Parliament of Victoria COVID-19 Safe Workplace Plan

Parliament of Victoria COVID-19 Safe Workplace Plan

Parliament House and 55 St Andrews Place

The Parliament of Victoria follows and complies with all pandemic orders.

Employer obligations

  • Collect and record all workers and visitors details who attend the work premises for 15 minutes or longer
  • Require employees who are unwell to stay home and request they be tested. Employees must stay home until they have their test and return a negative result.
  • Report any positive cases of coronavirus to Department of Health, WorkSafe, Health and Safety Representatives, and notify your workforce in line with the Workplace Directions.
  • Regularly clean facilities, shared spaces and provide additional cleaning supplies to employees


COVID Safe Plan

This COVID Safe Plan helps protect workers by providing a safe work environment during the COVID-19 pandemic and ensures the workplace is safe for the employees to work and for employers to proactively manage the workplace environment.

Our approach includes consultation with employees to assess and quantify risks and to implement control measures and promote safe work practices.

This plan sets out the active controls against COVID-19 transmission at work, including:

  • record collection of people attending the workplace
  • safe occupancy ratios for each workplace
  • guidelines for public health signage and workplace PPE
  • regular cleaning required in workplaces
  • provision of PPE and hygiene materials
  • notification procedures for confirmed and suspected COVID-19 incidents
  • identification of high-risk areas within the workplace
  • adherence to pandemic orders made by the Minister for Health. 


COVID Marshals

COVID-19 Marshals are responsible for monitoring compliance with a COVID Safe plan and additional industry specific obligations. It’s important to ensure the workplace is continually improving COVID Safe principles by protecting workers and the public.

COVID Management Marshals

  • Sally West — Usher of the Black Rod, Legislative Council
  • Paul Groenewegen — Assistant Clerk Procedure and Serjeant-at-Arms, Legislative Assembly
  • Sharon Friedman —Manager, Work Health and Safety, Department of Parliamentary Services
  • Paul McConville — Manager Catering and Retail Operations, Department of Parliamentary Services
  • Adam Boyd — Security Advisor, Department of Parliamentary Services

COVID Check In Marshals will be located at each entry and exit ensuring that each person who enters checks in using the Service Victoria QR code. The Presiding Officers have issued an order under section 8 of the Parliamentary Precincts Act 2001, which requires all visitors aged 16 and over to show proof of vaccination, or an exception, before they are granted entry to the Precinct.

COVID Check-in Marshals

  • Wilsons Security
  • POV Security
  • Legislative Council Attendants
  • Tours and Customer Service Unit staff

Current response to COVID-19

PPE, hygiene, and cleaning

  • Regular cleaning throughout the workplace including high-touch surfaces.
  • Alcohol based hand sanitiser distributed to all work units. Hand sanitiser stations placed at entry and exit points and throughout buildings.
  • Disposable masks provided to employees; stored at entry/exit points to buildings as well as throughout the precinct.
  • All staff working in hospitality areas wearing masks.
  • Employees provided with instructions on how to wear and dispose of masks.
  • Medical waste bins provided throughout the precinct for disposal of masks.
  • Signage and posters reminding employees about hygiene and COVID-19 displayed throughout the precinct.
  • Employees encouraged to keep workstations clean and free from clutter to ensure adequate cleaning.


Infection response

  • Signage about COVID-19 symptoms, testing and staying safe placed throughout the building.
  • Managers provided with COVID-19 incident reporting procedure
  • Employees who have been exposed to COVID-19, have a confirmed case of COVID-19, or are showing flu-like symptoms should:
    • Not report to work
    • Self-isolate immediately
    • Call the Department of Health Covid-19 Hotline on 1800 675 398 or undertake the Health Direct Symptom Checker for an initial assessment
    • Contact their manager as soon as possible
    • Follow medical advice from Department of Health.
  • All isolation and positive test result events to be recorded in Noggin (OHS incident report).
  • Managers who have employees who are self-isolating should inform People Services.
  • In the event that an employee returns a positive test result for COVID-19, Parliamentary Departments have an obligation to report to Department of Health, WorkSafe, HSRs and notify the workforce.
  • All workplaces associated with an isolated or positive test employee, to be thoroughly sanitised upon notification.
  • Should an employee test positive, the areas in which that employee has visited will be shut down immediately and thoroughly sanitised.
  • If the employee who has tested positive has visited most areas the entire building may be shut down until all areas are thoroughly sanitised.
  • In the event of an entire shut down of the building only PSOs, those cleaners responsible for sanitation and one Buildings and Grounds team member will have access to the building and/or surrounds. 



Various options will be used to communicate with members, parliamentary officers, electorate officers, parliamentary advisors, media and the public regarding Parliament’s ongoing response to COVID-19.

The COVID Sub Committee develops regular communications options at its fortnightly meeting.

The messaging aspects will contain two elements. One is ‘compliance’ which includes messages driven by safe work around building safety, physical distancing, cleanliness. The other is ‘welfare’ and responding to employee needs.

Contact details

Phone: (+61 3) 9651 8911