Item Description: "Presented to both Houses of Parliament by His Excellency's command"
Report "To His Excellency the Honorable Sir Arthur Lyulph Stanley ... Governor of the State of Victoria"
Commission: George M. Prendergast (chairman), Edmond J. Hogan, William S. Keast, John D. Mitchell, James Rouget, Oswald R. Snowball and Edward C. Warde
"J. B. Castieau, Secretary"
Appendix B: Instructions to consignors of fruit - circular signed by R. Crowe (exports supt. Dept. of Agriculture)
Appendix E: Comparison of the rates per ton on the railways for the following commodities in Victoria and New South Wales - return furnished by J[oseph] S[amuel] Rees (acting sec. Vic. Railways Commissioners) to the Royal Commission
Appendix F: Australian Dried Fruits Association terms and conditions for sale for 1915 furnished by by W. B. Chaffey (pres.) and R. A. Vaughan Rae (sec.)
Appendix G: Report on the olive industry by Mr de Castella (Dept. of Agriculture)
Appendix H: Fruit imports and exports - statistics furnished by the Government Statist
Appendix I: Fruit gathered (except grapes) : return for eleven seasons updated by the Government Statist
Appendix J: Viticultural statistics furnished by by A. M. Laughton (govt. statist)
Appendix K: Grape export : letter from Francois de Castella (govt. viticulturist) to chairman G. M. Prendergast
Appendix O: papers re. street hawking placed before the Commission by James Walsh (sec. Hawkers and Dealers Association)
Other mentions: Alderman Crichton (chairman Market Committee),John T. Horner (sec. Victorian Saw Millers Association) p. 54, Melbourne City Council) p. 54, Melbourne Suburban Retail Fruiterers Association p. 54, Victorian Fishmongers and Poulterers Association p. 54, Victorian Dairy Produce Merchants Association p. 54
Physical Description: 54p. ; 34cm.