Item Description: "Presented to both Houses of Parliament by His Excellency's command"
Commonwealth delegates : S. M. Bruce (prime minister), J. G. Latham (attorney-general) and Dr Earle Page (treasurer)
Victorian delegates: E. J. Hogan (premier/treasurer), H. S. Bailey (minister for lands), J. P. Jones (minister for public works) and R. Williams (honorary minister)
New South Wales delegate: J. T. Lang (premier/treasurer)
Queensland delegate: W. Forgan Smith (acting premier/treasurer)
South Australian delegates: R. L. Butler (premier/treasurer) and H. Tassie (chief secretary)
Western Australian delegates: P. Collier (premier/treasurer) and J. C. Willcock [given as Willcox] (minister for railways and justice/deputy premier)
Tasmanian delegates: J. A. Lyons (premier/treasurer/minister of railways) and J. Allan Guy (secretary and minister of railways)
Physical Description: 68p. ; 34cm.