Item Description: "Presented to both Houses of Parliament by His Excellency's command"
Royal Commission comprised: James Joseph Casey (Chairman), George Rolfe, William Austin Zeal, John Rout Hopkins and James Thomas Harcourt.
Witnesses examined: Cuthbert Fox (sometime resident Mud Island), James Ford (resident Port Nepean), James Walker (storekeeper in charge of the Sanatory Station), Captain H. H. O'Neil (of the pilot schooner Rip)), William McCrea (Chief Medical Officer & Superintendent of Quarantine), George Oliphant Duncan (Inspector of Industrial Schools & Inspector General of Penal Establishments), T. M. Girdlestone (Officer of Health City of Melbourne), William Austin Zeal, J. A. Panton (police magistrate Geelong) and Thomas Francis Hyland (Governor Castlemaine Gaol).
Appendix includes: letter to the Chief Secretary concerning the Industrial School St. Kilda Road from A. M. G. [Anna Maria Georgiana] Bright (Hon. Sec. Ladies Visiting Association), extracts from two letters to the Chairman of the Commission concerning industrial schools from R. Mathewes, notes on the tenancy of the Flat Islands, Port Phillip Bay, report on the Boarding-Out of Pauper Children Considered As an Agent in the Diminuation of Crime by Johanna [i.e. Joanna] Margaret Hill (England), extracts (p.9, 146, 346, 350) from the Report to the Secretary of State for the Home Department from the Poor Law Commissioners on the Training of Pauper Children (London 1841), letter from Thomas Webb Ware accompanying an extract from the Ballarat Courier imputing mismanagement in the Ryrie St. Industrial School Geelong, note on the boundaries of the Sanatory Station at Port Nepean and a letter to J. J. Casey from J. H. White and Co. enclosing an extract from the letter from a captain of one of Messrs. Green's Blackwall line referring to the regulations for boarding ships from foreign voyages on arrival at Port Phillip Heads and various other matters.
Physical Description: 65p. ; 34cm.