Item Description: "Presented to both Houses of Parliament by command of His Excellency the Governor"
Victorian representatives: John Murray (Premier/Chief Secretary), William Watt (Treasurer) and James Brown (Attorney-General/Solicitor-General)
New South Wales representatives: Charles Wade (Premier/Attorney-General/Minister of Justice), Thomas Waddell (Colonial Treasurer)
Queensland representatives: William Kidston (Premier/Vice-Pres. of Executive Council/Chief Sec.) and Arthur Hawthorn (Treasurer)
South Australian representatives: Archibald Peake (Premier/Treasurer/Minister of Education) and Laurence O'Loughlin (Commissioner of Public Works)
Tasmanian representives: Sir Neil Lewis (Premier/Treasurer)
Western Australian representatives: Newton Moore (Premier/Colonial Treasurer) and Frank Wilson (Minister for Works)
H. H. Newton, Acting Clerk of the Legislative Assembly of Victoria, was appointed Clerk of the Conference. W. R. Alexander, Acting Clerk-Assistant of the Legislative Assembly, was appointed Clerk-Assistant of the Conference. R. W. V. McCall, Usher of the Legislative Council, was appointed Usher of the Conference
Minutes of proceedings of 14th August, 1909, include letter dated 13 Aug. 1909 from G. H. Reid to Mr Murray
Physical Description: xviii, 25p. ; 33cm.