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Corporate Author: Victoria. Royal Commission on Charitable Institutions (1890-1891)
Other Authors: Zox, Ephraim Lamen, 1837-1899, Campbell, James, 1845-1893, Smith, Robert Murray, 1831-1921, Ellery, Robert Lewis John, 1827-1908, Morris, Edward E. 1843-1902, Harlin, Thomas 1832-1913, Boyd, James, 1830-1909, Anderson, Andrew, 1838-1897, Ashley, Edmund, 1818-1892, Baker, George, Godfrey, Frederick Race, 1828-1910
Published: Melbourne : Robt. S. Brain, Government Printer, 1892
Parliamentary Paper Number: Parliamentary paper (Victoria. Parliament) ; 1892-93 no. 60
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Item Description: "Presented to both Houses of Parliament by His Excellency's command"
Commission: Ephraim Lamen Zox (chairman), Andrew Anderson, Edmund Ashley, George Baker, James Boyd, James Campbell, Robert Lewis John Ellery, Thomas Harlin, Edward Ellis Morris, Robert Murray Smith and Frederick Race Godfrey.
Witnesses examined A - E: William Aberdeen (Castlemaine), Elizabeth Abrahams (Hebrew Ladies' Benevolent Society), Caroline Allan (Sale Ladies' Benevolent Society), Andrew Anderson (pres. St. Arnaud Hospital), Mary Amour (Maternity Aid Society Committee), Frederick Appleton (Dunollly Hospital Committee), Alice Armstrong (Hawthorn Ladies' Benevolent Society), John Armstrong (pres. Ovens District Hospital), Mrs J. W. Arnold (Dunolly Ladies' Benevolent Society), Frederick Calvert Atkinson (master Bairnsdale Hospital), Thomas Henry Atkinson (South Aust. Destitute Poor Dept.), William Richard Avison (secretary Maryborough Hospital), Richard Balderson (Blind Asylum Committee), Walter Balls-Headley (Medical Society of Vic.), Jabez W. Banfield (treasurer Ararat Hospital), James Barker (Salvation Army), James William Barrett (Medical Society of Victoria), Elizabeth C. Bartleman (Stawell Ladies' Benevolent Society), John Barry (Kyneton Hospital Committee), Annie Bateman (pres. Ladies' Association of Charity & Home of Discharged and Distressed Prisoners), James George Beaney (Melbourne Hospital), William Bell (Independent Order of Rechabites), Sir Benjam Benjamin (ex mayor Melbourne), Arthur Bennett (medical officer Hamilton Hospital), David Bennett (sec. Trades Hall Council), Norman F. Bennett (sec. Nhill Hospital), William Bickerton (treasurer Wangaratta Hospital), Andrew William Birchall (Launceston Hospital Board), Sarah Anna Bishop (matron Children's Hospital), Phillip Blashki (Melbourne Jewish Aid Society), Thomas Bossence (Kilmore Hospital Committee), Robert W. Boyle (Female Refuge of West Geelong Committee), William Boughen (supt. Ballarat District Benevolent Asylum), Robert S. Bree (mayor Hamilton), William Gore Brett (inspector of charities Vic.), Henry Edmund Brewer (medical officer Portland Hospital/Portland Benevolent Asylum), Daniel Brophy (resident Ballarat), Emma Brooks (matron Sandhurst Hospital), Dr William Henry Brown (Colac Hospital), Ellen [i.e. Helen] H. Burr (Daylesford Ladies' Benevolent Society), David Burtchall (Port Fairy Hospital and Benevolent Asylum), Charlotte Bush (Sale Ladies' Benevolent Society), Rev. Patrick C. Butler (director Christian Brothers Geelong), Catherine [i.e. Kathleen?] Caffyn (Charity Organization Society), Mannington Caffyn, Angus Cameron (mayor Horsham), Rev. Donald Allan Cameron (Presbyterian Minister Bairnsdale), Rev. A[lexander] J[ames] Campbell (Geelong Hospital &c.), Samuel S. Candler (coroner Bourke), John Cannon (sec. Ararat Hospital), William Picken Carr (pres. Geelong Hospital), George Castwood (sec. Port Fairy Hospital), Francis Cavenagh (treasurer Hamilton Hospital), David Christie (sec. Echuca Hospital), Lindsay Clarke (Portland), Richard Clarke (Geelong Protestant Orphanage), Alfred B. Clemes (Stawell Hospital Committee), Mrs M. J. Clendinning (Prahran Ladies' Benevolent Society), John Cleverdon (sec. Warrnambool Hospital), Thomas C. Coates (sec. Ballarat District Benevolent Society), Charles Cock (Benevolent Asylum), Archibald Colquhoun (surgeon Bendigo District Hospital), Walter Compton (pres. Nhill Hospital), Joseph Cookson (Dunolly?), Sister Mary F. Corbett (Abbotsford Convent), Ralph Coundon (Clunes Hospital Committee), William J. Cross (medical officer Horsham Hospital), James Cunningham (treasurer Ovens District Hospital), Henry Charles Curtis (Adelaide Children's Hospital), John H. B. Curtis (Friendly Society of Druids), Henry O-Brien Daley (Dunolly Hospital Committee), James G. Davies (sec. Kyneton Hospital), John Mark Davies MLC (Austin Hospital), Morris Davison (Colac), William Tennent Dawson (Shire sec. Bairnsdale), William D. C. Denovan, Margaret Dickson (Collingwood Creche), Paul Dietz (sec. Swan Hill Hospital), William Dobbyn (surgeon Ovens District Hospital), Judson Dobinson (ex mayor Echuca), Edwin P. Dowding (sec. Talbot Shire/Amherst Hospital Committee member), Amelia Downes (Clunes Ladies' Benevolent Society), Ellen Draper (Williamstown Ladies' Benevolent Society), James Duncan (Bairnsdale Hospital), Robert Byron Duncan (Kyneton Hospital), Robert H. Dunn, Louisa M. Dunne (treasurer Melbourne Ladies' Benevolent Society), Henry J. Durham (acting sec. Bendigo District Hospital), Francis George Eagleton (master/dispenser Gippsland Hospital), George Reginald Eakins (medical officer Echuca Hospital), William Earle (vice pres. Port Fairy Hospital Committee), Richard Tinniswood Easterby (editor Gippsland Mercury), Henry Francis Eaton (under-Treasurer) , Mrs A. M. Edwards (St. Vincent de Paul Sandhurst), Charles Edwards (pres. Clunes Hospital), Mrs H. N. Edwards ( (Port Melbourne Dorcas Society), Thomas Elliott (Castlemaine Hospital Committee), Henry Elmslie (Trades Hall Council), William Lea Alfred Elston (pres. Bairnsdale Hospital), Captain James Evans (inspector industrial, probationary & reformatory schools & public charities) and Edwin Exon (supt. Melbourne Orphan Asylum)
Witnesses examined F - L: Frederick J. Field (mayor Maryborough), Phillip Finnegan (mayor Sale), Elizabeth Finlay (matron Women's Hospital), Thomas. N. Fitzgerald (British Medical Assoc. Vic. Branch), Edmond [i.e.Edmund] Gerald FitzGibbon (town clerk Melbourne), Thomas F. Fleetwood (medical officer Warrnambool Hospital), Harloe Henay Fleming (medical officer St. Arnaud Hospital), John Wood Fleming (councillor Brunswick), Charles J. Flower (sec. Ovens District Hospital), David Flowers (sec. Amherst Hospital), Robert George Foyster (treasurer Echuca Hospital), Robert Arthur Forbes (councillor Prahran), Rev. William Keith Forbes (delegate District Nursing Society), George Frazer [spelled Fraser in index] (sec. Creswick Hospital), Thomas Freebody (supt. Castlemaine Benevolent Asylum), William Fuller (mayor Prahran), Arthur C. Fyfe (Benevolent Asylum), William Gale (mayor East Ballarat), William Gardner (governor Ballarat Gaol), Richard Garland (ex pres. Horsham Hospital), Sarah George (Brunswick Ladies' Relief Society), Charles Robert Geohegan [i.e. Geoghegan] (town clerk Sale), William H. Gibson (sec. Women's Hospital), Richard Gibbings (pres. Ballarat District Hospital), Alfred Giles (mayor St. Arnaud/St. Arnaud Hospital Committee), Tharp Mountain Girdlestone (Medical Society of Vic.), Frederick William Goldsmith (sec. Ballarat District Hospital),Jacob Goldstein (Charity Organization Society), Lieut.-Colonel J. R. Y. Goldstein (Charity Organization Society/Women's Hospital/Convalescent Aid Society for Men), Rev. Canon George Goodman (Geelong Hospital Board), Margaret Elizabeth Goodman (Ladies' Benevolent Society of Geelong), Arthur Henry Gordon (surgeon Clunes Hospital), George William Henry Grano (pres. Ararat Hospital Committee), David Grant (Melbourne Hospital), Andrew S. Gray (Eye & Ear Institution), Joseph Henry Grey (mayor Newtown & Chilwell), George Greed (Bairnsdale Hospital Committee), James S [or G?] Greig (Secretary Immigrants' Home), Dan Astley Gresswell, Charles D. Grondona (St. Joseph's Home for Destitute Children/St. Vincent de Paul's Home for Men), Edward Grose (Creswick Hospital Committee), George Guillaume (sec. Neglected Children's Dept.), Edward Sydney Gutteridge (sec. Gippsland Hospital), William Hanlon (mayor Portland), Jennie Harcourt (Sandhurst Dorcas Society), Robert Harper (sec. Shire of Kyneton), John George Harris (lay Anglican Swan Hill), Dr James B. Hayes (Hamilton Hospital), George Haynes (Port Fairy Hospital Committee), Francis Healey (St. Vincent de Paul), Colin Henderson (surgeon Castlemaine Hospital), Louis Henry (medical officer Immigrant's Home), Thomas Henry (town clerk/member Portland Benevolent Asylum Committee), Henry Heppner [spelt Heppuer in index] (vice pres. Amherst Hospital), Francis Hill (Kyneton Hospital Committee), George B. Hill (court visitor), James Hinchley (sec. Wangatta Hospital), George M. Hitchcock (treasurer Geelong Homeopathic Hospital), John Thurston Hogarth (supt. Blind Asylum), James Hogg (treasurer Port Fairy Hospital), John R. Hoskins (mayor Sandhurst), Henry Whitern House (sec. Shire of Kara Kara), James Howard (sec. Horsham Hospital), John M. Hughes (Mutual Medical Benefit Society of Victoria), Richard Hughes (pres. Swan Hill Hospital), James William Hunt (Homeopathic Hospital executive), Kate Hunt (treasurer Ladies' Benevolent Association Kilmore), John Hyland (mayor Warrnambool), James Ingram (vice-pres. Ovens District Hospital/pres. Benevolent Asylum)), James Jackson [1839-1915] (Medical Society of Victoria), James Jackson [b. 1840] (Bairnsdale Shire councillor/Bairnsdale Hospital Board), John Jackson (sec. Children's Hospital), John S. Jenkins (councillor Richmond), Sophia L. Jennings (St. Kilda Benevolent Society), Rev. John Cunningham Johnstone (pres. Echuca Hospital), William Jones (supt. Deaf and Dumb Institution), Edward Kelly (governor Sandhurst Gaol), Henry Kelly (Destitute Poor Dept. South Australia), Elizabeth A. Kempson (correspondent for boarded-out children Stawell), Sister Mary V. Kennedy (Convent of the Good Shepherd), Richard F. Kennedy (pres. Warrnambool Hospital), Dr Thomas J. N. Kennedy (Geelong Hospital), Arthur Kenny (sSupt. Ballarat Orphan Asylum), Thomas King (Warrnambool Hospital Committee), Nathaniel Kingston (Mayor Richmond), Miss J. Ramsay Kinnear (Kyneton Ladies' Benevolent Society), John F. Klein (pres. Inglewood Hospital/mayor Inglewood), James Kirkland (Free Gardeners), Stephen G. Knight (Nhill Hospital Committee), Marks Kozminsky (trustee & ex pres. Nhill Hospital), Matthew Lang (mayor Melbourne), John Langlands (Horsham Hospital Committee), Edward Langton MLA, Henry Langtree (Wangaratta Hospital Committee), Miss St. Clair [i.e. Sinclair-] Langley (Social Improvement, Friendly Help & Children's Aid Society/matron Collingwood Creche), Edward Laurence (sec. Ancient Order of Foresters), John Laurens MLA, Peter Learmonth (pres. Hamilton Hospital), Thomas Godfrey Leslie (sec. Eye & Ear Institution), Francis F. Levett (sec. Portland Benevolent Asylum), William Linton (house steward Colac Hospital), William R. Looker (Protestants Refuge), Jane Lord (Brunswick Ladies' Relief Society) and Alfred M. Luckie
Witnesses examined M - R: Dr E. J. McArdle (Wangaratta Hospital), Jessie McCalman (Horsham Ladies' Benevolent Society), Dr. Archibald Macdonald (Philadephia [Gippsland Hospital]), Hector A. C. Macdonald (town clerk Warrnambool), William McDonald (Nhill Hospital trustee), Mary McGillivray (correpondent boarded-out children Industrial Schools Dept.), Samuel H. McGowan (hon. treasurer Bendigo District Hospital), D. R. McGregor (treasurer Old Colonists' Association), Jonathan S. McIlroy (supt. Bendigo Benevolent Asylum), Charles McIntosh (Colac Hospital Committee), Joseph Mack (Shire sec. Warrnambool), William D. McKee (pres. Ballarat Orphan Asylum), Margaret McKenzie (correspondent Boarded-Out Children's Committee Echuca), James Mc[or Mac]Lean (shire sec. Ararat), Donald McLeod (pres. Daylesford Hospital), Alfred McLuckie (sec. Kilmore Hospital), Rev. J. K. Macmillan (Presbyterian minister Hamilton), Maria McNicol (Horsham Ladies' Benevolent Society), Rev. Allan McVean (Brunswick Ladies' Benevolent Society), Marie Gertrude Magill (Alfred Hospital), Alice Martelli (connected with Alfred, Children's & Maryborough Hospitals), Arthur W. Marwood (medical staff Geelong Hospital), Rev. George Mathers (Presbyerian minister/treasurer Swan Hill Hospital), John Maxwell (Warrnambool), Samuel May (Horsham Hospital Committee), William Meldrum (pres. Wangaratta Hospital), Dr Hubert L. Miller (Warrnambool Hospital), Robert Mitchell (Castlemaine Hospital Committee), James Monotti (sec. Daylesford Hospital), William Moore MD (Melbourne Hospital), William Moore (wardsman Swan Hill Hospital), Eliza Morley (matron Austin Hospital), David Craven Morgan (Bairnsdale Hospital), Maggie Morphet (Echuca Ladies' Benevolent Society), Edward Morris (resident Dunolly), Edith Morris (hon. sec. Nurses Home), George E. Morrison (Ballarat Hospital), Mary Muffit (matron Homeopathic Hospital), William Murphy (governor Maryborough Gaol), Rev. Thomas B. Murray (St. Vincent de Paul's Orphanage), Elizabeth Nankivell (hon. treasurer Victorian Infant Asylum), James Edward Neild (Medical Society of Vic.), Anne Neilson (matron Ballarat Hospital), Fossey J. Newman (hon. physician Geelong Hospital), Elizabeth P. Nicholls [or Nichols] (Maryborough Ladies' Benevolent Society), Elizabeth Nicholson (Committee Women's Hospital), Robert Chambers Norman (sec. Alfred Hospital), James Oddie (Ballarat), Rev. John O'Donoghue (vice-pPres. Portland Benevolent Asylum), Charles Myles Officer MLA (hon. treasurer Victorian Deaf and Dumb Institution), George Osborne (Secretary St. Arnaud Hospital), William Ottey (dispenser & house steward Castlemaine Hospital), John Owen (Geelong Homeopathic Dispensary), Thomas W. Palmer (mayor Ararat), Joseph A. Panton (stipendiary magistrate Melbourne visiting Pentridge), Henry Paterson (Secretary Dunolly Hospital), Susan Paterson (correspondent for boarded-out children Warrnambool), Paul Papenhagen (Ballarat District Hospital Committee), George William Parker (mayor Daylesford & member Hospital Committee), Henry William Partridge (Castlemaine Hospital collector), John Paull (Maldon Hospital & Benevolent Asylum Committee), John William Pemberton (sec. Wimmera Shire), Mrs E. Penberthy (St. Arnaud Ladies' Benevolent Society), Dr Henry G. Penny (Port Fairy Hospital), Rev. Charles T. Perks (Richmond Dispensary), Mary Petersen (Bairnsdale Ladies' Benevolent Society), Angela C. Piferrer (nurse Bendigo Hospital), Robert D. Pinnock (hon. surgeon Ballarat Hospital), Charles B. Playford (sec. Stawell Hospital), William S. Provan (treasurer Creswick Hospital), Jessie Purbrick (Convalescent Home Melbourne), Isabella Rathie (matron Melbourne Hospital), Hugh Rawson (vice pres. Kyneton Hospital), Dr. James Alexander Reed (Aberdeen [Gippsland Hospital]), George M. Reid (Castlemaine Hospital hon. surgeon), George R. Rippon (Hamilton Hospital Committee), Leonard Robinson (surgeon Hamilton Hospital), Thomas Rowan (British Medical Assoc. Vic. Branch), John Roycraft (Creswick Hospital), James Thomas Rudall (British Medical Assoc. Vic. Branch), Thomas Joseph Rush (pres. Kilmore Hospital), John Russell (mayor Dunolly), Charles Ryan MD, Edward Ryan (medical officer Nhill Hospital) and James P. Ryan (Medical Society of Vic.)
Witnesses examined S - Z: Henry Salmon (medical officer Ballarat Orphanage), Philip Melville Salmon (councillor Port Melbourne), Charles Salter (Ballarat city councillor), Mary Ann Samuel (Hamilton Ladies' Benevolent Asylum), Margaret Sargeant (supt. Trained Nurses Home), Caroline Serjeant (Matron Consumptive Sanitorium), Henry Scott (ex vice pres. Swan Hill Hospital), Robert Scott (ex surgeon Ballarat Hospital), Thomas Scott (surgeon Warrnambool Hospital), Wiliam Scott (founder Ballarat Orphan Asylum), William Henry Semple (Kilmore Hospital), James Service MLC, Edward Sharp (supt. Geelong Infirmary and Benevolent Asylum), Sister [M.G.] Sherlock (Girls' Orphanage South Melbourne), Agnes Shields (Committee Melbourne Women's Hospital), Charles C. Shoppee (mayor Ballarat), John Sickler (pres. Port Fairy Hospital), Emma Silcock (Deaconesses' Home), Rev. John W. Simmons (chairman Hobart Benevolent Society), John Thomas Sinclair (town clerk Stawell), Dorothy Smith (nurse Bendigo Hospital), John Charles Smith (grand sec. Independent Order of Oddfellows), Frederick Smith (sec. Geelong Protestant Orphanage), Samuel Smith (surgeon Kyneton Hospital), Barnard [i.e. Barnet] Sniders (Melbourne Jewish Philanthropic Society), William Snowball (British Medical Assoc. Vic. Branch), Abraham Solomon (chairman Dunedin Benevolent Institution), Thomas Southcombe (mayor Port Fairy Borough), Catherine Helen Spence (South Australian Children's Council), John William Springthorpe (Melbourne Hospital), David J. Stein (sec. Fire Insurance Companies Brigade), Ralph Drummond Stevenson (surgeon Daylesford Hospital), David Grieve Stobie (sec. Melbourne Benevolent Society), David Stratton (vice pres. Echuca Hospital), Rev. Charles Strong (Australian Church), Henrietta Strong (matron Alfred Hospital), James Strong (mayor Geelong), Selina Murray McDonald Sutherland (Children's Aid, Maternity Aid, & District Nursing Societies), Dr Charles S. Sutton (Ararat Hospital), Sarah Swift (Ballarat), John Henry Taylor (sec. Manchester Unity Independent Order of Oddfellows), William Telford (Creswick Hospital wardsman & dispenser), Elizabeth Testar (vice pres. Victorian Infant Asylum), Bessie Thompson (Castlemaine Ladies' Benevolent Society), James Thompson (supt. Portland Benevolent Asylum), William Thompson (vice-pres. Hamilton Hospital), John Thomson (Alfred Hospital Committee), William Thomson (pres. Kyneton Hospital), John Tobin (Maldon Hospital Committee), Charles Tolstrup (hon. sec. Castlemaine Hospital), Charles A. Topp (chairman Public Health Dept.), Mrs Patrick Turnbull (sec. Melbourne Ladies' Benevolent Society), William John G. Turner (sec. Austin Hospital), Major-General Alexander Tulloch (commandant Military Forces of Victoria), Maria Emily Vance (St. Arnaud Ladies' Benevolent Society), John William Veal (South Yarra Home [for Fallen and Friendless Women]), Harriet Walker (Ballarat Ladies' Benevolent Clothing Society), William J. Wall (sec. Shire of Belfast), Margaret Watson (head nurse Horsham Hospital), Dr James R. Webb (Stawell Hospital), John H. Webb (surgeon Melbourne Hospital), Thomas Prout Webb (master-in-Lunacy), Mrs J. F. Weickhardt (treasurer Clunes Ladies' Benevolent Society), Fanny Whelan (lady corrrespondent Boarding Out Committee [Kilmore?]), William P. Whitcombe (surgeon Ballarat), Mervyn Moss Whitton (curate St. John's Church Latrobe St.), William Wilkin (pres. Castlemaine Benevolent Asylum), Elizabeth Wilkinson (matron Geelong Orphan Asylum), Frank Williams (pres. Horsham Hospital), James Williams (sec. Melbourne Hospital), Kate Williams, Rebecca Williamson (Female Refuge of West Geelong), Stephen Williamson (mayor Stawell), Mrs Henty Wilson (Richmond and East Melbourne Benevolent Society), Patrick Clason Wilson (sec. Colac Hospital & Sec. Shire of Colac), Joseph Hines Wolfenden (surgeon Dunolly Hospital), A. Jeffreys Wood (surgeon Melbourne Hospital/Children's Hospital), Dr William S. R. Woodford (Swan Hill Hospital), George T. Woolley (mayor Castlemaine), Robert Worthington (pres. Gippsland Hospital), Robert Wreford (sec. Ballarat Orphan Asylum), Mrs A. V. Wymond (treasurer South Yarra Home for Fallen Women), John Wyse (Swan Hill Hospital Committee), Rev. Mother Mary Xavier (Convent of Mercy), Lavinia Yabsley (Ararat Dorcas Society), Richard Youl (ex City Coroner), George J. Young (Horsham Hospital) and Georgina Yule (Kyneton Ladies' Benevolent Society)
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