Item Description: "Ordered by the Legislative Assembly to be printed, 19th December, 1918"
Committee: Thomas Tunnecliffe (chairman), Norman Bayles, John Gordon, Joseph Hannan, John Lemmon, James McDonald and James Menzies
Includes references to evidence given by W. H. Holmes (state insurance commissioner) p. [3]-4, 6, the Railway Department p. 5 and F. L. W. Ashby (sec. Vic. Chamber of Manufactures) p. 5-6
Other people/bodies mentioned: Chief Secretary p. [3], Metropolitan Fire Brigade p. 5, Country Fire Brigades p. 5, Legislative Assembly p. 5, Railway Accident and Fire Insurance Fund p. 5, Victorian Chamber of Manufacturers p. 5 and "the Royal Commission which reported last year on the State Public Service" p. 6
Appendix: a letter and memorandum from William H. Holmes (insurance commissioner) to the PAC supplementing his evidence re. loss of business by the State Accident Insurance Office due to the Office not offering other types of insurance (e.g. fire)
Physical Description: 7p. ; 33cm.