Item Description: "Presented to both Houses of Parliament by His Excellency's command"
"Jno. M. Davies, Minister of Public Instruction"
Appendix C comprises Report of the Director (Frank Tate)
Appendix D comprises Inspectors' Reports for the year 1901 from Samuel J. Swindley (Metropolitan District No. 1), Alfred C. Curlewis (Metropolitan District No. 2), Walter M. Gamble (Metropolitan District No. 3), Henry Shelton (Metropolitan District No. 5), Samuel Summons (Metropolitan District No. 4), Robert F. Russell (Geelong District), Samuel Ware (Relieving Inspector), Henry F. Rix (Seymour District), Alfred Jackson (Ballarat District No. 1), Alfred Dean (Ballarat District No. 2), William Hamilton (Castlemaine District), Alfred Fussell (Bendigo District), William A. Cavanagh (Warrnambool District), Thomas W. Bothroyd (Maryborough District), William F. Gates (Benalla District), John McOwan (Warragul District), James Livingstone (Stawell District), William Park (Beechworth District), John Cross (Hamilton District), John J. Bothroyd (Sale District), J. H. Betheras (Shepparton District), Joseph Hocking (Horsham District), Arthur S. Burgess (Kerang District), Report of P. M. Carew-Smyth, Inspector of Drawing, Report of the Inspector of Military Drill (Lieut-Col. D. L. Henry), and General Report on Kindergarten Work by Eva Hooper.
Appendix E comprises Report of John Byatt, Organizing Inspector of Manual Training, and Report on Cookery Instruction by O [i.e. A.] Fawcett-Story, Directress of Cookery.
Appendix F comprises Report of John Dennant [on technical schools] and General Report by T. Monkhouse on the Art Work done in Technical Schools during 1901.
Appendix G comprises Swimming Club ANnual Report by Charles F. Planner.
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