Item Description: "Presented to His Excellency the Governor in Council and laid before both Houses of Parliament pursuant to the provisions of the State Development Act 1958 (No. 6376)"
"Ordered by the Legislative Assembly to be printed 17th November 1964"
Committee: A. R. Mansell (chairman), R. J. Wiltshire, R. A. Clarey, A. W. Knight, William Phelan and Edgar S. Tanner
"F. R. Kenny, Secretary"
A. W. Knight dissented in part from certain of the recommendations of the Committee
During the Inquiry, the membership of the Committee changed following the General Elections in June 1964. A. Smith, B. J. Evans and G. R. Schintler retired from the Committee and their places were filled by A. W. Knight, R. A. Clarey and W. Phelan
Physical Description: 28p. ; 34cm.