Intercolonial Conference : report and minutes of the proceedings of the Intercolonial Conference held in Melbourne in the months of June and July 1870 : presented to both Houses of Parliament by His Excellency's command

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Published: Melbourne : John Ferres, Government Printer, 1870
Parliamentary Paper Number: Parliamentary paper (Victoria. Parliament) ; 1870, no. 30
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Item Description: "Presented to both Houses of Parliament by His Excellency's command"
Victoria was represented by Sir James McCulloch (Chief Secretary) and James G. Francis (Treasurer)
New South Wales was represented by Charles Cowper (Colonial Secretary) and Saul Samuel (Colonial Treasurer)
Tasmania was represented by James Milne Wilson MLC (Colonial Secretary) and Thomas D. Chapman MHA (Colonial Treasurer)
South Australia was represented by John Hart (Treasurer), John H. Barrow MLC and W. Townsend MP.
Includes correspondence connected with the Intercolonial Conference 1870 from James Milne Wilson, John T. Bagot (Chief Secretary South Aust.), Charles Cowper, James McCulloch, Thomas Chapman, Hugh Hamon [given as J. M. and H. S.] Massie (Under Colonial Secretary Qld.), W. Gisborne (Colonial secretary NZ), Augustus Stow (Chief Secretary's Office South Aust.), Henry Halloran (for the NSW Colonial Sectretary), J. Boothby (for the South Aust. Chief Secretary), W. H. Odgers (for the Victorian Chief Secretary) and A. H. Palmer (Qld Colonial Secretary) - and a copy of a Memorandum signed by John Robertson (NSW), Julius Vogel (Postmaster-General New Zealand), Charles Knight (Auditor-General NZ), and signed for Charles Lilley (Qld) by John Robertson.
Appendix A: Despatch from the Secretary of State for the Colonies (Buckingham and Chandos) to the Officer Administering the Government of New South Wales relative to Customs Union
Appendix D: Victoria. Comparative Statement of Telegraph Business for Corresponding Periods of 1869 and 1870 prepared by W. Turner.
Appendix E: letter to Sir James McCulloch from J. J. Casey (Chairman Victorian Legislative Assembly [Select] Committee [on Intercolonial Legislation])
Appendix F: Opinions of the law officers and judges of Supreme Court NSW on the extradition of offenders etc. - consisting of correspondence from W. M. Manning (Attorney-General), Sir Alfred Stephen (Chief Justice), John F. Hargrave (Supreme Court), Alfred Cheeke, P. Faucett and W. E. Plunkett (Crown Law Offices)
Appendix G: Silver currency of the Colony [NSW] - correspondence from Saul Samuel, His Excellency the Earl of Belmore, Granville (Secretary of State for the Colonies), C. W. Fremantle (Secretary to the Treasury) and William Law.
Appendix H: Postal and telegraphic communication with Great Britain - correspondence from John Robertson, J. Douglass [i.e. John Douglas], W. Gisborne (Colonial Secretary NZ), Julius Vogel, Charles Knight, John MacPherson (Chief secretary Victoria), Charles Lilley, H[ayden] Hezekiah] Hall, William Seed (Inspector of Customs NZ), Henry Halloran, Charles Cowper, William Fox (NZ) and S. H. Lambton (Secretary NSW General Post Office).
Appendix I: South Australia. British-Australian Telegraph - correpondence from Captain Sherard Osborn (managing directorTelegraph Construction and Maintenance Co. London), J. Boothby (Under Secretary South Aust.) & Charles Todd (Supt. of Telegraphs South Aust.) ; Telegraphic communication with Europe - correspondence from the Agent-General and Commander Noel Osborn
Appendix J: includes memorandum from J. G. Francis (Treasurer Victoria)
Appendix K: 2 letters from W. Gisborne (Colonial secretary NZ) and the opinion of J. Prendergast (NZ Attorney General) on Colonial Reciprocity
Appendices M & P: Memorandum prepared by J. G. Francis (Treasurer Victoria) on the subject of tariffs and their effect on Victoria.
Appendix N: Memorandum prepared by John Hart in reply to J. G. Francis
Appendix O: Minute presented by Mr. Cowper representatives of NSW in reply to J. G. Francis (i.e Appendix M)
Appendix Q: Queensland. Proposed Submarine and Land Telegraph Between Singapore and the Australian Colonies - comprising correpondence from Granville (Secretary of State for the Colonies), Captain Sherard Osborn (Telegraph Construction and Maintenance Co. London), W. J. Cracknell (Supt. of Electric Telegraphs Qld) and Douglas (Qld Agent General London)
Appendix R: telegram from John Hart (Treasurer South Australia) to F. S. Dutton (South Aust. Agent-General London)
Appendix S: statement from John Hart and John H. Barrow (rep. South Aust.) & J. M. Wilson and Thomas D. Chapman (rep. Tasmania) placing on record their approval of a general customs union, a uniform tariff and an equal distribution of the revenue therefrom.
Physical Description: iv, 75p. ; 35cm.