Foot and mouth disease : progress report of Commission : with minutes of evidence

Corporate Author: Victoria. Commission Appointed to Enquire into the Existence of Foot and Mouth Disease
Other Authors: Black, Niel, 1804-1880, Cherry, Robert, d.1910, Fallon, Thomas Patrick, ca. 1837-1892, Holloway, John, Leake, William, Lobb, William John, 1834-1916, McCrea, William, 1814-1899, McDougall, Robert, 1813-1887, Mitchell, Josiah, 1822-1887, Mitchell, William Henry Fancourt, Sir, 1811-1884, Morton, Richard C., Wallis, A. R. 1848-1928, Whiteman, John, 1820?-1892, Wragge, Thomas
Published: Melbourne : John Ferres, Government Printer, 1872
Parliamentary Paper Number: Parliamentary paper (Victoria. Parliament) ; 1872, no. 58
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Item Description: "Presented to both Houses of Parliament by His Excellency's command"
Commission appointed 12th June 1872: John Whiteman (Chairman), Thomas Wragge, Robert McDougall, Thomas P. Fallon, John Holloway and A. E. [Alexander Robert] Wallis
On 8th July 1872 seven additional members were appointed to the Commission: Niel Black MLC, W. H. F. Mitchell MLC, William John Lobb MP, William McCrea, R. Morton, Josiah Mitchell Robert Cherry and William Leake
"Abraham Lincolne, Secretary"
Witnesses: John Dean Beal (ex asst. steward on the Northumberland), John Bowman (tenant farmer), Alexander Bruce (NSW representative), Robert Cherry (farmer), Samuel Cobbledick (tenant farmer of Stephen Staughton), Edward Micklethwaite Curr (chief inspector of sheep), Donaldson Grant (in charge of Mr Were's stock Heidelberg)(also mentioned p. 13,47,48), John Holloway (member of Commission), John Hunter Kerr (stock inspector), William Leake (farmer/neighbour of Bowman), William McCulloch (cattle importer), John Miscamble (veterinarian), Graham Mitchell (veterinarian), William Moffatt (passenger on the Northumberland now living at Hopkin's Hill)(also mentioned p.17,28,37,39), Patrick Moloney (qualified medical man), James Edward Neild MD, Patrick Noonan (employee Mr McCulloch), William Carey Rees (qualified medical man), James Michael Rowell (member Veterinary College), Richard Rutherford (veterinarian surgeon), George Simmie (squatter), Stephen George Staughton (squatter/owner of Achmet), John Nathaniel Streat (publican Camp Hotel Werribee), William Thomson FRCS, Andrew Tobin (squatter), John Phillip [also spelled Phillips] Vincent (veterinarian), A. R. Wallis (member of Commission) and Andrew Wilson
Other people/bodies mentioned: Achmet (bull) prelim. p. 3, p. [1],2,3,5,7,17,37,39,46, Mr [J. C.?]Addis (of the Loddon) p. [1],2, Mr Agg (ex Immigration dept.) p. 57, The Argus p. 3,4,17,29,60, [George] Armatage [also misspelled Armitage] (author of Every Man His Own Cattle Doctor) p. 40,59, Asia (ship) p. 47, Avondale (ship) p. 19, Dr Beale (English theorist on the origin of diseases) p. 20, Bella (cow) p. 32, Benevolent Asylum [Melbourne] p. 57, Professor Claude Bernard (physiology expert) p. 58, Neil [i.e. Niel] Black p. [1],39, Mr Blackwood (cattle buyer) p. 2,47,48, Mr Boadle p. 19,20, Mr Booth (cattle owner) p. 43, Mrs Bowman p. 7,17,18,33,45, Dr [Frederick Crace] Calvert (expert on disinfectants) p. 53, Camp Hotel (Wyndham) p. 17, Hon. W. Campbell p. 30, Dr [William Benjamin] Carpenter (writer on physiology) p. 56, Mr Cawsy (cattle ownwer) p. 61, Mr Chirnside p. 48, Mr Clark/Clarke (cattle owner) p. 25,46, Mrs Cobbledick p. 6,25, Charlie (employee Kirk's bazaar) p. 14, Mr [Edward] Cohen p. 11,15,30,31, Dandy (cow) p. 25, Mr Cosey (farmer) p. 26,27,30,32,45, Mr Cropley (farmer/neighbour of Bowman) p. 33,45,61, Dalgety and Blackwood p. 47, Dawe's Point (NSW) p. 10, Dr [John] Day (developer of a blood test) p. 58,60, Mr Derham p. 5, Professor [William] Dick of Edinburgh (tabulated statement in the Veterinarian for 1825) p. 11,36, Dr [John] Dougall (Glasgow) p. 51, Dublin Medical Journal p. 57, John Duncan (cattle tender on ship Thomas Stephen[s]) p. 47, Mr Emms (cattle owner) p. 45, late Dr Fisher (Emerald Hill) p. 21, Frazer and Simmie p. [1] ,Professor [John] Gamgee (writer on cattle plague) p. 20,40,54,58, Mr Gibton (veterinarian/clerk of court Warrnambool) p. 13, Dr Gilbee [i.e. Gillbee] p. 58, Glasscock's Livery Stable p. [1],47, Mr Glover (smallpox victim) p. 57, Mr Guthrie (Minister's representative) p. 31, Professor Halford p. 5,58, Professor Hallen (author of A Synopsis of the Cattle Diseases of India) p. 5, Professor Hallier (Jena) p. 58, Mr Hammond p. 14,23,27, Health Act p. 46, Professor [Ernst] Hoppe-Seyler p. 56, Horticultural Society p. 60, Dr Hunt p. 57, Mr Hymes (living on William Leake's property) p. 60, Indian Govt. p. 38, Industrial School [Melbourne] p. 51, Kirk's [Horse] bazaar p. 14, Kosciusko (ship) p. 2,47, The Lancet p. 51,56,57, Lancisi (Roman physician employed by the Pope to investigate foot and mouth disease in 1743) p. 58, Mr [Abraham] Lincolne p. 27, [Thomas?] McCombie p. 13, Dr McCrea (chief medical officer) p. 21,57, McCulloch, Campbell and Co. p. 22, Mr McDougall (veterinarian) p. 7,23,26,27,28,29,33, Mr McKinnon p. 14, Medical Times p. 51, [Melbourne] Lyng-In Hospital p. 58, Moravian (ship) p. 47, Dr Morris (Sydney) p. 9, Mr [Septimus?] Morton (cattle owner) p. 45,46,48, National Agricultural Society p. 5, Professor [Felix von] Niemeyer p. 56,57, Northumberland (steam ship) prelim p.[3], p. [1],13,28,34,35,47,48,49, Mr Peck p. 14,23,27, Pleuro-pneumonia Commission p. 58, Professor Polli (Milan) p. 57, Mr Pottie (veterinarian) p. 9, Mr Prevot (dairy farmer) p. 16, Queen of the Wave (ship) p. 48, Redhill Farm p. 17, Mr Rigg p. 23, Mr Rock [also Rocke] (farmer/neighbour of William McCulloch) p. 13,17,40,41,42,45, Rockbear (William McCulloch's property) p. [1], 13, Mr Ross p. 42, Royal George (bull) p. 37,40,41,43, Mr Rudd p. 14,23,27 Dr B[urdon] Sanderson (writer on contagion and germs) p. 21,59, Dr Sansom (expert on disinfectants) p. 53,57, Professor Simonds p. 7,8, Mr Skilling (shorthorn breeder) p. 17, Mr Smith (farmer nr Braybrook) p. 49,56 Mr Smith (farmer Maribyrnong) p. 49,56, Dr [Robert] Angus Smith (enthusiast for disinfectants) p. 56, Dr[James?] Stokes p. 21, Thomas Stephen (ship) p. 44, John Thornton (cattle buyer London) p. [1], Mr Trousseau (late pathology teacher Paris) p. 18. Mr Twedell (cattle buyer) p. 2, Hon. W. M. K. Vale (Commissioner for Trade and Customs) p. 29,30,31,46, The Veterinarian p. 12,20, Veterinary Review p. 20, Mr Were (squatter/farmer Heidelberg) p. 2,17, Mr White (farmer Ballarat Road nr Braybrook) p. 49,56, Dr Whittenbury (Brighton) p. 21, [Caspar Friedrich?] Wolff (theorist on the origin of infectious diseases) p. 20,21, [Henry?] Wragge p. 23,27 and Yorkshire (ship) p. 31
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