228 Votes and Proceedings



The Clerk will record all votes and proceedings of the House.



The Votes and Proceedings:




will be printed by the Government Printer, with the record of the consideration in detail of bills being printed as a supplement to the weekly Votes and Proceedings;




will list all divisions;




as signed by the Speaker and the Clerk will then be the official record of the House.

229 Reproduction of parliamentary documents


The Speaker may authorise reproduction and/or publication for educational or historical purposes, subject to any conditions the Speaker sets, of documents tabled in the House more than 30 years earlier and not ordered to be printed as parliamentary papers.[8]

230 Printing and distribution of documents


The Speaker administers the printing and distribution of documents.

231 Documents and evidence not tabled



Committee records may be transferred by the Clerk to the Public Record Office, subject to the condition that they remain the property of the House.



The Speaker, subject to paragraph (3), may permit any person to examine and copy such documents or evidence.



If the documents or evidence were accepted by the committee on a confidential or restricted basis, disclosure will not take place unless the documents or evidence have been in the custody of the House for at least 30 years and, in the opinion of the Speaker, disclosure is appropriate.



A statement of any documents or evidence disclosed under paragraph (3) must be included in the annual report of the Department of the Legislative Assembly.