Royal Commission on Fruit, Vegetables and Jam : minutes of evidence

Corporate Author: Victoria. Royal Commission on Fruit, Vegetables and Jam
Other Authors: Hogan, E. J. 1883-1964, Keast, William Stephen, 1866-1927, Mitchell, John Davidson, 1869-1943, Prendergast, G. M. 1854-1937, Rouget, James, 1866-1924, Snowball, Oswald Robinson, 1859-1928, Walsh, James, Warde, Edward Coughlan, c. 1862-1925
Published: Melbourne : Albert J. Mullett, Government Printer, 1915
Parliamentary Paper Number: Parliamentary paper (Victoria. Parliament) ; 1915, no. 58
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Item Description: "Presented to both Houses of Parliament by His Excellency's command"
Commission: George M. Prendergast (chairman), Edmond J. Hogan, William S. Keast, John D. Mitchell, James Rouget, Oswald R. Snowball and Edward C. Warde
Witnesses A-I: John George Aird (fruit-grower Ringwood), Albert John Alden (orchardist Tyabb), George Selth Anderson (accountant/sec. Fruit Exporters' Handling Committee), George Edward Andrew (manager Rosella Preserving Co. Richmond), William Henry Barnet (market gardener Cheltenham), Robert Charles Beach (managing sec. Grocers Wholesale Co-operative Ltd Melbourne), Edward John Bechervaise (commissioner Harbor Trust/agent Hull and Barsley Railway and Docks Company), Thomas Montgomery Black (orchardist Pakenham), James Richard Boulter (orchardist Hastings), Stephen Bourne (market inspector/collector South Melbourne Council), James Brand Brewer (sec. Central Victorian Fruit-growers Association), C. C. Brittlebank (govt. pathologist Vic. Dept. of Agriculture), Malcolm McCaul Brodie (partner John Sanderson and Company shipping agents), Thomas Henry Brooker (sec. Adelaide Fruit and Produce Exchange Company), John G. R. Bryant (asst. fruit expert NSW Dept. of Agriculture), William G. Burgess (market gardener Cheltenham), Edmund Burgi (fruit-grower/chairman Co-operative Jam Company Wandin), Edmund Butler (sr orchard inspector NSW Dept. of Agriculture), Robert George Cameron (fruit-grower Merbein), Archibald G. Campbell (orchardist Kilsyth), Patrick Joseph Carmody (chief orchard supervisor Vic. Dept. of Agriculture), William Benjamin Chaffey (fruit-grower Mildura/pres. Victorian Dried Fruit Association), William Henry P. Cherry (acting chief officer Exports and Imports Branch Sydney), Francis Grenville Clarke MLC, John Clayton (town clerk Melbourne),Reginald J. E. Clements (shipping manager Dalgety and Company Melbourne), William Close (orchardist/shire councillor Berwick), James Conlan (Melbourne goods supt. Victorian Railways Dept.), Joseph Henry Connor (agricultural expert Melbourne), James Hume Cook (orchardist/chairman Victorian Orchardists Co-operative Association Ltd.), Robert Crowe (supt. of exports Vic. Dept. of Agriculture) Francois de Castella (government viticulturalist Vic. Dept. of Agriculture), Lucas George de Garis (director E. de Garis and Company Pty Ltd Melbourne), Matthew J. Dickens (constable Russell Street), Charles Leonard Dobbin (vine-grower/distiller Merbein), Douglas L. Dowdell (Melbourne branch manager Orient Steam Navigation Co.), Ebenezer Eagle (orchardist Harcourt), Alfred James Ewart (botany professor Melbourne University/govt. botanist Victoria), Frederick William Fankhauser (fruit-grower Burwood East), William Foran (farmer Addington), Alexander Fraser (orchardist/pres. Fruit-growers Association Pakenham), Charles French (govt. entomologist Vic. Dept. of Agriculture), William French (engineer-in-charge cool stores Vic. Dept. of Agriculture), Walter W. Froggatt (entomologist NSW Dept of Agriculture), Henry Geelan (sr constable Russell Street), William C. Greaves (ex market inspector Melbourne City Council), Charles Henry Archibald Greuber (Tasmanian exports supervisor for the Commonwealth Govt.), Walter Alfred Hamilton (manager South Australian Fruit-growers Co-operative Society), Herbert Hargreaves (fruit-grower Pakenham), James J. Hemphill (part prop. Blacker's Orchard and Cannery Company Mooroopna), Thomas Henry Houfe (orchardist Tyabb), Edward N. Hunt (market gardener Malvern) and George Neville Hyam (canning expert Cyclone Pty Ltd., Melb.),
Witnesses J-Z: Thomas Charles James (orchardist Shepparton), Thomas Jessep (chairman New South Wales Fruit Exchange/pres. Fruit Merchants Association Sydney), Joseph Johnson (potato merchant/sec. Fruit-growers and Market Gardners Association South Australia), Captain David Jones (orchardist Upper Beaconsfield/Narre Warren), Amelia Knight (fruit preserving demonstrator Vic. Dept. of Agriculture), Arthur Knight (manager/sec. Market Gardeners and Fruit-growers Association Victoria), James Lang [also spelled Laing] Sr (orchardist Harcourt/director Victorian Co-operative Fruit-growers Association), James Henry Lang Jr (orchardist Harcourt/pres. Fruit-growers Central Association Victoria), Frank Laver (preserves manufacturer Collingwood), James Law (fruit-grower/market gardener Glen Waverly), Edwin I. Lawford (orchardist Doncaster), John Albert Leach (inspector of schools Dept. of Public Instruction), George Leeder (retired builder Windsor), Anton Lenne (fruit-grower Ardmona), Francis T Le Page (market gardener Cheltenham), John James Thomson [also spelt Thompson] Lever (fruit-grower Merbein), Daniel McAlpine (bitter pit investigator Commonwealth/State Governments Melbourne), Campbell Ernest McCay (supt. of markets Melbourne City Council), Patrick M. McGlade (constable Russell Street), Henry McKinley (fruit-grower Ringwood), Francis McLiney (constable Russell Street), Victor Richard McNab (orchardist/sec. Goulburn Valley Fruit-growers' Association), Robert Mair (director Victorian Orchardists' Association/executive member Central Fruit-growers' Association Victoria), Thomas Marriott (ex market gardener Cheltenham), John Martin (sr port inspector/fumigating officer NSW Dept of Agriculture), Charles Walter Matthews (fruiterer South Melb.), Ernest Meeking (sr fruit inspector Vic. Dept. of Agriculture), James William Mellis (inspector of pure food/liquor Public Health Dept & inspector under the Meat Supervision Acts), James Joseph Millane (farmer/orchardist Pakenham), Alfred Millis Sr (fruit salesman/ buyer Melb.), William Millson (sec. Hawkers and Dealers Union Melbourne), Charles Miscamble (acting supt. goods trains service Vic. Railways), Joseph Wilberforce Moss (fruit exporter Melb.), John G. H. Mumford (asst. managing director Taylor Brothers Ltd Abbotsford/fruit commission agent Melbourne), Charles John Nash (fruit-grower Shepparton), Peter Christian Nielsen (fruiterer/greengrocer Kew), Henry M. Nicholls (govt. microbiologist Tasmania), Jeptha Nicholson (orchardist Burwood), Richard Olver (grocer Fitzroy), Achalen Wooliscroft Palfreyman (managing director Australasian Jam Company South Yarra), Arthur Frederick Parker (clerk Vic. Dept. of Agriculture), Thomas C. Pascoe (in charge federal shire dept. McIlwraith, McEacharn/ship owners & agents Melbourne), George Wilson Paxton (sec. State Savings Bank Commissioners), Edwin T. Penny (fruit-grower/market gardener Cheltenham), Samuel James Perry (fruit agent/exporter Melb.), Tom Petty (fruit-grower Box Hill), Francis K. Phillips (orchardist Arthur's Creek), Henry Pickworth (fruit-grower Ardmona), Lewis Plummer (agent Peninsular and Oriental Steam Navigation Company Melbourne), Gerald Abbott William Pope (general manager S. Aust. Government Produce Dept.), Edward Pritchard (orchardist/president Shire of Metcalfe/president Fruit-growers Association Metcalfe), Phillip Pullar (fruit-grower/farmer Ardmona), George Quinn (government horticultural inspector/chief inspector under Vegetation Diseases Act South Australia), Luther Henry Rash (orchardist Harcourt), Timothy Henry Ray (vigneron/orchardist Shepparton), Edward James Roberts (fruit-grower/packer Irymple and Merbein), Joseph Robilliard (senior farm produce inspector Vic. Dept. of Agriculture), Edgar Norman Robinson (agricultural journalist Argus Melbourne), James Dundas Simson (orchardist Ardmona), Ashley Smart (orchardist/exporter Pakenham), G. P. Darnell Smith (biologist NSW Dept. of Agriculture), Jacob Smith (orchardist Harcourt), Joseph Tainton senior (orchardist/fruit-grower/market gardener Doncaster), Ambrose F. Thiele (orchardist Doncaster), Thomas Bon Thompson (orchardist Upper Pakenham), John Tully (fruit-grower/president shire council of Doncaster), Herbert Turnbull (orchardist Ardmona), Charles J. Verso (orchardist Diamond Creek), Edward J. Walsh (constable Bourke Street), James Walsh (dealer/hawker/vice president Hawkers and Dealers Union Melbourne), James Beckerleg Warren (orchardist Harcourt), George Octavius Webb (orchardist/saw-miller Somerville), William Payne West (orchardist/butter factory manager Shepparton), Albert Edward Williams (secretary/collector Melbourne and Suburban Retail Fruiterers' Association), John Nicholas Williams (secretary Retail Grocers Association/editor Southern grocer Melbourne), William Williams (grocer Northcote), George Herbert Windsor (orchardist Packenham), Isaac Woolf (fruit agent/buyer Melbourne), George Wright (managing director Taylor Brothers Co-operative Limited Abbotsford & Taylor Brothers Limited Sydney) and Ernest Young (orchardist Ardmona)
Other mentions A-E: A.U.S.N. Co. p. 267, Aberdeen Co. p. 214,224,296, John George Aird (fruit-grower Ringwood) p. 24, Albert John Alden (orchardist Tyabb), p. 239, George Selth Anderson (public accountant Secretary Fruit Exporters' Handling Committee) p. 323, M. G. Anderson p. 291, George Edward Andrew (manager director Rosella Preserving Co. Richmond) p. 501,503, Mr Andrews (Rosella rep.) p. 457, Mr Ashbolt p. 457,462, Mr Ashby (sec. Chamber of Manufacturers) p. 460, H. W. Austin (law clerk Ascot Vale) p. 459, Australasian Jam Company p. 490,499, Australian Export and Distributing Co. p. 291, Australian Jam Co. (A.J.C.), p. 468,488, Australian Jam Factory p. 485, Aylwin p. 325, Bailey p. 291, George Bailey p. 325, W. L. Baillieu p. 165, Hon Mr Balfour p. 354, F. D. Barnes p. 276, William Henry Barnet (market gardener Cheltenham) p. 180, Barossa Dried Fruits Assoc. (S.A.) p. 143,149, Robert Charles Beach (managing sec. Grocers Wholesale Co-op. Ltd., Melb.) p. 377, John Edward Bechervaise (commissioner Harbor Trust/agent Hull and Barnsley Railway and Docks Co.) p. 349, Bartram and Son p. 340, Bendigo Co-operative stores p. 10, 461, Sir Thomas Bent p. 98,111,153,179,244, Berri Co-op. Packing Union (Berri S.A.) p. 150, Blacher's Orchard Co. (Toolamba Vic.) p. 150, Thomas Black (orchardist Pakenham) p. 248, The Blacker Orchard & Cannery co. p. 307, J. Boltby p. 497, Mr Boultby (manager Johnson Brothers Ltd. Sydney) p. 457, Mr Boulter p. 234,235, James Richard Boulter (orchardist Hastings) p. 231, Stephen Bourne (market inspector/collector Sth. Melb. City Council) p. 162, Boyce family p. 490, Mr Boyce p. 457, David Boyce (a brother of Thomas Boyce) p. 462, James Brand Brewer (sec. Central Vic. Fruit-growers Assoc. Burwood) p. 22, Brespin and Walton p. 465, C. C. Brittlebank (gov. pathologist Dept. of Agriculture) p. 130,354,355, Malcolm McCaul Brodie (partner John Sanderson and Co. shipping agents, Melb.) p. 290, Brooker p. 166, Thomas Henry Brooker (sec. Adelaide Fruit and Produce Exchange Co. Sth. Aust.) p. 418, E. S. Brown (Cobram Vic.), p. 150, John Brown (Malvern Vic.) p. 333, John G. R. Bryant (asst. fruit expert Dept. of Agriculture, N.S.W.) p. 448, Mr Bunard (chairman conference) p. 457, Luther Burbank p. 430, William G. Burgess (market gardener Cheltenham) p. 172, Edmund Burgi (fruit-grower/chairman of Co-op Jam Co. Wandin) p. 134, Mr Burnard (rep. Southern Jam Manufacturers Brisbane) p. 497, Burwood East Stores p. 229, Edmund Butler (senior orchard inspector Dept. of Agricuture N.S.W.) p. 444, Dr Cameron p. 69,224, Robert George Cameron (fruit-grower Merbein) p. 403, Archibald G. Campbell (orchardist Kilsyth) p. 157, Canterbury Meat Freezer Co. (New Zealand) p. 16, Mr Carmichael (Minister of Education) p. 106, Patrick Joseph Carmody (chief orchard supervisor Dept. of Agriculture) p. 35, Mr Castella (agricultural expert) p. 403,483, F. J. Cato (directors) p. 503, Mr Cattanach (water commissioner) p. 88,89, William Benjamin Chaffey (fruit-grower Mildura/pres. Vic. Dried Fruit Assoc.) p. 381, Charles Wilcox and Co. (Adelaide) p. 143, William Charlick p. 418, Mr Chatham (member for Grenville) p. 473, Dr Cherry p. 40,202, William Henry P. Cherry (acting officer in charge exports and imports branch Sydney N.S.W.) p. 440, China Navigation Co. p. 345, City of Melbourne Bank p. 52, Clan Line p. 214,302, Clare Dried Fruits Assoc. Ltd. p. 143,149, Mr Clark p. 432,469, Mr Clarke p. 426,489, Hon. F. Clarke p. 485, Francis Granville Clarke MLC p. 334, Clayton and Barton p. 266, John Clayton (town clerk Melb.) p. 190, G. F. Cleland (Beauamont) p. 414,415, J. Cleland p. 318, Reginald J. E. Clements (shipping manager Dalgety and Co. Melb.) p. 296, William Close (orchardist/Shire Councillor Berwick) p. 258, J. Cockbill (mayor) p. 163, Cole (book arcade) p. 52, James Conlan (goods supt. Vic. Railway Dept.) p. 331, Mr Coles p. 173, Colonial Bank p. 52, Colonial Sugar Co. p. 376,500, M. Colville p. 163, John Connell (hotel) p. 52, Mr Connelly p. 68, Joseph Henry Connor (agricultural expert Melb.) p. 501, John Conwell and Co. p. 368, Co-operative Fruit Co. p. 391, Co-operative Manufacturing Co. (S.A.) p. 461, Mr Cooch (deputy Inspector-General) p. 309, Mr Copeland p. 257, Councillor Cook p. 157, James Hume Cook (orchardist/chairman of directors Vic. Orchardists Co-op Assoc. Ltd.) p. 203, Mr Crespin p. 55, Crespin and Walton p. 169, E. C. Crockford (town clerk) p. 163, Robert Crowe (supt. of exports Dept. of Agricuture) p. 10, Cyclone Pty. Ltd. p. 120, D. and J. Fowler Ltd. (Adelaide and Fremantle) p. 143, Dalgety and Co. p. 224,229,291,325, Francois de Castella (govt. viticulturalist Dept. of Agriculture Vic.) p. 42,81, George Lucas de Garis (dir. E. de Garis and Co. Melb.) p. 141, Dennys Lascelles Ltd. p. 24,291,325, Matthew J. Dickens (constable of police) p. 50, Charles Leonard Dobbin (vine-grower/distiller Merbein) p. 397, Harry Dodd (manager Melb.) p. 459, Mr Doman (of S.A.) p. 462, Douglas L. Dowdell (branch manager Orient Steam Navigation Co. Melb.) p. 297, Mr Draper p. 202, E. de Garis and Co. Pty. Ltd. (Melb. and Mildura) p. 142, East End Market Co. p. 418, Ebenezer Eagle (orchardist Harcourt) p. 281, Mr Edwards p. 490, George Edward p. 457,490, Campbell Edwards (director) p. 343, Mr Emery (Inspector-General) p. 309, Mr Evans (of Covent Garden) p. 83, Paul Evans (S. Africa) p. 449, Evelyn Co. p. 490, Alfred James Ewart (prof. of botany Melb. Uni./govt. botanist Vic.) p. 199
Other mentions: F-L: F. R. Mellor p. 325, F. W. Prell and Co. p. 291, Frederick William Fankhauser (fruit-grower Burwood East) p. 19, Federal Holder Co. p. 411, Federal Holder line p. 410, Federal Houlder Shire line p. 301,303, Federal Shire line p. 221, Federal Steamship Co. p. 214, Ferguson p. 291, William Ferguson p. 325, Ferris Bros. (Thona, Vic.) p. 150, William Foran (farmer Addington) p. 354, Fourier (Adelaide) p. 236, Alexander Fraser (orchardist/pres. Fruit-growers Assoc. Pakenham) p. 256, Charles French (govt. entomologist Dept. of Agriculture Melb.) p. 127, William French (engineer-in-charge Cool Stores Dept. of Agriculture) p. 17, Mr FitzGibbon p. 151,153, Walter W. Froggatt (entomologist Dept. of Agriculture N.S.W.) p. 442, G. G. Crespin and Son (Melb.) p. 142, G. McEwan and Co. (Glen Ewan S.A.) p. 461, G. Wood, Son and Co. (Adelaide and Fremantle) p. 143, Mr Garrett p. 343, Mr Gawler (Croydon) p. 127, Henry Geelan (senior constable of police) p. 43,51, Geelong Harbor Trust p. 12, George Wills and Co. (S.A.) p. 410, German-Australian line p. 303, Gibb and Sells (Mitcham) p. 10, Gibbs, Bright, and Co. (Melb.), p. 142, Gollin and Co. Pty. Ltd. (Melb., Sydney and Adelaide) p. 143,291,325, Mr Goodland (secretary) p. 399, Mr Graham (Minister of Agriculture) p. 69,343, Mr Graham (Doncaster) p. 264, Hon. George Graham p. 307, Mr Gray (orchardist Diamond Creek) p. 64, William C. Greaves (ex-market inspector Melb. City Council) p. 150, Mr Gregory p. 58, George Griffiths (fruit-grower Somerville) p. 103, Charles Henry Archibald Grueber (supervisor of exports Comm. Govt. Tasmania) p. 436, Mr Guiness p. 318, Dr Hall p. 201, Abdul Hamid p. 340, Walter Alfred Hamilton (manager Sth. Aust. Fruit-growers Co-op. Soc. Ltd. Adelaide) p. 422, Mr Hammond p. 134, Herbert Hargreaves (fruit-grower Pakenham) p. 254, S. M. Harcourt p. 328, Hardy and Sons p. 415, Thomas Hardy (Bankside) p. 413, Mr Harper p. 237, James Harper (cider maker/merchant England) p. 235, Harrisons, Ramsay Pty. Ltd. (Melb., Sydney and Adelaide) p. 142, Mr Hart (govt. expert and ex-vegetable dealer) p. 179, Sir William Hartley (Sir William Hartley and Co.) p. 107, Mr Hayes p. 355, Stephens Healesville p. 10, James J. Hemphill (part proprietor Blacker's Orchard and Cannery Co. Mooroopna) p. 307, Henry Jones and Co. (Hobart) p. 210,296,460,490, Henry Jones and Co. (Sydney) Ltd. p. 457, Henry Jones Co-operative Ltd. (Sth. Yarra) p. 457,459,490,493,494,501, Henry Jones Pty. Ltd. p. 490, P. W. Heyman p. 325, Mr Hick (secretary) p. 378, Hoadley's Cunliff and Paterson (Geelong) p. 313,489,491,500, Hoadley's Pty. Ltd. p. 459,490, Mr Hogan p. 103, Holdensen and Neilsen p. 340, Holder Branch of Aust. 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Other mentions M-R: M. G. Anderson, Nicholson and Bowen (S.A.) p. 410, MacRobertson p. 343, John Mack (S.A.) p. 410, Robert Mair (orchardist/director Vic. Orchardists' Assoc./member of executive Central Fruit-growers Assoc. Vic.) p. 225, Thomas Marriott (ex-market gardener Cheltenham) p. 178, John Martin (senior port inspector and fumigating officer Dept. of Agriculture N.S.W.) p. 446, Masterton & Dobbin p. 483, Charles Walter Matthews (fruiterer Sth. Melb.) p. 267, Mayne, Nickless & Co. p. 467, Prof. McAlpine p. 288, Daniel McAlpine (bitter pit investigator Comm. and State Govt. Melb.) p. 426, Mr McCaan (Trade Commissioner England) p. 405, McClure, Vlantine and Co. Pty. Ltd. (Melb.) p. 143, Mr McCormick (potato inspector) p. 355, H. R. McCracken (directors) p. 503, McEacharn p. 79, Mr McKeown (Dromana) p. 430, Mr McBride p. 104, Campbell Ernest McCay (supt. of markets Melb. City Council) p. 165,198, James McEwan (warehouse) p. 52, Patrick M. 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