Intercolonial Conference : minutes of proceedings of the Intercolonial Conference held at Sydney, January 1881

Corporate Author: Crawford and Jessep (Firm)
Other Authors: Intercolonial Conference, Berry, Graham, Sir, 1822-1904, Carroll, Charles, Cowderoy, Benjamin T., 1812-1904, Dick, Thomas, 1822-1900, Dods, Benjamin Hawkins, Giblin, W. R. 1840-1887, Hartley, William J., Jackson, F. W., Lyons, J., McColl, Hugh, 1819-1885, Mann, Charles, 1838-1889, Moore, William, 1823-1914, Morehead, Boyd Dunlop, 1843-1905, Morgan, William, Sir, 1828-1883, Mueller, Ferdinand, Baron von, 1825-1896, Palmer, Arthur Hunter, Sir, 1819-1898, Parkes, Henry, Sir, 1815-1896, Queenslander (pseud.), Small, Samuel, Vagabond, 1843-1896, Vale, William Mountford Kinsey, 1833-1895, Watson, James, 1836-1907, Wrenfordsley, Henry Thomas, Sir, 1825-1908, J. G. K., Sydney Morning Herald
Published: Melbourne : Robt. S. Brain, Acting Government Printer, 1881
Parliamentary Paper Number: Parliamentary paper (Victoria. Parliament) ; 1880-81, no. 62
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Item Description: "Presented to both Houses of Parliament by His Excellency's command"
New South Wales delegates: Sir Henry Parkes (chairman) (Colonial Secretary) and James Watson (Colonial Treasurer)
Victorian delegates: Graham Berry (Chief Secretary) and William M. K. Vale (Attorney-General)
South Australian delegates: William Morgan (Chief Secretary) and Charles Mann (Treasurer)
Queensland delegates: Arthur Hunter Palmer (Colonial Secretary) and Boyd Dunlop Morehead (Postmaster-General)
Tasmanian delegates: William Robert Giblin (Colonial Treasurer) and William Moore (Colonial Secretary)
Western Australia delegate: Chief Justice [Henry] Wrenfordsley (member of Executive Council)
Appendix A: Bills agreed to by the Conference - Bill intituled an Act to provide for the establishment of an Australasian Court of Appeal, Bill to provide for the execution in [Victoria] of warrants of apprehension issued in other colonies, Bill to restrict the influx of Chinese, and a bill copied from the Queensland Act to regulate the immigration of Chinese and to make provision against their becoming a charge upon the Colony
Appendix B: Bills considered but not agreed to by the Conference - Bill to establish a Federal Council of Australia, Act to render judgments which have been obtained in the Supreme Court of any of the other Australian colonies effectual in Tasmania, Bill to provide for the validity within [Victoria] of letters patent for inventions granted and trade-marks registered in the other Australian Colonies, and Bill to increase the remedies of creditors against persons in other Australasian colonies and also to enable judgments of the courts of those Colonies to be enforced in
Appendix C: Remonstrance addressed to the Secretary of State [Earl of Kimberley] against the introduction of Chinese by the Government of Western Australia at the public expense as executed by members of Conference (Henry Parkes, Graham Berry, William M. K. Vale, James Watson, Thomas Dick (Colonial Sec. New Zealand), William Morgan, C. Mann, A. H. Palmer, Boyd D. Morehead, W. R. Giblin & W. Moore) - Petition of [NSW] fruit growers signed by Charles Carroll (grower Hunter's Hill), J. Lyons (shipper Elizabeth St.), Crawford & Jessep (shippers 9 Market St.), Samuel Small (grower Ryde) and 168 others not listed - Memorandum re. cost of postage on correspondence transmitted via Brindisi signed F. W. Jackson, G.P.O. [Melb.] 11/1/81 - New expedition for Dr. Leichardt's party (comprising 2 letters from Ferdinand von Muller to Graham Berry) - Text of the Anti-Chinese Bill lately passed in California - Letter from B. Cowderoy (sec. Melbourne Chamber of Commerce) to the Chief Secretary regarding introduction of decimal system of weights for selling grain and produce - Letter from H. Benjamin H. Dods & Hugh McColl MLA to the Intercolonial Conference secretary regarding irrigation - Outrages in the islands of the Pacific : appendix to report of Committee appointed to examine the acts and papers relating to the appointment of High Commissioner (comprising 1. Telegram to A. H. Palmer (Colonial Secretary Qld.) from William J. Hartley (owner of schooner Prosperity), 2. Letter from Julian Thomas to the Conference secretary, 3. 2 articles on "South Sea Massacres" by "The Vagabond" (Julian Thomas) extracted from the Sydney Daily Telegraph of 11th December 1880 and 17th January 1881, 4. "Murderous Outrage by Solomon Islanders" regarding massacre of the Esperanza crew extracted from the Sydney Morning Herald of 21st August 1880, 5. "Massacre in the South Seas" regarding massacre of crew of the trading steamer Ripple extracted from Sydney Morning Herald of 30th September 1880, 6. "Another Massacre in the South Seas" regarding the massacre of the crew of the Annie Brooks extracted from the Sydney Morning Herald of 2nd December 1880, 7. The Leader from the Sydney Morning Herald of 30th November 1880 regarding the massacre of Lieutenant Bower and 5 seamen of H.M.S. Sandfly, 8. Leaders from the Sydney Morning Herald of 29th September 1880 regarding the murder of Captain Ferguson, 9. Extracts from Sydney Daily Telegraph of 3rd, 4th, 6th, 7th, 8th, 9th, 10th, 13th and 16th December 1880 on the subject of massacres in the South Seas - including 2 letters to the editor signed "J. G. K." and "Queenslander"
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