Item Description: "Presented to both Houses of Parliament by His Excellency's command"
Comprises correspondence chiefly between Sir George F. Bowen (Governor of Victoria) and the Earl of Carnarvon but also from Adamson [surname only], Messrs. Dalgety, Du Croz & Co. and William Mitchell (President Legislative Council) to Sir Michael Hicks-Beach (Secretary of State for the Colonies) and Robert G. W. Herbert (Colonial Office) to Dalgety, Du Croz & Co. and Sir Michael E. Hicks-Beach to Sir George Bowen
Many of the above mentioned letters and telegrams have Enclosures or other attachments from: Alfred J. Agg, Graham Berry (Premier/Treasurer), G. F. Bowen, H. S. Chapman, C. H. Darling, Thomas Howard Fellows (Solicitor-General), J. M. Grant (Minister of Justice), George Higinbotham, Francis Jones, Peter Lalor (Commissioner of Trade and Customs), Francis Longmore (Pres. Board of Land and Works/Commissioner of Crown Lands and Survey), James Frederick Martley (Solicitor-General), Archibald Michie, W. Nicholson (regarding the opinion of Messrs. Wood and Martley), J. B. Patterson (Commissioner of Public Works), W. Collard Smith (Minister of Mines), C. H. Symonds, E. S. Symonds, Robert Le Poer Trench (Attorney-General) and J. Dennistoun Wood (Attorney-General)
Physical Description: 81p. ; 33cm.