Report of the Royal Commission on Border Railways : together with minutes of evidence and appendices

Corporate Author: Royal Commission on Border Railways South Australia and Victoria
Other Authors: Bice, John George, Sir, 1853-1923, Billson, John William, 1862-1924, Burgoyne, Thomas, 1827-1920, Cameron, Ewen Hugh, 1831-1915, Carmichael, James R., Cullen, John, 1856-1916, Day, Alfred N., Embling, William Henry, 1840-1912, Gilchrist, Thomas Rae, 1861-1928, Henry, Thomas Edward C., Howe, James Henderson, 1839-1920, Kernot, Maurice Edwin, 1852-1934, Laughton, A. M. 1868-1948, Melville, Donald, 1829?-1919, Miller, W., Peake, Archibald Henry, Sir, 1859-1920, Ritchie, George, Sir, 1864-1944, Sholl, L. H., Simpson, D. H., Warde, Edward Coughlan, c. 1862-1925, Royal Commission on Border Railways South Australia and Victoria.
Published: Melbourne : J. Kemp, Government Printer, 1911
Parliamentary Paper Number: Parliamentary paper (Victoria. Parliament) ; 1911, no. 35
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Item Description: "Presented to both Houses of Parliament by His Excellency's command"
Commission: Ewen Cameron (chairman), John Bice, John Billson, Thomas Burgoyne, John Cullen, William Embling, James Howe, Donald Melville, W. Miller, Archibald Peake, George Ritchie and Edward Warde
Secretary: Thomas Rae Gilchrist
Witnesses: William P. Anderson (merchant Portland), Charles Henry Barber (Melbourne goods supt. Vic. Railways), Arthur L. H. Barton (Borthwick and Sons freezing works manager), Joseph Botterill (station manager Moorak), John Charles Brown (farmer/sheep farmer within 5 miles of Frances), John Buchanan (farmer near Mt. Gambier), Edgar Bucknall (farmer/wattle grower), James R. Carmichael (unemployed/former manager Argyle Station), Arthur James Carracher (storekeeper Frances), Daniel Carracher (farmer/grazier Minimay), John Cross (manager Noske Brothers mill Natimuk), John Darling (grain merchant Norwood S.A.), Francis Davison (solicitor Mt. Gambier/chairman Mt. Gambier League), John Donald (station manager for father 4 miles north of Dartmoor), Mervyn Eime (farmer Panitya East, Vic.), William Francis Fitzpatrick (chair Vic. Railways Commissioners), Robert A. Fraser (Victorian sheep farmer 5 1/2 miles from Frances), Michael Geoghegan (grazier Beachport), Ernst Adolf Gerloff (merchant), Martin Gilders (district clerk Beachport), Thomas Grace (pres. Kowree Shire/hotelkeeper/farmer), Albert Haines (farmer/grazier Victoria), Joshua Hand (farmer Carina Vic.), Clement Friend Hawkins (farmer parish of Carina), James Helpman (stock & station agent Mt. Gambier), Thomas E. C. Henry (sec. local Railway League), Captain David W. Hislop (pilot/harbor master), George R. Holmes (Victorian farmer/sheep farmer 3 1/2 miles from Frances), Heinrich Friedrich Ludwig Holzgrefe (farmer/grazier near Millicent), Edward J. Honan (farmer/grazier Mt. Gamber West), Ernest Hutchinson (farmer 2 miles from Portland), William Irvine (farmer Ngallo Vic.), Thomas Jelbert (Ballarat), Maurice E. Kernot (chief engineer for Railway Construction), Michael Kiely (farmer/grazier Goroke), George H. Kilsby (farme/grazier Mt. Gambier), William Lange (farmer/chaff merchant/grain dealer Mt. Gambier), Bernard Laverey (farmer/grazier Minimay), Robert A. Lightbody (dairyman Drik-Drik), Andrew McFarlane (grazier Ardno), James McLaughlin (storekeeper Millicent), Robert McLaughlin (farmer/grazier Minimay), Donald McLennan (farmer Mumbannar 6 miles from Dartmoor), Alexander Bain Moncrieff (South Aust. railways commissioner), Patrick Joseph O'Dea (farmer Ngallo Vic.), James Paris (farmer Mt. Gambier), Henry Pick (farmer/grazier 17 miles from Mt. Gambier), John W. Power (solicitor Horsham), William Ribbons (farmer Mulcra Vic.), Francis G. Robertson (grazier 6 miles from Goroke), Arthur S. Rodgers (farmer/employee auctioneering firm), Charles Hermann Ross (farmer Panitya, Vic.), John Russell (farmer/grazier Connangorrack), Friedrich R. Sassanowsky (farmer 4 miles from Mt. Gambier), Albert Schinkel (farmer/grazier 10 miles west of Goroke), Johann P. L. Schinkel (farmer/grazier), John S. Scholfield (farmer/grazier Talangatuck East), George John Smith (goods supt. South Aust. Railways), Isaac Smith (farmer Carina Vic.), Richard Solly (harbormaster Beachport), Carl L. Spehr (solicitor), Christian O. Spehr (farmer Mt. Gambier), Frederick William Stephens (farmer Ngallo Vic.), William Sutherland (grazier Millicent), George Henry Tulloh (master stevedore), Arthur J. Wedd (farmer/grazier Ardno, Vic.), William John Williamson (solicitor/orchardist), Robert Willis (farmer/grazier Minimay), Charles Corbett Powell Wilson (civil engineer/former engineer Portland Shire)
Appendix A: Progress report of the South Australian Royal Commission on Border Railways (J. G. Bice, J. H. Howe, Thomas Burgoyne (subject to dissent), W. Miller, A. H. Peake & George Ritchie).
Appendix C: Proposed railways on South Australian Border by M. E. Kernot chief engineer for Railway Construction
Appendix I: South Australian agricultural and live stock statistics ... statistics of wheat crop, live stock etc. in south-eastern district for 1861, 1871, 1881, 1891, 1897 to 1908 by L. H. Sholl Govt. Statist
Appendix J: Victorian agricultural and live stock statistics relating to counties by A. M. Laughton (govt. statist).
Appendix K: South-eastern export and import trade by Alfred N. Day & D. H. Simpson (traffic auditor)
Appendix L: Victorian agricultural and live stock statistics relating to parishes by A. M. Laughton
Appendix N: Valuation of freehold land in ... parishes situated in the Shire of Portland and served by the proposed railway from Portland to Mount Gambier by T. E. Henry
Appendix O: Pastoral statistics (put in by Mr. Carmichael at Portland 29th June 1910) for Ardno and Strathdownie District: Ardno East Station, Avondale [Station?], J[oseph] Ball, Bambou [i.e. Bamboa Station], J. Bull, T. Bull, J. Cain, [Mrs] M[ary A.] Cain, [James] Crowe, [David] Egerton, [Henry L. K.] Harvey, Kaladro [Station], George H. Kilsby, [George] Lane, Lange Bros., [William or John?] Lockie, McCorkindale [i.e. McCorkendale] Bros., Allan McDonald, J[ohn] McEachern, K[enneth D.] McEachern, [Malcolm] McFarlane [also given as McFerlane], Mrs [Johannah] McGrath, T[homas] McGrath, H[ector] McKinnon, [James] Moles, O[wen] H. Morris, H. Smith, [Charles or John?] Spring, [George or Henry?] Stone, Strathdownie East [Station], J[ames L.] Sutton, Twener [i.e. Archibald or Peter Turner?], Wattles (McEachern) [Station], [John] Walker, Wamboola [Station] and A[rthur] J. Wedd
Appendix O: Pastoral statistics Mumbannar District: J[ohn J.] Blood, [Edgar F.] Bucknall, Cook Bros., Cowland [i.e. E. Cowlan?], Mr? Dowling, [Charles or Robert?] Hoskins, E[dwin] Jones, [George or Samuel?] Little, McIntyre Bros., Mrs. McKenzie, [Donald or Alexander?] McLennan, Mr.? Pratt,, Dr. Scott (possibly Eric Norham Scott), Smith Bros., P[ercy] Smith and T[homas] Smith
Appendix R: Return of live stock forwarded to the undermentioned stations by D. H. Simpson (traffic auditor)
Appendix T: Agricultural and pastoral statistics of the parishes within 10 miles of proposed line of railway from Heywood to the South Australian border via Dartmoor omitting portions already served by having a railway line within ten miles by T. Edward Henry
Other mentions: Aberfoyle Station p. 34, Adelaide [Central] Market 55, 83, Adelaide Steamship Company 39, Alma (wool ship) 16, Ballarat Market 83, Barrier (steamship) 39, Mr Bartlett (sawmiller Mt. Gambier) 42, Lindon Bates 12,17,53,57, Benara Estate (S. Aust.) 20,21, Sir Thomas Bent 36,89, Blue Funnel line 37, W. A. Callaway iii, Colonial Sugar Refining Co. in South Australia 88, Sir Thomas David Gibson Carmichael iii, W. H. Carrison (harbourmaster Port MacDonnell), Casino (steamship) 39, Corio (steamship) 39,57,58, Dalgety and Company 17, Damascus (ship) 36, Dept. of Crown Lands and Survey (Vic.) [given as Lands Dept.] 33,43, Dept. of State Forests (Vic.) [given as Forest Dept.] 35, Dorset (steamship) 40, Essex (steamship) 39,40 Sir John Michael Fleetwood Fuller [v], Mr. [Edward] French (shipping agent Port macDonnell) 13,18, Geelong (steamship) 40, Geltwood (ship) 56, Glenelg River 34,42,43,46, [William] T. Hoare (wool buyer Apsley, Vic.) 8, Mr Hogan (sawmiller nr. Mount Kincaid, Vic.), [Horsham] Agricultral Society 4, [John] Grice and Co. (Kingston, S. Aust.) 10, Mr [Tom Richard] Johnson (chief commissioner NSW Railways) 77, Messrs. Kennedy (woolshippers Mount Gambier), Koorine estate (Kalangadoo) 21, A. M. Laughton [given as Government Statist] 34,35,41, Mr [John] Labatt (engineer Marine Board S. Aust.) 53, Livingston (wool ship) 16, [Wilhelm] Lund['s Blue Anchor] Line 37, [Hugh Robert] Mackay (chief inspector of forests) 30,42, Mingbool estate (S. Aust.) 20, Mintaro (steamship) 39, Moorak estate (S. Aust.) 21,22, Moravian (ship) 39, Mount Gambier Railway League viii,12, Mount Schanck Estate (S. Aust.) 20,21,22,23,24, Morayshire/Moray Shire (steamship) vii,39,93, Narrung (ship) 36, Oswestry Grange (steamship) vii,39,93, [Port] Adelaide Freezing Works 26,83, Portland Freezing Works 34,49,83,88, Portland Railway League 41,105, Mr Pratt (sheep farmer) 28, Public Works Dept. (Vic.) vii,93, Ramazon (steamship) 39,40,57, Royal Commission (S. Aust.) on trhe Necessity for Improved Facilities for the Trade of the South East [given variously as South Australian Commission, South Australian Trade Committee, South Australian Trade Commission, South-eastern Trade Commission) 5,6,12,14,15,17,18,20,24,30,86,87,92, State Rivers and water supply Commission (Vic.) xvii,93, [Thomas] Borthwick and Co./Sons 26,31, Victorian Railways Commission/Commissioners/Dept. x,xi,xii,xiii,xiv,xv,xvi,xvii,3,7,15,21,38,42,46,47,67,68,69,76,78,79,80,87,88,89,91,92,93,94, [Heinrich] Von Doussa 14, Warrigal (steamship) vii,37,39,93, Captain [Patrick] Weir 54,57, White Star Line 37, Windsor Castle (ship), Captain Wotton (harbourmaster Beachport, S. Aust.) 40, Yarrawonga (ship) 36
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