Item Description: "Presented to both Houses of Parliament pursuant to the Act 54 Vict. No. 1110, Sec. 8"
Trustees: Henry Giles Turner (President), Sir Henry John Wrixon, Robert Murray Smith, Edward John Nanson, Alexander Leeper, Molesworth R. Greene [sic], William Henry Fitchett, John Mather, Sir William Austin Zeal, Walter Baldwin Spencer, Edward Holdsworth Sugden, Sir Thomas à Beckett, Edward Carlile, John Ford Paterson, William Thomas Reay, Alexander Sydney Joske, John Emanuel Mackey and George Swinburne.
Includes reports from Edmund La Touche Armstrong (sec./chief librarian), Lindsay Bernard Hall (director National Gallery/master School of Art), P. M. Carew-Smyth, A. Patterson and Albert Enes, Richard Henry Walcott (curator Industrial and Technological Museum), W. Baldwin Spencer (hon. director National Gallery), Jas. A. Kershaw (curator Zoological Collections) and Richard Henry Walcott (curator Geological and Mineralogical and Ethnological Collections)
Physical Description: 39p. ; 33cm.