Item Description: "Presented to both Houses of Parliament by His Excellency's command"
"6th April 1872"
The Board (also known as the Coal Commission) was appointed at some time between June 19th and October 16th 1871 to ascertain whether there was a sufficient supply of coal in the Westernport area to justify the Victorian colonial government building a light railway connection.
Board comprised: Clement Hodgkinson (Secretary Dept. of Crown Lands and Survey), R. Brough Smyth (Secretary Dept. of Mines) and Thomas Couchman (mining district surveyor)
Appendix A: Report to the Coalfields Board by Ferdinand M. Krause C.E., mining surveyor, concerning a geographical survey of the eastern district from the shore of Western Port Bay to the Tarwin River paying particular attention to coal bearing rocks
Appendix B: Minutes of Evidence (Witnesses examined): Timothy Edmund McCarthy, Thomas Bury, John Seddon (coal miner), George Christian Darbyshire (civil engineer & mining surveyor), Richard Feehan (owner Powlett station on River Powlett), Henry Levy (merchant Melbourne) and Nathaniel Levi (merchant)
Appendix C: Reports of the Government Analyst (J. Cosmo Newbery) on Rocks and Coals Collected at Cape Patterson
Appendix D: Memorandum of Instructions for the Guidance of Mr. Krause in Furnishing Plans and Sections of the Coal Seams at Western Port from R. Brough Smyth and Thomas Couchman
Appendix E: Letter From George C. Darbyshire clarifying some aspects of his testimony before the Coalfields Board
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