Report of the Board appointed to advise the government as to the best mode of developing the auriferous and mineral resources of the colony

Corporate Author: Victoria. Board Appointed to Advise the Government as to the Best Mode of Developing the Auriferous and Mineral Resources of the Colony
Other Authors: Anluce, James W. J., Arthur, Richard, Askwith, Robert, Bailey, John, Bartley, Benjamin J., Bland, Rivett Henry, 1811-1894, Blythman, R. W., Bolam, Robert, Briggs, Robert R., Brown, G. H., Bryce, David, Buchanan, James, Cherry, Thomas, Couchman, Thomas, 1831-1915, Davidson, Henry, Ellen, Thomas, Ellen, William, Ely, Albert Llewellyn, 1830-1891, Fealy, George A., Fischer, D., Fletcher, Donald, Fletcher, J., Gregory, James W., Hambleton, John, Hancock, Charles, Harris, J., Harris, Thomas H., Hollow, Joseph Thomas, 1878-1942, Howitt, Alfred William, 1830-1908, James, E., Jason, J., Keith, John, Kilgour, Andrew, Kinsman, John, Land, John, Lang, John, McGill, Edmund, McVeith, Alexander, Magee, Robert, Mahony, F. G., Main, James M., Marassovich, Matteo, Markay, James, Markay, John, Martin, Thomas, May, J. B., Mitchell, W. H., Morgan, Daniel, Mounter, David, Murdoch, Charles, Murphy, Jeremiah, Murphy, Lawrence, Murray, Reginald Augustus Frederick, 1846-1925, Newbery, James Cosmo, 1843-1895, Newman, George Martin, Ord, Maynard, Osborne, William T., Osment, Thomas, Phelp, Joseph, Radcliffe, W., Rae, James, Roberts, John Pounder, Rodgers, James, Rosales, Henry, 1820?-1916, Rowley, John, Saunders, Philip, Sawyers, John, Serjeant, Robert Malachi, 1828-1902, Sherwood, William B., Smart, Alfred, Smart, Joseph, Smith, T. Y., Speering, Charles B., Stacpoole, John, Stewart, Charles b. 1831, Stobie, David Grieve, ca. 1821-1896, Thom, A. G., Thorne, Charles, Tilt, Henry, Watson, John, Wells, Charles, Wells, James, Whitelaw, O. P., Whitford, Richard, Willson, D. G.
Published: Melbourne : John Ferres, Government Printer, 1880
Parliamentary Paper Number: Parliamentary paper (Victoria. Parliament) ; 1879-80, no. 92
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Item Description: "Presented to both Houses of Parliament by His Excellency's command"
Board: Thomas Couchman (Chairman), Rivett Henry Bland, Alfred W. Howitt. Henry Rosales and Robert Malachi Serjeant
Witnesses 15th Sept. 1879 Castlemaine: Baker, Birch, T. L. Brown (mining surveyor), James Cowlin (miner), D. Fischer, James, Mills (mine owner adjoining Rowe Brothers' claim), Morris, William T. Osborne, W. Roach, H. O. Rowe (Rowe Brothers' claim), James Rowe and H. C. Thorburn (legal manager Fryers Quartz Mining Co.)
Witnesses 17th Sept. 1879 Sandhurst: Henry Birch (legal/mining manager), Thomas Britt (mine owner Huntly), John Cock (manager Victoria Reef Gold Mines Co.), T. Cornish, Hay Kirkwood (legal manager Eaglehawk), W. H. Grainger (inspector of mines), J. A. Lewis (manager Koch's Pioneer Co.), Reginald A. F. Murray (geological surveyor), G. M. Newman (foreman of diamond drill), J. F. O'Dwyer (mining surveyor Eaglehawk), G. Thureau (mining engineer), A. F. Walker (mining surveyor Sandhurst), J. E. Wall and W. Welch (printer),
Witnesses 17th Sept. 1879 Maryborough: G. F. Beaven (mining manager Count Bismarck Co.), J. Carnegie (mining manager Bristol Hill Co.), Daniel Hamilton (miner Blucher's Reef), W. Hancock (engaged in mining), James Logan, A. Lowenstein (legal manager), H. B. Nicholas (sr. inspector of mines), William Nicholas (ex mining manager Duke Co.), W. Noel (mining manager Mariner's Reef Co. owner Mr Godfrey), D. O'Leary (mining surveyor) and A. R. Outtrim (legal manager Princess Royal Co. Mosquito Flat)
Witnesses 18th Sept. 1879 Court House Ballarat: William Benson (mining surveyor), Adam Clinton (manager Linton Park & Morey Freehold Companies), James Cotter (manager Hand and Band Co.), G. Hale (sec. Buninyong Shire Council), R. M. Harvey (mining surveyor Buninyong), J. Keith (Haddon), James Leckie (manager Prince of Wales Co.), James M. Main, P. Matthews (engineer), W. K. Peden, T. H. Richards (mining manager Nil Desperandum Co. near Mount Rowan), J. P. Roberts (manager Springdallah and Golden Belt Companies), G. C. Robinson (mining manager), J. Rogerson (manager Grand Trunk Co. Haddon), John Sharp (mining manager/engineer), T. H. Thompson (engineer/mining manager City of Ballarat Co.), Charles Thorne (Haddon), E. H. Uren (miner), John Wall (town clerk Sebastopol) and J. H. Webb (manager Haddon Extended Co.)
Committee sat 18th Sept. 1879 Craig's Hotel Ballarat but no witnesses were examined
Witnesses 19th Sept. 1879 Stawell: H. C. Bate (registrar & inspector of mines), Dr E. J. Bennett, G. B. N. Bristow (legal manager), W. F. Collings, T. Foyster (mining registrar), E[dmund] C[raigie]? Grant, J. F. Hunter, J. F. Hunter MMB., Allex Miller (miner), John Naylor (legal manager), C. T. Ord (legal manager), Maynard Ord (journalist), Mayor of Stawell (T. Y. Smith), T. Tobin (mayor Ararat), James Tuson, W. Vandrey (mining manager Newington and Pleasant Creek Co.) and E. Wattis (mining manager Prince Patrick Co.)
Witnesses 29th Oct. 1879 Beechworth: R. Arrowsmith (mining surveyor), E. Barrass, Benjamin J. Bartley, Robert Bolam & (delegate Yackandandah), Robert Briggs, Edwin Brown, D. Bryce (delegates Stanley) G. A. Fealy (delegate North Ovens Shire), C. Fraser, James W. Gregory, Charles Hancock (delegate Alexandra & Dry Creek), J. H. Harris, T. H. Harris, J. Hollow (delegate North Ovens Shire), E. James (delegates Stanley) Mr Jessop, Andrew Kilgour (pres. Shire of Chiltern), J. D. Ladd (delegate Sandy Creek), John Land, James Markay (delegate Cotton-tree Creek), D. Morgan (delegate Yackandandah), Charles Murdoch (delegate Oxley Shire Council), Lawrence Murphy, W. Radcliffe (delegate Bright), Daniel Rees (delegate Bethanga), A. Rodgers (shire engineer Wangaratta), John Rowley, W. Sherwood (delegate Harrietville), Alfred Smart, Joseph Smart (mining registrar), C. B. Speering, John Stacpoole (delegate Wood's Point), A. G. Thom, Henry Tilt (councillor Borough of Wangaratta), W. Ward (chairman Mining Board), Charles Wells and D. G. Wilson (delegate Harrietville)
Witnesses 30th Oct. 1879 Beechworth: R. Bolam (Beechworth), Dargon, Henry Davidson (mining surveyor), J. Fletcher, C. Fraser & Mr Gill (Wandiligong), J. Hambleton (miner Hurdle Flat), Joseph Hollow, A. Jessop (delegate race owners Yackandandah division), A. Jessop (Yackandandah), Lang, James McAvoy (Yackandandah), John McDermott (Yackandandah), Antonio Moglia (Yackandandah), Daniel Morgan (Yackandandah), Lawrence Murphy (Beechworth), Lawrence Murphy (petitioner from miners et al at Murmungee), A. Newton (Stanley), M. Tully (Yackandandah), W. Ward (chairman Mining Board), James Wells and W. A. Zincke (delegate water-right license owners),
Witnesses 1st Nov. 1879 Melbourne: Thomas Bury, Owen Jones (delegate burgesses of Daylesford), James McMillan (chairman Argus Co.), John Mounter (owner claim on the Sultan line), J. Cosmo Newbery, P. O'Neil, H. H. Sainsbury MP, John Sawyers (lessee Annie Laurie claim), D. G. Stobie, J. A. Wallace MLC and J. Woodcock (applied for assistance)
Includes statements and letters handed to the Board and referred to in evidence by D. Fischer, William T. Osborne, G. M. Newman (Engineer), Report on the Huntley Deep Lead by Reginald A. F. Murray (Geological Surveyor), A statement (signed by John Kinsman, J. Jason & Richard Whitford), 3 statements by James M. Main, Report by Geological Surveyor Murray as to the approximate amount of water raised by mines working on the Sebastopol Plateau, &c., &c. by Reginald A. G. Murray (Geologist), Memorial handed in by J. Keith (signed by John Keith, Alexander McVeith, James Buchanan, James W. J. Anluce, John Watson & Charles Thorne), Statement forwarded by J. P. Roberts (signed John P. Roberts, Manager Golden Belt Company), Suggestions by Mr Stewart, Inspector of Mines (signed Charles Stewart, Inspector of Mines), Report of Local Prospecting Committee Stawell (signed T.Y. Smith (mayor) chairman & Maynard Ord sec.), A letter to Mr M. Ord from J. Harris, A letter to Maynard Ord from Robert Magee, A Statement handed in by John Rowley (signed John Rowley, Chairman of Committee), A Statement handed in by John Markay (signed James Markay, Delegate), a Statement handed in by Charles Hancock, a Statement relative to Wood's Point Goldfield (signed by Jno. Bailey J.P. Mining Manager, Thomas Osment, Chairman, F. G. Mahony, R. W. Blythman, Mining Manager, James Rae, Miner, Jrh. Murphy, Thomas Cherry, Matteo Marassovich, Robt. Askwith, James Rodgers, Miners, referred to collectively as the Committee, and signed by 65 others), a Statement relative to Wood's Point Goldfield by John Stacpoole (Wood's Point Delegate), a Statement handed in by Andrew Kilgour (signed Andrew Kilgour, B. J. Bartley, Richard Arthur, Thomas Martin, Chas. B. Speering & A. G. Thom), a Statement handed in by Robert Briggs headed Approximate Statistics of the Various Leads and Quartz Reefs of the Rutherglen Goldfields by Thos. H. Harris & R. R. Briggs, A Statement handed in by J. W. Gregory headed Statistics of the Home Line of Reefs, Wandiligong by Edmd. McGill & W. H. Mitchell, a Statement handed in by W. Radcliffe by J. B. May (Manager, Bright Extended G. M. Co.), 2 Statements handed in by D. G. Willson and W. Sherwood, the 1st headed Harrietville, Buckland Divison, Ovens District signed Wm. B. Sherwood & D. G. Wilson, a Statement handed in by Joseph Smart and others by Robt. Bolam, Joseph Smart & Daniel Morgan, a Statement handed in by G. A. Fealy and J. Hollow headed Statement In Support of the Claims of the North Ovens Shire, In Connection With the Mines at Eldorado, To a Share in the Proposed Vote For Prospecting Purposes by George A. Fealy & Joseph Hollow, a Statement handed in by Charles Murdoch headed Shire of Oxley by G. H. Brown (Secretary), a Statement handed in by Henry Tilt headed Borough of Wangaratta by A. L. Ely (town clerk), a Statement forwarded by A. Smart by Alfd. Smart, For Self and Delegate), a Statement handed in by J. Lang and others by John Land, E. James & David Bryce, a Petition handed in by Lawrence Murphy by James Wells, William Ellen, Philip Saunders, Charles Wells, Joseph Phelp & Thomas Ellen, Remarks by Mining Surveyor Davidson headed Beechworth and Yackandandah Divisions by Henry Davidson (mining surveyor), a statment headed Mitta Mitta and Yackandandah Divisions by H. Davidson, Statements handed in by J. Fletcher by Lawrence Murphy M.M.B., Robert Bolam M.M.B., John Land J.P. & Donald Fletcher (Members of Committee), an untitled letter to the Commission appointed to inquire into the Present Water-right License System by Donald Fletcher, Lawrence Murphy, John Lang & Robert Bolam (Members of Committee), a Statement from John Hambleton of Hurdle Flat, a Memorandum relating to the Treatment of Pyrites by J. Cosmo Newbery, A report relative to the mines and auriferous resources in the district of Blackwood by David Mounter, David Grieve Stobie & John Sawyers (delegates appointed public meeting Red Hill, Blackwood, 27th Oct. 1879), a Letter received from the Chairman of the Gippsland Mining Board by Hy. Foster, and a Report by Mining Surveyor O. P. Whitelaw on the Omeo Deep Lead
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