171 Orders for documents and records



Documents and records in any form may be ordered to be produced to the House and the Clerk will communicate the order accordingly.



When such documents and records are received they will be tabled by the Clerk

172 Documents from the Governor


When the royal prerogative is concerned in any document required by the House, an address will be presented to the Governor requesting that the document is tabled in the House.

173 Other methods of tabling documents


Other documents may be presented under any Act of Parliament or by command of the Governor.

174 Documents presented by member


When a member presents a document, he or she must bring it up from the Bar when directed by the Speaker and give it to the Clerk.

175 Documents to be given to Clerk


A document that is to be tabled in the House under any Act of Parliament, or by order of the House, must be delivered to the Clerk. The Clerk will table the document and will read a list of such documents.

176 Documents not presented under an Act


The House may give leave for a member to table a document which is not being presented under the authority of an Act. On presentation such a document is deemed to be tabled without a question being put.

177 Publishing of documents


The House may order a document to be published. 

177A Operation of Acts — Proclamations

The Clerk will table copies of procalmations of the Govenor in Council fixing dates for the coming into operation of Acts, as published in the Government Gazette.