Quarantine : copy appendices to the report of the Board appointed to enquire into the quarantine regulations, and in regard to the Golden Empire, being further return to an order of the Legislative Assembly, dated 6th July, 1865, for the report of the Commission appointed to enquire into the quarantine of the Golden Empire, and generally on the management of the sanatory station

Corporate Author: Victoria. Commission Appointed to Enquire into the Quarantine of the Golden Empire
Published: Melbourne : John Ferres, Government Printer, 1865
Parliamentary Paper Number: Parliamentary paper (Victoria. Parliament) ; 1864-65, no. C 42**
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Item Description: "Ordered by the Legislative Assembly to be printed 28th November 1865"
Appendix 2: statements regarding conditions on board the Golden Empire, by passengers Michael Conway, Michael Donovan, Jesse McLeod (matron Golden Empire), W. McNair, Frederick Ring, Richard Roberts and Helen Scanlan
Appendix 3: evidence taken by the Board when it visited the Quarantine Station on 17th February, comprising statements by Dr Callan (medical officer Quarantine Station), Captain Crear (captain Southern Ocean), Dr Porter (surgeon Southern Ocean) and James Walker (storekeeper Quarantine Station)
Appendix 4: statement by Dr McCrea (chief medical officer Quarantine Station)
Appendix C: extract from Murchison, page 89
Appendix D: extract from Murchison, page 58
Appendix E: extract from Murchison, pages 112 and 114
Appendix F: extract from Bancroft, page 509
Appendix G: extract from Jacquot, page 64 (translation)
Appendix 5: statement by Dr J. Reed (formerly superintendent Sanatory Station), examined by the Board
Appendix 6: statement by T. M. Girdlestone (fellow Royal College of Surgeons, England)
Appendix 7: Memorandum from certain Medical Practitioners of this City consulted by the Board in reference to Quarantine - signed Rich. T. Tracy, M.D. and Surgeon, 190, Collins-street east, Will. H. Cutts, M.D., William-street [and] W. Gillbee, Surgeon, Collins-street
Appendix 8: statement by Dr Mackenzie (resident physician, Melbourne Hospital), examined by the Board
Appendix 9: statement by J. Williams (sec. Melbourne Hospital), examined by the Board
Appendix 10: letters and telegrams from J. B. Callan, W. McRae (chief medical officer), W. R. Pugh, J. Reed and David E. Wilkie. Telegram from J. Reed includes list of deceased patients (Esther Beckett age 92, Bridget Conman age 35, James Duncan age 72, Emanuel Joseph (A.B.) age 41, John James Kindade [Kinkade?] age 6 months, Matilda Kinkade age 29, Robert Kinkade age 3, George Arthur Metcalfe age 4 months, Ellen Ogden age 3, Samuel Ogden age 14 months, Richard Screach (second mate) age 28, Barbara White age 28 and Jacobine White age 51). Letter from John B. Callan includes list of patients placed in hospital from ship Southern Ocean 11th instant (Wm. Corbett age 27, Charles Evatt age 21, Mary Jane Farrin age 19, Rebecca Farrin age 18, Fredk. Horne age 22, Eliza Keill age 19, Sarah Keill age 18, Wm. Lochlin age 21, Christina McDonald age 18, Isabella McDonald age 16, Richd. Meagher age 21, John Orr age 22, Joseph Pritchett age 23, Andrew Ready age 19 and Peter Ready age 16)
Appendix 11: letters, telegrams and memo from John B. Callan and W[illia]m McCrea
Appendix 12: letter from John B. Callan to A. F. A. Greeves MLA (chairman Board of Inquiry, Melbourne)
Appendix 13: Instructions for the guidance of the Health Officer, Queenscliff, and Copy of Letter addressed to Dr. Youl by James Robertson, Esquire, M.D.
Appendix 14: Instructions for the guidance of the Resident Surgeon, Sanatory Station - signed W. McCrea, Chief Medical Officer, and So much of the public health statute, 1865, as relates to quarantine, being part of the said statute
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