Item Description: "Ordered by the Council to be printed 8th June 1855"
The Commission was appointed on 2nd November 1854 and comprised: Attorney General William Foster Stawell (chairman), Charles Bradshaw MLC, Survor General Andrew Clarke (also Corps of Royal Engineers captain), John Pascoe Fawkner MLC, William Forlonge MLC, President of the Commissioners of Sewerage and Water Supply Charles James Griffith, William Clerk Haines MLC, William Nicholson MLC, John O'Shanassy MLC, Speaker of the Legislative Council James Frederick Palmer and James Ford Strachan MLC
James Palmer, Charles Griffith, John O'Shanassy, John Pascoe Fawkner, William Nicholson, William Clerk Haines and Charles Bradshaw signed the report under protest and the five protests are appended. Palmer and Bradshaw protested jointly, O'Shanassy, Fawkner and Nicholson protested jointly whilst Griffith, Haines and Forlonge protested individually.
Appendices: Waste Lands Occupation Act (i.e. [Great Britain]. An Act To Amend an Act for Regulating the Sale of Waste Land Belonging to the Crown in the Australian Colonies and to Make Further Provision for the Management Thereof) -- [British] Order in Council 9th March 1847 signed Wm. L. Bathurst -- Proclamations 7th Oct. 1847 (Leases of crown lands beyond the settled districts) and 1st Jan. 1848 (Crown lands beyond the settled districts (tranfer of runs)) signed by E. Deas Thomson (Colonial Secretary's Office Sydney) -- Regulations of 29th March 1848 (Occupation of Crown Lands within the settled districts) signed E. Deas Thomson -- [British] Order in Council 11th August 1848 signed C. C. Greville --[British] Order in Council 18th July 1849 signed Wm. L. Bathurst -- [British] Order in Council 19th June 1850 signed Wm. L. Bathurst -- [British] Order in Council 18th October 1854 signed Wm. L. Bathurst -- Draft leases New South Wales
"Chas. Hotham, Governor, Message No. 70"
Physical Description: 78p. ; 35cm.

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