Item Description: "Ordered by the Legislative Assembly to be printed 24th August 1897"
Committee: Ewen Hugh Cameron (chairman), James Buchanan, John Balfour Burton, Albert William Craven, Albert Harris, Donald Melville, Edward Morey, William Arthur Trenwith and John Samuel White
Appendix A: Report by the Victorian Railways Commissioner on the railway from Lilydale to Yarra Junction, length 19.91 miles, ruling grade 1 in 25, sharpest curve 2 chains radius - Jno. Mathieson (Vic. Railways Commissioner)
Appendix B: Approximate estimate by the Engineer-in-Chief of cost of Lilydale to Yarra Junction Railway, 19 miles 73 chains in length, ruling grade 1 in 25, sharpest curve 2 chains radius, for a 2-ft. narrow-gauge railway, with 60-lb. serviceable iron rails, based on 7s. rate of wage - F. R. [Francis Rennick], 16/8/97
Appendix C: Report on the railway by Messrs. R. Lochhead, W. R. Rennick and E. V. Siepen (traffic manager's office Melbourne)
Appendix D: Agricultural statistics from the Government Statist relative to proposed railway - Ja[me]s J. Fenton (assistant Govt. Statist)
Includes references to the evidence given by the Railway Dept. p. 5 and the Engineer-in Chief [i.e. Francis Rennick] p. 4,
BOUND IN 1897 VOLUME 1 p. 617-630
Physical Description: 14p. ; 33cm.