBurney (president Tonic Sol-fa Assoc. & principal Ladies' College Geelong), Malcolm McGillivray (head teacher School. No. 2048 Orphanage Brighton), John McLean (head teacher Footscray), Frederick Augustus Nell (head teacher No. 112 Carlton), George Oldham (head teacher Emerald Hill), Charles Patrick Augustus O'Malley (ex head teacher St. Arnaud), Edwin Parnell (head teacher Latrobe St. Melbourne), Charles Henry Pearson MLA, John Pollard Peppercorn (drawing teacher), William Perraton (singing teacher ), Richard Philp (inspector Educ. Dept.), John Rae (head teacher Ironbark Sandhurst), James Campbell Rennie (singing teacher), Samuel H. Roberts (Commission for Promoting Technological and Industrial Instruction), Philip Melville Salmon (truant officer), John C. C. Schild (Board of Advice School No. 31 Footscray), John Sergeant (head teacher No. 177 Carlton), Jane Sharples (School No. 1427 Sandridge), Edward M. Shew (drawing examiner), Robert Blackwood Sibley (truant officer), James Smith (head teacher Albert Park), John Spring (head teacher Gold St. Collingwood), Julius Stach (head teacher Central Richmond), William Heron Steel (inspector-general Public Works Dept.), Edward Strahan (head teacher St. Peter's Melbourne), Mrs. C. E. Streeter (Central Sandhurst School), Joseph Summers (singing inspector), Frederick Tayler (drawing teacher), Gustave [i.e. Gustav] Techow (director National Gymnasium Melbourne), Thomas Harvey Templeton (head teacher Prahran North), Charles Alfred Topp (inspector Educ. Dept.), Stephen Trythall (head teacher Lithgow St. Collingwood), Charles Tynan (inspector Educ. Dept.), James Anderson Ure (head teacher No. 365 St. Kilda), Stephen Uridge (truant officer), William Mountford Kinsey Vale (former MLA, member of the Executive Council & of Commission for Promoting Technological and Industrial Instruction), Mrs. M. Vestris (sewing mistress St. Peter's Melbourne), John Webb (head teacher No. 1542 Brighton), Patrick Whyte (head teacher Central Melbourne), Mrs. S. J. Whyte (Central Melbourne), Charles V. Wilson (drawing teacher.) and George Wrigley (head teacher Fitzroy North).
Witnesses examined (Part 1. Religious instruction in state schools): Christopher Gibson Allanby (C. of E. clergyman Ballarat), James Balfour MLC. (Presbyterian layman), Benjamin Benjamin (Hebrew Church layman), William Benson ( Society of Friends), Elias Blaubaum (Hebrew Church minister), Thomas Brodribb (sr. inspector of schools), Gilbert Wilson Brown (Sec. Educ. Dept.), William Henderson Calder (Presbyterian layman), Colin Campbell (C. of E. clergyman Ballarat), Jacob Abraham Cantor (Hebrew Church layman), Samuel Chapman (Baptist minister), John Arnold Christopherson (head teacher Vere St. Collingwood), Andrew G. Connell (head teacher Prahran South), Thomas James Connor (head teacher South Yarra), Robert Turner Cummins (C. of E. clergyman Ballarat East), George Daniel (Wesleyan minister), John S. Elkington (History Professor Melbourne University), William Henry Fitchett (president Ladies' Wesleyan College), Joel Fredman (Hebrew Church layman), Charles John Godby (C. of E. clergyman Malvern), Frederick Race Godfrey (C. of E. layman), William Henry Goff (head All Saints' Church of England Grammar School St. Kilda), Alexander Gosman (Congregational minister Hawthorn), John Hadfield (head teacher No. 1479 St. Kilda), Daniel Jones Hamer (Congregational minister Melbourne), Henry H. P. Handfield (Anglican Canon Melbourne), Andrew Harper (prinicipal Ladies' Presbyterian College Melbourne), Hermann Herlitz (head Lutheran Synod of Victoria), Jacob Hessel (head teacher Harkaway), Joshua Ingamells (head teacher No. 293 Hawthorn), Henry Jones (head teacher No. 111 Fitzroy), Samuel Grey King (Wesleyan layman), Nathaniel Levi (Hebrew Church layman), Robert Lewis (C. of E. layman Ballarat), Hussey Burgh Macartney (Anglican Dean of Melbourne), Donald Macdonald (Presbyterian minister Emerald Hill), Malcolm MacGillivray (head teacher No. 2048 Orphanage Brighton), John McLean (head teacher No. 1912 Footscray), James Megaw (Presbyterian minister Ararat), Peter Mercer (moderator Presbyterian Church), James Moorhouse (Anglican Bishop of Melbourne), George Morgan (acting head teacher Sandridge), William Edward Morris (deputy registrar Anglican Diocese of Melbourne), Dr. Alexander Morrison (principal Scotch College Melbourne), Frederick Augustus Nell (head teacher Carlton), George Oldham (head teacher No. 1253 Emerald Hill), Michael O'Loghlen (instructor Catholic Children Central State School Melbourne), Edwin Parnell (headmaster La Trobe St. Melbourne), Charles Henry Pearson M.L.A., Richard Philp (inspector of State Schools), Louis Pulver (Hebrew Church layman), Alexander Pyne (headmaster Melbourne C. of E. Grammar School), William Abraham Quick (Wesleyan minister Richmond), John Rae (head teacher Ironbark Sandhurst), Samuel Robinson (Presbyterian minister), John Robson (C. of E. layman Ballarat), Charles Abraham Saint, John Sergeant (head teacher No. 177 Carlton), James Smith (head teacher Albert Park), Julius Stach (head teacher Central Richmond), Edward Strahan (head teacher St. Peter's Melbourne), John Christian Symons (Wesleyan minister Hawthorn), Thomas Harvey Templeton (head teacher Prahran North), John Henning Thompson (headmaster Kew High School), Charles Alfred Topp (inspector of State Schools), Stephen Trythall (head teacher Lithgow St. Collingwood), James Anderson Ure (head teacher No. 565 St. Kilda), Edwin I. Watkin [also teacher Fitzroy North) and Alexander Yule (Presbyterian minister Melbourne).
Witnesses examined (Part 2. The alleged grievances of a portion of the population): Michael Burke (Catholic layman Sandhurst Diocese), Daniel Brophy (Catholic layman Ballarat), Anthony Colling Brownless (Catholic layman & Vice-Chancellor University of Melbourne), Thomas Cahill (St. Patrick's College Melbourne), Michael Campion Carey (Catholic layman Ballarat), Nicholas Fitzgerald MLC (Catholic layman), Richard Fitzgerald (Catholic layman & storekeeper Seymour), Thomas John Forbes (sec. Catholic Education Committee Melbourne), Patrick Hayes (Catholic layman Sandhurst), Thomas Hughes (director Christian Brothers' School St. Kilda), John Stephen Kennedy (superior Christian Brothers' School Ballarat), James Kennedy (Catholic priest Richmond), Monsignor James Moore (administrator Catholic Diocese Ballarat), John O'Dowd (Catholic priest Belfast), Stephen Reville (administrator Catholic Diocese Sandhurst), John Joseph Sheedy (head teacher S.S. Peter and Paul's R.C. School Emerald Hill), Patrick Joseph Slattery (Catholic Archdeacon Geelong), Thomas Woods (head teacher St. Joseph's Catholic School Collingwood).
Appendix B (b): Report on the replies received from Boards of Advice throughout the Colony of Victoria to the questions submitted by the Council appointed by the Conference of Boards of Advice 1881 - to be presented to the Royal Commission on Education by J. M. Templeton (President), James Ingram & G. P. Barber (Vice Presidents), W. Rain, C. Craike and W. Baker.
Appendix L: letter supplementing evidence of Michael O'Loghlen before the Commission from George Coppin.
Appendix M: letter from C. J. Horn, ( Warrnambool League for Introducing Scripture Reading in State Schools)
Appendix N: How They Settle the Religious Difficulty in Other Lands - handed in by A. Harper (Joint Secretary of the Bible in State Schools League) at the League deputation 29 Nov. 1882.
Appendix O: statement submitted by Charles Abraham Saint in reference to voluntary religious instruction in State Schools supplementary to his evidence
Appendix P: Correspondence between Commissioner J. M. Templeton and Patrick Whyte referred to in Commissioner Templeton's memorandum accompanying Third Report
Appendix Q: Comparative Tables of Information as to the Education Systems of England, the Australian Colonies and New Zealand prepared by John A. Hartley (inspector-general of schools South Australia)
Appendix R (a): memorandum submitted by J. Warrington Rogers (Chairman) to the Commissioners 21 Dec. 1881
Appendix R (b): memorandum from J. M. Templeton
Physical Description: xcvi, 422, 306p. ; 34cm.

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