183 When strangers not allowed


Only the Speaker may admit a stranger onto the floor of the Chamber. While the House is sitting, a member must not bring a stranger into any part of the House that is set aside for members.

184 Withdrawal of strangers


During any sitting, the Chair may order strangers to withdraw from any part of the House. In addition, a member may move 'That strangers be ordered to withdraw'. Such a motion must be put immediately without amendment or debate

185 Discipline of strangers


The Serjeant-at-Arms may take into custody a stranger who:



 Is, without the Speaker's authority, in any part of the Chamber reserved for the members of the House;



Having been admitted to any part of the Chamber or gallery, misbehaves or does not withdraw when strangers are directed to withdraw;



Wilfully interrupts the business of the House;



Obstructs the approaches to the Chamber; or



Creates a disturbance within the precincts of the Chamber

186 Discharge of a person arrested


No person who has been either arrested or committed on order of the House can be discharged without the express direction of the House or on direction of the Speaker, who must report that matter to the House.