Innovative Learning Resources

The Parliament of Victoria takes an ongoing, innovative approach to provide learning resources for teachers and students. Existing resources have been reviewed by teachers in the field and their feedback has informed planning for refinement of those materials and the development of new resources.

Why this learning resource?

  • To engage Victorians and inspire them to increase their knowledge of Civics and Citizenship.
  • To encourage Victorians to reflect about their relationship with society.
  • To encourage visits to the Parliament of Victoria and its website.
  • To present useful and accessible information about Civics and Citizenship using digital technology.
  • To provide creative resources for teachers who are teaching Civics and Citizenship.
  • To provide authoritative material for students who wish to further their knowledge.

These online activities are designed for students in years 5 to 8. The activities explore the shared roles and responsibilities of multiple levels of government. This resource identifies examples that demonstrate how Victorian, local and Federal governments cooperate for the effective delivery of infrastructure and services to the community.

Additional learning resources are available from the Education and Community Engagement Unit at the Parliament of Victoria.