Internal communication : report of the Commissioners appointed to enquire into the best mode of providing for the internal communication of the colony

Corporate Author: Victoria. Commission Appointed to Enquire into the Best Mode of Providing for the Internal Communication of the Colony
Other Authors: Chauncy, William Snell, 1820-1878, Christy, Frederick Collier, Darbyshire, George Christian, 1820-1898, Foster-Vesey-Fitzgerald, John, 1818-1900, Harris, George William, b. 1819, Harrison, Alfred Reid Clanny, 1816-1903, Holmes, George, 1804-1873, Inglis, James, Jackson, Matthew Bullock, b. 1826?, Learmonth, Andrew James, 1825-1892, McLean, Hector, Moore, John, 1803-1885, Murphy, Francis, Sir, 1809-1891, Oldham, Thomas, 1816-1878, Pasley, Charles, 1824-1890, Robertson, William, Ross, Archibald Patrick George, 1815-1868, Rosson, Thomas Edwin Oulton, Rowand, Charles, b. 1825, Swyer, Charles Robert, 1825-1876
Published: Melbourne : John Ferres, Government Printer, 1854
Parliamentary Paper Number: Parliamentary paper (Victoria. Parliament) ; 1854-55, no. A 4
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Item Description: "Laid upon the Council table by the Colonial Secretary by command of His Excellency the Lieutenant Governor and ordered by the Council to be printed 26th September 1854"
"John Foster"
"J. Moore, Acting Colonial Secretary"
Commission: Francis Murphy (chairman), Charles Pasley and Archibald Ross
Witnesses: Joseph Charles Byrne (merchant Geelong), William S. Chauncy (civil engineer), Frederic Collier Christy (civil engineer), Freeman Cobb (Adams and Co.), George C. Darbyshire (civil engineer Survey Dept.), John Goodman M.L.C., G. W. Harris (inspector-general of roads), Alfred Harrison (civil engineer), James Inglis (surveyor's office Geelong), George Holmes (civil engineer), Thomas Leahy (civil engineer), Andrew Learmonth (settler Geelong), Hector McLean (town surveyor Geelong), James Moore (civil engineer), William Nicholson M.L.C., Thomas Oldham (engineer/contractor), William Robertson (contractor), Thomas E. O. Rosson (civil engineer Colonial Engineer's Dept.), Charles Rowand (civil engineer Central Roads Board), F[rederick] J[ames] Sargood M.LC., F. Sinnett , Edward Snell (civil engineer Geelong and Melbourne Railway), Charles Swyer (civil engineer Melbourne, Mount Alexander and Murray River Railway Co.), Charles Nuttall Thorne (pres. Melbourne and Geelong Railway Co.) and William H. Tuckett (chairman Melbourne and Mount Alexander Railway Co.),
Appendix A: Estimated cost per mile of a trunk line of railway, say from Melbourne to Bendigo, double line of rails - G. W. Harris
Appendix B: Estimated cost per mile for a single track railway with turn-outs, &c. - Geo[rge] Holmes
Appendix C: Approximate estimate of cost per mile of construction of a double line of railway, using gradients of 1 in 180 - J. Moore
Appendix D: No. 1 letter from Alfred R. C. Harrison to Francis Murphy (chairman of Commission of Enquiry on Internal Communication) reporting on result of investigations with regard to the best line of country for taking a railway from Melbourne to the Murray, No. 2 Statement shewing the mode of arriving at the probable cost of railways in this country - Alfred R. C. Harrison
Appendix E: Estimated cost of one mile of double line of railway, laid upon Barlow's principle without sleepers, in the Colony of Victoria - F. C. Christy, Associate of the Institute of Civil Engineers
Appendix F: No. 1 Estimated cost per mile of constructing a single line of railway, No. 2 Estimated cost per mile of constructing a single line of railway, No. 3 Estimated cost per mile of constructing a double line of railway, No. 4 Statistics of railroads in New York State, 1851. Extract and compilation from "Annual Report" transmitted to the Legislature, January, 1852, No. 5 Average quantity of excavation, exclusive of tunnels, on the undermentioned English lines of railway, for one mile, No. 6 Barlow's iron road. Estimated cost per mile of constructing a single line of railway, No. 7 Estimated cost per mile of constructing a single line of railway, using Barlow's cast iron sleepers - all estimates signed Geo[rge] C. Darbyshire
Appendix G: letter from T. E. O. Rosson (asst. colonial engineer) to Francis Murphy (pres. Board on Internal Communication)
Appendix H: letter from M. B. Jackson (engineer to the Commission of Sewers and Water Supply, consulting engineer to the Hobson's Bay Railway Co., &c.) to the Commissioners for enquiring into the best method of opening up internal communication in the Colony
Appendix I: Estimate by per mile of a railway of one hundred miles, in the Colony of Victoria - W[illia]m Robertson
Appendix K: Summary, No. 1 Actual contract prices, June, 1854 [of work in Melbourne], No. 2 Estimate for one mile of Permanent Way, 84lbs. bridge rails laid on transverse sleepers, No. 3 Estimate for one mile of Permanent Way, double-headed 84lbs. rail, per lineal yard, laid on tranverse sleepers, No. 4 Summary of probable cost per mile of double line of railway in Victoria, 1854, No. 5 Calculations to shew difference between timber, wrought iron, and stone for tops of bridges, No. 6 remarks on rails, sleepers and coke, No. 7 Maintenance of Permanent Way and stations, No. 8 Running expenses of goods trains, No. 9 Cost of rolling stock, No. 10 Calculations to shew difference between steam locomotive and horse power on common roads and tram rails - all signed C. R. Swyer
Appendix L: Estimate for a double line of railway, where the cuttings and embankments are taken at an average of three feet, including ballast, or 14,000 yards per mile - W. S. Chauncy, Civil Engineer
Appendix M: No. 1 Estimate per mile for a railroad of low speed, as recommended by Colonel Cotton, without grading, No. 2 Plank road. Estimated cost per mile. - Victoria, 1854 - both signed A. S. Learmonth
Appendix N: No. 1 Western District roads, Geelong. - Section I. Return of traffic at Bates' Ford and Fyan's Ford, No. 2 Estimate for one mile of railway, double line, No. 3 Estimate of the cost of earthwork on railways, No. 4 Estimate for one mile of planked road, two eight feet tracks - all signed Cha[rle]s Rowand, C.E., Road Engineer, Western District
Appendix O: Contract prices on the Geelong and Melbourne Railway
Appendix P: No. 1 Estimate for the construction of one mile of railway, forming an average of one hundred miles, together with the cost of the rolling stock, No. 2 Estimated revenue of such a line, No. 3 Annual cost of working one hundred miles of railway, No. 4 Comparative statement of the working expenses per mile, per train, of certain railways in Europe, No. 5 Estimated cost per mile for a tramway of say one hundred miles in length, No. 6 Available revenue for tramway, No. 7 Working expenses of a tramway - all signed Tho[ma]s Oldham
Appendix Q: No. 1 Estimate for one mile of railway single line, No. 2 Estimate for macadamised road per mile - both signed Hector McLean
Appendix R: No. 1 Probable estimate per mile of wooden tramway, as per drawings exhibited to the Commission, No. 2 Probable estimate per mile of American plank road - both signed James Inglis
Physical Description: ix, 107p. ; 34cm.

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