Law reform : report of Royal Commission for Inquiring as to the Means of Avoiding Unnecessary Delay and Expense and of Making Improvements in the Administration of Justice and in the Working of the Law : together with minutes of evidence and appendices : presented to both Houses of Parliament by His Excellency's command

Corporate Author: Victoria. Royal Commission for Inquiring as to the Means of Avoiding Unnecessary Delay and Expense, and of Making Improvements in the Administration of Justice and in the Working of the Law
Other Authors: Abbott, Joseph Henry, 1830-1904, à Beckett, Thomas, Sir, 1836-1919, Akehurst, Arthur Purssell, 1836-1902, Anderson, William Ross, 1855-1940, Barrett, John George, 1858-1928, Brake, James Hugh, 1854?-1915, Bromfield, Henry Alfred Miller, d.1945, Bull, Orlando Sadler, Cooke, Samuel Winter, 1847-1929, Cowderoy, Benjamin T., 1812-1904, Cresswell, Charles Alfred Costley, 1849-1933, Crocker, Henry S., Davidson, William, Derham, Thomas Plumley, b. 1848, Dismorr, F. A., Dobbin, Charles Leonard, 1834-1902, Duke, J. G., Dwyer, Patrick Joseph, 1854-1917, Ebsworth, John, Field, E. P., Fink, Wolfe, 1853-1914, Firebrace, William Piggott, 1832-1908, Gaunt, William Henry, 1830-1905, Geoghegan, Hanbury C., Gillespie, Robert, 1829-1910, Godfrey, George, 1834-1920, Greene, William Wentworth, 1846-1920, Gurner, John Augustus, 1854-1937, Hall, James, Hamilton, Edward Blayney ca. 1845-1904, Hamilton, Harvie C., Harris, Walter William, b. 1858, Harrison, Edward, Heath, Frederick E., Herald, David Houston, Higgins, H. B. 1851-1929, Holmes, Charles George, b.1848, Hood, Joseph Henry, Sir, 1846-1922, Hudson, Charles, 1853-1909, Jefferson, George Henry, Johns, Reynell Eveleigh, 1834-1910, Kennedy, Thomas, 1860?-1929, Leader, William, Lewis, Robert E., McCay, James Whiteside, Sir, 1864-1930, McGregor, Robert, 1853-1931, McAnulty, Paul Anthony, Madden, John, Sir, 1844-1918, Mitchell, Edward Fancourt, 1855-1941, Moody, Claude L., Moore, William Harrison, Sir, 1867-1935, Moule, William Henry, 1858-1939, Murchison, Roderick, Sir, 1848-1922, Nicolson, Charles Hope, 1829-1898, Parker, Ernest James, Patterson, George William Frederick, d. 1905, Phillips, Philip David, 1836-1909, Pirani, Samuel G. 1853-1930, O'Halloran, John William, 1855-1927, Riggall, William, 1843-1922, Shepherd, Alfred, Smallman, Thomas, Snowden, Arthur, Sir, 1829-1918, Turner, Henry Gyles, 1831-1920, Walker, Hopson Pinckney, 1831-1902, Webb, Thomas Prout, 1845-1916, Webb, William, Weigall, Theyre a'Beckett, 1860-1926, Westley, James, Whitney, Asa, Wilkins, Edgar, 1855-1911, Williams, Hartley, Sir, 1843-1929, Wise, G. H. 1853-1950, Wood, John Dennistoun, 1829-1914
Published: Melbourne : Govt. Printer, 1899
Parliamentary Paper Number: Parliamentary paper (Victoria. Parliament) ; 1899-1900, no. 15
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Item Description: Commission: Henry Bourne Higgins (chairman), Joseph Abbott, Samuel Winter Cooke, Arthur Snowden, John George Barrett, James Hugh Brake, Thomas Kennedy, William H. Moule, James Whiteside McCay, Robert McGregor, Benjamin Cowderoy, Robert Gillespie [former MLA?], Samuel G. Pirani and Asa Whitney
John George Barrett resigned 16th Oct. 1897, Samuel Winter Cooke resigned 20th Nov. 1897 and Captain Asa Whitney resigned 28th March 1898. On 31st Dec. 1897 Edgar Wilkins was appointed a Commissioner
Witnesses: Justice Thomas à Beckett, William E. Adcock (merchant/land-owner), Arthur Pursell Akehurst (Crown Law Dept.), William Ross Anderson (police magistrate Castlemaine), John Burnett Box (barrister), David Braham (solicitor), Orlando Sadler Bull (managing clerk Crisp Lewis & Hedderwick), Robert J. Burrowes (governor Melbourne Gaol), Matthew Byrne (sec. Law Dept.), Edmund Cantwell (clerk County Court), Henry Chapman (managing law clerk), Judge Arthur Wolfe Chomley (County Court), Arthur William Cleveland (vice-pres. Incorp. Society of Accountants), Frank Cornwall (solictor Sugden & Cornwall), Percy Robert Cotes (solicitor W. H. Lewis), Charles A. C. Cresswell (police magistrate), George A. Day (clerk Gillott Bates & Moir), Frank Gavan Duffy (barrister), John Ebsworth (solicitor), William Leake Edmanson (Smith Premier Typewriter), Dr. Gerald Henry Featherston [i.e. Fetherston], Hanbury C. Geoghegan (solicitor), Samuel Gillott (Gillott Bates & Moir), Samuel Joseph Goldsmith (clerk of Petty Sessions/licensing clerk), John A. Gurner (crown prosecutor), James Hall (solicitor), Harvie C. Hamilton (solicitor Moule Hamilton & Kiddle), Thomas Harkness (boot manufacturer Collingwood), David Houston Herald (solicitor), Frederick W. Hill (shorthand writer), Justice Henry E. A. Hodges, Justice Edward Dundas Holroyd, Justice Joseph Henry Hood, Henry Hosken (clerk Crown Solicitor's Office), George Henry Jefferson (solicitor Attenborough Nunn & Smith), Charles Frederick Kennedy (Bendigo Law Association), John Keogh (police magistrate), Dr. Frederick Lloyd, Sir John Madden (chief justice/administrator of the Government), Frederick Wollaston Mann (sec. Law Commission), Judge Hickman Molesworth, George C. Morrison (police magistrate Goulburn Valley), George Reid Murphy (clerk of courts Fitzroy & Collingwood), Paul Anthony McAnulty (asst. chief clerk & taxing officer Supreme Court), Stewart McArthur (barrister), Thomas Patrick McInerney (barrister), Archibald McFarland (sheriff of the Colony), Horatio Arthur Nevett [also spelled Nevitt] (solicitor Ballarat), Charles H. Nicolson (police magistrate Melbourne), John William O'Halloran (prothonotary Supreme Court), Henry Olsen (druggist Melbourne), Joseph A. Panton (police magistrate Melb.), Edward James Parker (Huddart Parker & Co. ship-owners/pres. Employers' Union), George William Frederick Patterson (police magistrate), Philip D. Phillips (solicitor), Walter S. A. Ponsford (clerk of the peace/registrar County Court Melb.), James Liddell Purves Q.C., William Graham Robertson (managing conveyancer Malleson England & Stewart), Thomas C. Sharp Jnr. (partner Goldsmith and Sharp), Edward Shortell (councillor Shire of Benalla), Henry Francis Singleton (registrar of probates), Sydney Stott (shorthand writer), Samuel St. John Topp (barrister), Henry Upton (solicitor), Robert Walsh (crown prosecutor), Thomas Prout Webb (master-in-equity), Theyre a'Beckett Weigall (barrister), James Westley (solicitor Westley and Dale), Justice Sir Hartley Williams and William John Williamson (clerk prothonotary's office Supreme Court)
Appendix A: Circular of questions issued by the Commissioners together with responses from 62 individuals and corporate bodies: Justice à Beckett, Arthur Akehurst, William Anderson, J.C. Anderson (barrister), Associated Banks, S. O [i.e. O. S.] Bull , Bullen & Carter (solicitors), Bendigo Law Assoc., H.A.M. Bromfield (solicitor Nagambie), Bromfield & Stewart (solicitors Rushworth), H. S. Crocker (Connelly Crocker & Paling solicitors), Chamber of Commerce, Charles Cresswell, P.J. Dwyer (police magistrate), C. Leonard Dobbin (police magistrate), Thomas P. Derham (Eggleston & Derham solicitors), John Ebsworth, Victorian Employers' Union (Ernest J. Parker pres. & Charles Hudson sec.), W. P. Firebrace, E. P. Field, Wolfe Fink, Hanbury Geoghegan, W. W. Greene (Police Magistrate), George Godfrey MLC, John Gurner, Judge William H. Gaunt, Justice Joseph Hood, C. G. Holmes (police magistrate), Harvie Hamilton, James Hall, Edward Harrison (clerk Court of Petty Sesions Melbourne), W[alter] W[illiam] Harris, David Herald, Judge E. B. Hamilton, R. E. Johns (police magistrate), George Jefferson, John Keogh, Robert E. Lewis (Crisp, Lewis & Hedderwick), William Leader (police magistrate), Claude L. Moody, Paul McAnulty, R. Murchison (manager Bank of NSW), E. F. Mitchell (barrister), Chief Justice John Madden, William Davidson, F. A. Dismorr, Frederick E. Heath & J. G. Duke (managing common law clerks), Professor W. Harrison Moore, Charles H. Nicolson, John W. O'Halloran, George Patterson (police magistrate), Philip D. Phillips, William Riggall (Blake & Riggall), Thomas Smallman (police magistrate), Alfred Shepherd (Edinburgh), Henry Gyles Turner (manager Commercial Bank of Australia), Thomas Proutt Webb, William Webb (JP Bendigo), Hopson P. Walker, James Westley, J. Dennistoun Wood, Sir Hartley Williams, Theyre a'Beckett Weigall and George H. Wise (solicitor Sale)
Appendix B: evidence of Henry Thomas Gomm & further evidence from David Braham 14th Feb. 1899
Appendix C: Reports of the Council of Judges 1886 - 1894, 1895-6, 1897 - 1898
Physical Description: lxv, 540p. ; 34cm.

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