Item Description: "Presented to both Houses of Parliament pursuant to Act 7 Elizabeth II No. 6355"
"The Honorable E. R. Meagher, M.B.E., E.D., M.P., Minister of Transport"
Board: G. F. W. Brown (chairman), R. W. Ellis, G. J. Meech, L. M. Perrott, E. P. Rogan, J. G. W. Urbahns and N. G. Wilson
"S. F. Keane, Chief Mechanical Engineer"
"D. D. Wade, Chief Civil Engineer"
"A. Firth, Chief Electrical Engineer"
"A. J. Fell, Comptroller of Stores"
"B. Hamilton, Auditor General"
"J. K. McGowan, Comptroller of Accounts"
"Shortly before the end of the year the Government announced that Mr. A. G. Gibbs, Managing Director of General Motors-Holden's Pty. Ltd., had been appointed as Chairman of the Railways Board from July 1, 1973. Pending the appointment of Mr. Gibbs, Mr. Brown was Chairman and Mr. G. J. Meech, Director of Transport, Victoria, a member of the Board. Mr Rogan was appointed a full time Board member and also General Manager of the Victorian Railways. The other members are part time. Mr. I. G. Hodges, who was previously a Railways Commissioner, was appointed as Deputy General Manager of the Railways. As the Board was only in office for the last eight weeks of the year the various aspects of operations covered throughout this Report relate mainly to that period when the railways were under the management of the Victorian Railways Commissioners"
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