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040 |a VPAR 
110 2 |a Royal Commission on the Brick Manufacturing Industry of Victoria 
245 1 0 |a Report from the Royal Commission on the Brick Manufacturing Industry of Victoria 
260 |a Melbourne :  |b Albert J. Mullett, Government. Printer,  |c 1914 
300 |a 28p. ;  |c 34cm. 
490 1 |a Parliamentary paper / Parliament of Victoria ;  |v no. 33 
500 |a "Presented to both Houses of Parliament by His Excellency's command" 
500 |a Report "To His Excellency Sir Arthur Lyulph Stanley ... Governor of the State of Victoria" 
500 |a Commissioners: Martin Hannah (chairman), Samuel Barnes, Alfred Alexander Farthing, John Gordon, John McWhae, Richard Bloomfield Rees and Alexander Rogers 
500 |a M. Hannah and Alexander Rogers dissented from certain conclusions in the Commission report 
500 |a "J. H. Owen, Secretary" 
500 |a Includes references to evidence given by: James Allard (lately connected with the brickmaking industry), W. H. Allard (councillor, Northcote?), A. H. Angliss (part proprietor, Clifton Brick Company), C. W. Ballantyne (architect), A. Baxter (brickmaker and part proprietor Oakleigh and South Yarra Brick Works), J. E. Burke (architect, Melbourne), W. R. Butler (Butler and Bradshaw, architects, Melbourne), C. H. Cerutty (clerk, Oakleigh Brick Co.), J. Collins (contractor and master builder 7 years), B. Cook (Builders<U+2019> Brick Works), B. Cooke (estate agent, Brunswick), W. E. Cooper (contractor), J. Fenton (secretary, Glen Iris Company), E. R. Ferry (terracotta and pipe manufacturer), J. N. Gamble (manager and partner, Clifton Brick Company), J. W. Hardy (senior architect, Victorian Railway Dept.), R. Harper (contractor), H. Henningsen (contractor), W. F. Holden (contractor and builder 20 years), C. W. Howson (secretary, Hoffman Brick Company), S. E. Hutton (general manager, State Brick and Lime Works, Sydney), W. G. Ireland (contractor), E. or L. Jones (manager, Hoffman Brick Company), Clements. Langford (part proprietor, Excelsior Brick Company and builder), H. R. Lawson (contractor), R. McDonald (builder 28 years), J. McKell (part proprietor, Oakleigh and South Yarra Brick Works), G. Mayhew (foreman of works, Victorian Railways Dept.), W. Miers (bricklayer), F. E. Morgan (contractor), J. J. Osborne (secretary, Brick Masters<U+2019> Association), A. G. Plowman (contractor), E. H. M. Ratcliff (contractor and master builder), H. Rooks (City Brick Company), F. E. Shilabeer (contractor and builder 24 years), F. Spears (manager, City Brick Company), W.G. Sprigg (accountant), C. Stacey (manager, Glen Iris Brick Co.), D. A. Swanson (master builder 25 years), C. W. Timmins (builder and contractor), Colonel Watson (chief architect, Public Works Dept., Melbourne), S. J. Willis (part proprietor, Excelsior Brick Company), H. F. Young (chairman of directors, Northcote Brick Company) 
600 1 4 |a Watson, George William,  |d b. 1850 
650 0 |a Brick trade  |z Victoria 
650 0 |a Brickmaking  |z Victoria 
700 1 |a Barnes, Samuel,  |d 1865-1951 
700 1 |a Farthing, Alfred Alexander,  |d 1872-1953 
700 1 |a Gordon, John,  |d 1858-1937 
700 1 |a Hannah, Martin,  |d 1865-1953 
700 1 |a McWhae, John,  |c Sir,  |d 1858-1927 
700 1 |a Owen, John Herbert,  |d b. 1868 
700 1 |a Rees, Richard Bloomfield,  |d 1859-1935 
700 1 |a Rogers, Alexander,  |d 1869-1928 
710 1 |a Victoria.  |b Governor (1914-1920 : Stanley) 
830 |a Parliamentary paper (Victoria. Parliament) ;  |v 1914, no. 33 
958 |b govpub  |c VPARL1914No33.pdf  |t pdf.gif  |z GP V 1914 no. 33 
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984 |b mq46463  |c GP V 1914 no. 33  |i NFL  |l G  |s i  |t VParlib  |y gp