Low Lands Commission: progress report

Corporate Author: Victoria. Low Lands Commission
Other Authors: Adams, Robert, Amess, Samuel, 1826-1898, Bell, Francis, Birnie, George, Blackburn, James, 1803-1854, Blackwood, John Hutchinson, 1827-1908, Bowden, Robert, Carrick, Robert Watton, Christy, F. H., Christy, Frederick Collier, Clark, David G., Coe, Richard Hall, Cole, George Ward, 1793-1879, Currie, Archibald, 1830-1914, Cutts, William Henry, 1828-1897, Darbyshire, George Christian, 1820-1898, Elsdon, William, 1829-1904, Fenwick, Orlando, 1822-1897, Ferguson, Charles George, 1813-1868, Fullarton, Robert, d. 1895, Gilmore, George, Ginn, Henry, 1818-1892, Gordon, George, 1829-1907, Henderson, Edwin Peter, Higinbotham, Thomas, 1819-1880, Hodgkinson, Clement, 1818-1893, Jackson, Matthew Bullock, b. 1826?, Kay, Joseph Henry, 1815-1875, Lennox, David, 1788-1873, Lord, Samuel Perkins, 1819-1880, Lorimer, James, Sir, 1831-1889, McCrea, William, 1814-1899, McIlwraith, John, 1828-1902, McLean, John, McMeckan, James, 1809-1890, MacMeikan, Hugh Bell, 1816-1873, McPherson, Thomas, 1822-1888, Merrett, Samuel Headen, d. 1878, Millar, John, 1807-1876, Moseley, Henry, Mouritz, George A., Nimmo, John, 1819-1904, O'Grady, Thomas, 1826-1890, Oldham, Thomas, 1816-1878, Pasley, Charles, 1824-1890, Paterson, James, 1826-1906, Patterson, James Brown, Sir, 1833-1895, Payne, Charles Bradney, 1827-1890, Phillips, Charles, Ramsden, Samuel, 1822-1877, Rawlinson, Thomas E., Reid, Hugh Ronald, ca. 1841-1910, Reid, James, Reilly, John, 1819-1882, Smith, Alexander Kennedy, 1824-1881, Smith, Mungo Park, d. 1859, Smith, William Howard, 1814-1890, Sturt, Thomas James, d. 1901, Tullett, Henry, d. 1882, Tyler, John Chatfield, 1831-1901, Wardell, William Wilkinson, 1824-1899, Zeal, William Austin, Sir, 1830-1912, Reid, Pool and Co.
Published: Melbourne : John Ferres, Government Printer, 1873
Parliamentary Paper Number: Parliamentary paper (Victoria. Parliament) ; 1873, no. 62
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Item Description: "Presented to both Houses of Parliament by His Excellency's command "
Commission: Orlando Fenwick (mayor Melbourne) (chairman), Samuel Amess, John Hutchinson Blackwood, R. W. Carrick, David G. Clark, William Henry Cutts, George Gordon, Thomas Higinbotham, Clement Hodgkinson, Joseph Henry Kay, Samuel. P. Lord, James Lorimer, William McCrea, John McIlwraith, Thomas O'Grady, Thomas McPherson, John Nimmo, James Paterson, James B. Patterson, Samuel Ramsden, James Reid, W. H. Smith, T. J. Sturt MD and William Wilkinson Wardell,
The following members refused to sign the report: Samuel Amess, R. W. Carrick, John McIlwraith, Thomas O'Grady, James Paterson, J. B. Patterson, James Reid, W. H. Smith and T. J. Sturt
Witnesses: Robert Adams, George Birnie (in charge dredging operations), George Ward Cole MLC, William Elsdon, Robert Fullarton, George Gordon (member Low Lands Commission), Frederick Harding (district surveyor Melbourne), Peter Edwin Henderson, Thomas Higinbotham (member Low Lands Commission), Clement Hodgkinson (member Low Lands Commission), Thomas Loader (resident western Melbourne), Captain Hugh MacMeikan, Henry Moseley (civil engineer Public Works Dept.), James Orkney, Charles Bradney Payne (chief harbor master), Charles Phillips, Hugh R. Reed (steam-tug proprietor), Captain W. H. Smith (intercolonial steam trade) and William Wilkinson Wardell (inspector-general public works/member Low Lands Commission)
Appendices 1-3: Number & tonnage of vessels Port of Melbourne 1860-June 1872 by J. Chatfield Tyler
Appendix 4: Number of vessels entering the Yarra each year from 30th June 1870 to 30th June 1872 classifying the sea-going vessels for each 200 tons above 300 tons ... by Charles B. Payne chief harbor master.
Appendix 5: Amount of tonnage dues received under Act 17 Victoria No. 18 and pilotage rates received under Act 17 Victoria No. 28 at Melbourne and Geelong ports during the years from July 1860 to June 1872 inclusive by J. Chatfield Tyler
Appendix 6: Expenditure statement for each year from 1st January 1860 tp 30th June 1872 on wharves and their approaches, Melbourne, Williamstown and Sandridge by A. G. [initials only].
Appendices 7-8: Abstracts of dredging operations by George Birnie (supt. of dredging operations).
Appendix 9: Statement showing expenditure upon Port of Melbourne including Sandridge from 1855 to 30th June 1872 by George A. Mouritz
Appendix 11: Wharfage rates collected Port of Melbourne each year since present rates were imposed by J. Chatfield Tyler
Appendix 12: longitudinal section of proposed canal for diversion of the River Yarra from the gasworks to the sea by Richard Hall Coe
Appendix 13: Report on borings under direction of F. C. Christy ... for a ship canal and docks (copied from "Argus" 3rd June 1854) by F. H. Christy (loco. supt. Vict. Railways) & certified a true copy by Robert Bowden (sec. Harbor Improvement Commission)
Appendix 14: letter to G. A. Mouritz (secretary of the Royal Commission) from Sam. H. Merrett concerning an estimate of quantities contained in the 3 designs for channels and river improvements.
Appendix 15: correspondence between G. A. Mouritz and Hugh R. Reid regarding revised rates of towages of the Port of Melbourne and a statement of Reid, Poole & Co's towage rates.
Appendix 16: letter showing present state of foreshore at St. Kilda Pier from John McIlwraith & Samuel Amess (members of the Royal Commission)
Appendix 17: letters giving estimates of cost of the several canal schemes considered by the Commission from Thomas O'Grady and Samuel Amess
Appendix 18: letter from George Gordon (engineer-in-chief Victorian Water Supply) objecting to Mr. Amess' estimate for dredging - and Samuel Amess' reply defending his original estimate.
Appendix 19: soundings taken at Hobson's Bay from Henry Tullett (sec. St. Kilda Ladies' Sea-bathing Co.)
Appendix 20: summary of engineering and nautical evidence taken ... on the formation of a direct channel from Melbourne to Hobson's Bay and also the improvement of the river, from the Select Committee 1852 (Henry Ginn colonial architect, James Blackburn city surveyor, David Lennox supt. of bridges, Charles Ferguson chief harbor master & captain George Gilmore), the Select Committee 1858 (Captain Charles Pasley, Francis Bell engineer, Frederick G. Christy, Charles Ferguson Chief Harbor Master, Archibald Currie Master Mariner and George Ward Cole), the Royal Commission on Harbor Improvements and on River and Harbor Trust 1860 (M. Bullock Jackson, John Nimmo Surveyor Emerald Hill, A. K. Smith, John Reilly City Surveyor, G. C. Darbyshire, Francis Bell, Thomas E. Rawlinson, F. C. Christy. Thomas Oldham, John Millar, W. A. Zeal, Mungo Park Smith, William Elsdon, George Birnie Supt. of Dredges, Robert Adams, Thomas Higinbotham, James McMechan [i.e. McMeckan] (master mariner/shipowner), Captain Ferguson Chief Harbor Master and Captain John McLean), and the Royal Commission on Low-lying Lands 1872-73 (Henry Moseley, Clement Hodgkinson, Edwin Peter Henderson, Robert Adams, William Elsdon engineer Melbourne and Hobson's Bay Railway, George Birnie, Thomas Higinbotham, George Gordon, W. W. Wardell, Captain Payne, Captain Fullarton, Hugh Macmeikan, Captain W. H. Smith and Hon. George Ward Cole R.N.
Appendix 21: 3 letters to the President and Members of the Royal Commission on Low-lying Lands, South and West of Melbourne from Charles Phillips (Dandenong).
Physical Description: viii, 75p. [i.e. minutes of evidence p. 1-46 & appendices (p. 47-75)] ; 35cm.