Select Committee on Public Land Development

Public Hearings

pdf Chiquita.pdf 46.10 Kb Completed Public Hearings

Date / Venue




26 September 2007

Meeting Room,
East Kew Uniting Church,
142 Normanby Road,
East Kew

Mr Andrew McIntosh MP
State Member for Kew

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Boroondara Residents' Action Group and Planning Backlash
Mr Jack Roach, Acting President

 Corrected Transcript.pdf 20.58 Kb
Boroondara City Council
Cr Phillip Healey - Mayor
Mr Phillip Storer - Acting CEO
Mr Tom Harrington - Acting Manager, Strategic Planning
 Corrected Transcript.pdf 74.50 Kb
Kew Cottages Parents' Association
Ms Louise Godwin, Executive Officer
Mr Leo Waterfall, President
 Corrected Transcript.pdf 48.45 Kb

Kew Cottages Coalition
Mr Brian Walsh - President
Mr Don Anderson
Mr Max Jackson
Mr Geoff Harris

 Documents presented by Mr Brian Walsh.pdf 3.44 Mb
 Video Presentation from Ms Anne Brewer.wmv 9.52 Mb
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27 September 2007

Devilbend Golf Club,
Loders Road, Moorooduc


Mornington Shire Council
Mr Alex Atkins, Director - Sustainable Environment

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Devilbend Foundation
Ms Jan Oliver - President
Mr Roger Richards - Vice President
Dr Brian Cuming - Member
Mr Jamie Edgerton - Member

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Devilbend Landcare Group
Mr Roger Turner - Chairman
Ms Maria Clarkson - Treasurer
Mr Jamie Edgerton - Member
Mrs Susan Todd - Member

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Mr Neale Burgess MP
State Member for Hastings

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8 October 2007

Legislative Council Committee Room
Parliament House

Walker Corporation
Mr John Hughes, Managing Director
Mr Mike Randall, Development Manager

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29 October 2007

Legislative Council Committee Room
Parliament House

Department of Treasury and Finance
Ms Trudy Hart, Director of Land and Property Group
Mr Ian Gibson, Solicitor to Treasury and Finance
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 Answers to Questions on notice.pdf 453.03 Kb





7 November 2007

Recreation Reserve Hall,
Desailey Street,
Port Campbell

Sahara J Enterprises
Mr Russell Brown, Geotechnical Engineer
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Port Campbell Community Group
Dr Marion Manifold
 Opening Statement.pdf 7.56 Mb  Corrected Transcript.pdf 90.01 Kb
Warrnambool Golf Club
Mr Gary Parsons, Club Secretary
Mr Brian Callaghan
Mr Steven Lucas
 Corrected Transcript.pdf 32.31 Kb
Corangamite Shire
Ms Sophie Segafredo, Manager, Strategic Planning and Environment
 Corrected Transcript.pdf 69.43 Kb
Port Campbell Environment Group
Dr Helen Arundel
 Opening Statement.pdf 774.75 Kb  Corrected Transcript.pdf 84.40 Kb
Ms Julie Brazier, local resident  Opening Statement.pdf 2.77 Mb  Corrected Transcript.pdf 84.40 Kb
Port Campbell Fisherman's Association
Ms Marion Gordon, Secretary
 Opening Statement.pdf 557.90 Kb  Corrected Transcript.pdf 84.40 Kb

Protectors of Public Land
Ms Julianne Bell, Secretary

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 Additional Submission.pdf 1.70 Mb
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8 November 2007

Apollo Bay Hotel Function Room,
95 Great Ocean Road
Apollo Bay

Mr Neil Longmore, Barrister and Solicitor  Opening Statement.pdf 2.09 Mb  Corrected Transcript.pdf 48.64 Kb
Colac Otway Shire
Mr Mike Barrow, Manager, Economic Development
 Corrected Transcript.pdf 58.80 Kb
Apollo Bay and Kennett River Public Reserves Committee
Mr Gary McPike, General Manager
 Opening Statement.pdf 3.04 Mb  Corrected Transcript.pdf 47.64 Kb
Otway Forum
Mr John Spencer
 Opening Statement.pdf 3.01 Mb  Corrected Transcript.pdf 45.93 Kb
Otway Forum
Mr Neil McGain
 Corrected Transcript.pdf 16.76 Kb
Mr Edward Stuckey, local resident  Opening Statement.pdf 1.22 Mb  Corrected Transcript.pdf 26.80 Kb

Mr Harry Ferrier, local resident

 Corrected Transcript.pdf 44.16 Kb

19 November 2007

Legislative Council Committee Room
Parliament House

Department of Sustainability & Environment
Mr Peter Harris - Secretary
Ms Caroline Douglas - Director - Public Land Use & Development
Mr Maurice Grealy - Senior Project Officer
pdf DSE.pdf 182.36 Kb

Municipal Association of Victoria
Ms Liz Johnstone - Senior Planning Adviser,
Ms Lisel Thomas - Melbourne 2030 Liaison Officer

pdf MAV.pdf 58.70 Kb




27 November 2007

Legislative Council Committee Room
Parliament House

Department of Planning and Community Development
Mr Yehudi Blacher, Secretary
Ms Genevieve Overell, General Manager - Planning, Heritage and Urban Design - Planning and Local Government Group
pdf MAV.pdf 58.70 Kb
Hon Alan Hunt, former President of the Legislative Council and former Minister for Planning pdf Hunt.pdf 51.33 Kb
Interface Councils
Mr J. Francis - Director - Corporate and Economic Development, City of Whittlesea
Mr D. Jackson - Coordinator - Strategic Planning, City of Whittlesea
pdf Interface.pdf 35.83 Kb

Save our Suburbs
Mr Ian Quick

pdf SOS.pdf 58.92 Kb


28 November 2007

Legislative Council Committee Room
Parliament House

City of Moonee Valley
Cr Rose Iser
Mr Jeremy Wood, Group Manager – City Development
pdf Moonee_Valley.pdf 61.82 Kb
Green Wedges Coalition
Ms Rosemary West, Joint Coordinator
pdf Green_Wedges.pdf 70.17 Kb

Frankston City Council
Mr Michael Craighead, Manager - Governance and Customer Relations

pdf Frankston.pdf 38.87 Kb

13 December 2007

Legislative Council Committee Room
Parliament House

Tourism Victoria
Mr Greg Hywood, Chief Executive
Mr Brad Ostermeyer, General Manager - Tourism Investment
pdf Tourism_Vic.pdf 52.52 Kb

Mirvac Group
Mr Richard Altson, Director - Property Aquisitions

pdf Mirvac.pdf 39.32 Kb



30 January 2008

Legislative Council Committee Room
Parliament House

Professor Catherin Bull
Professor of Landscape Architecture & Associate Dean (Research and Research Training), Melbourne University
pdf Prof Bull.pdf 54.24 Kb
Parks Victoria
Mr Mark Stone, Chief Executive
pdf Parks Victoria.pdf 42.11 Kb
National Trust
Dr Juliet Bird, Chair, Landscape Committee
Mr Rob Youl, Member, Landscape Committee
pdf National Trust.pdf 62.98 Kb

City of Stonnington
Councillor Claude Ullin, Mayor
Mr Hadley Sides, Chief Executive Officer
Mr Harry Polydorou, Project Planner

pdf City of Stonnington.pdf 64.59 Kb


31 January 2008

Legislative Council Committee Room
Parliament House

City of Greater Dandenong
Mr Mal Baker, Director, City Development;
Ms Lynette While, Manager, Property Leisure & Accessibility
pdf City of Greater Dandenong.pdf 47.27 Kb
Associate Professor Mardie Townsend
School of Health and Social Development, Deakin University
pdf Assoc Prof Townsend.pdf 42.23 Kb
Department of Infrastructure
Mr Howard Ronaldson, Secretary
pdf DOI.pdf 95.48 Kb
Mr Peter Carroll pdf Carroll.pdf 86.08 Kb

Mr Greg Holt, Chief Executive Officer

pdf VicTrack.pdf 61.76 Kb




13 February 2008

Caulfield Cup Room
Glen Eira Council
Cnr Glen Eira & Hawthorn Rds, Caulfield

Melbourne Racing Club
Mr Brian Discombe, Development Manager
Mr Glen Canty, Administration Manager
pdf MRC.pdf 70.63 Kb
Glen Eira Council
Cr Margaret Esakoff, Deputy Mayor
Mr Andrew Newton, Chief Executive Officer
Mr Jeff Akhurst, Director - City Development
pdf Glen Eira Council.pdf 47.30 Kb
Caulfield Racecourse Trustees
The Hon Tom Reynolds
Mr Greg Sword
Mr Peter LeGrand
pdf Caulfield Racecourse Reserve Trustees.pdf 51.25 Kb
Mr Peter Brohier pdf Brohier.pdf 31.32 Kb
Glen Eira Residents Association
Mr Jack Campbell
pdf GERA.pdf 36.26 Kb
Glen Eira Community Association
Mr Don Dunstan, President
Ms Cheryl Forge
pdf GECA.pdf 23.41 Kb

Mr Frank Penhalluriack

pdf Penhalluriack.pdf 33.09 Kb




5 March 2008

City of Port Phillip
Town Hall

City of Port Phillip
Mr David Spokes, C.E.O.
Mr Geoff Oulton, Director, City Development
pdf City of Port Phillip.pdf 103.27 Kb
Unchain St.Kilda
Mr Peter Holland
Mr John Bennetts
Mr Don Gazzard
pdf Unchain StKilda.pdf 78.58 Kb
Esplanade Alliance
Ms Helen Halliday
Ms Faith Fitzgerald
pdf Esplanade Alliance.pdf 54.32 Kb

Mr David Brand

pdf Brand.pdf 59.34 Kb

Mr David Carruthers

pdf Carruthers.pdf 57.39 Kb


17 March 2008

Coburg Civic Centre,
90 Bell Street,

Cr Andrea Sharam pdf Sharam.pdf 36.78 Kb
Moreland City Council
Mr Peter Brown, Chief Executive
Mr David Dunstan, Manager - Open Space
pdf Moreland City Council.pdf 53.75 Kb
Ms Anne Sgro pdf Sgro.pdf 23.56 Kb
Merri and Edgars Creek Parkland Group
Mr Greg Carden, Chairperson
pdf MECPG.pdf 23.98 Kb

Moreland Bicycle Users Group
Mr Ross Millward

pdf MBUG.pdf 26.85 Kb




18 March 2008

National Wool Museum,
26 Moorabool Street,

Save Barwon Heads Alliance
Ms Elissa Ashton-Smith, Secretary
Mr Steve Wickham, Vice President
pdf SBHA.pdf 50.37 Kb
Queenscliffe Community Association
Ms Chrinstine Johnson
Ms Joan Kenwood
pdf Queenscliffe Community Assoc.pdf 44.34 Kb
Victorian Coastal Council
Ms Libby Mears, Chair
pdf Victorian Coastal Council.pdf 61.42 Kb
Friends of Bellarine Hills
Ms Gillian Walker
pdf Friends of Bellarine Hills.pdf 35.87 Kb
Borough of Queenscliffe
Cr Pat Semmens, Mayor
pdf Borough of Queenscliffe.pdf 47.93 Kb

City of Geelong
Mr Aaron Garret, Project Development Planner
Mr Dean Frost, General Manager - Community Infrastructure and Recreation
Mr B Renouf, Sustainability Officer - Environment Unit

pdf City of Greater Geelong.pdf 56.82 Kb





3 April 2008

Legislative Council Committee Room
Parliament House

Royal Park Protection Group
Ms Julianne Bell - Convenor
Mr Tom Pikusa
pdf Royal Park Protection Group.pdf 48.81 Kb
West of Elgar Residents Association
Ms Elizabeth Meredith - Community Contact
Dr Terry Randle - Gardiners Creek community Group Spokesperson & Member of WERA
pdf WERA.pdf 46.60 Kb
Deakin University
Mr Mark Naughton - Planning and Property Partners
Mr Graeme Dennehy - Chief Operating Officer
Mr Paul Farley - Interim Director Facilities Management
Ms Yvonne Yip - Acting Manager Asset Development
pdf Deakin.pdf 69.37 Kb
Friends of Chicquita Park
Ms Cathy Jeddou
pdf Chiquita.pdf 46.10 Kb
Carlton Residents Assoc & Carlton Gardens Group
Ms Margaret O'Brien - Convenor, CGG
Ms Anne Ritter - Gardens rep, CRA
pdf Carlton.pdf 50.26 Kb
City of Melbourne
Mr Rob Adams, Director, City Design and Urban Environment
pdf Melbourne.pdf 33.42 Kb
Residents 3000
Mr Peter Matthews – President
pdf Residents_3000.pdf 17.59 Kb
Protectors of Public Land
Ms Julianne Bell - Secretary
Mr Tom Pikusa
pdf Protectors of Public Land.pdf 39.83 Kb

Ms Heidi Victoria MP - Member for Bayswater
Mr Paul Cleaves

pdf Victoria.pdf 50.21 Kb



21 April 2008

Legislative Council Committee Room
Parliament House

Mr Gary Liddle – Chief Executive
pdf VicRoads.pdf 76.08 Kb
Point Lonsdale Coastal Spaces Group
Mr David Mitchell
pdf PLCSG.pdf 81.39 Kb
City of Boorondara
Cr Coral Ross, Mayor
Cr Jack Wegman
Mr Philip Storer – Director, City Planning
Mr Johann Rajaratnam – Manager, Strategic Planning
pdf City of Booroondara.pdf 93.71 Kb

Boorondara Residents Action Group
Mr Jack Roach – Acting President

Planning Backlash

Ms Mary Drost – Convenor

pdf BRAG.pdf 49.80 Kb
20 May 2008

Legislative Council Committee Room
Parliament House
Citta Property Group
Mr Stephen McMillan - Managing Director
pdf Citta.pdf 82.40 Kb

22 May 2008

K Room
Parliament House

Hon. Justin Madden, Minister for Planning pdf Madden.pdf 107.44 Kb
Hon.Theo Theophanous, Minister for Major Projects pdf Theophanous.pdf 89.26 Kb

23 June 2008

Legislative Council Committee Room
Parliament House

Mr Gavin Jennings, Minister for Environment and Climate Change pdf Minister for Environment.pdf 115.88 Kb

27 June 2008

Legislative Council Committee Room
Parliament House

Melbourne 2030 Expert Audit Group
Prof Rob Moodie, Chair
Mr David Whitney
Mr Michael Wright QC
pdf Melb 2030 Audit Group.pdf 107.62 Kb
Friends of the Zoos
Ms Christina Dennis, President
pdf Friends of Zoo.pdf 32.95 Kb

Mr Maurice Schinkel

pdf Schinkel.pdf 35.97 Kb

30 June 2008

Legislative Council Committee Room
Parliament House

Kew Cottages Coalition
Mr Brian Walsh, President
Dr Lindsay Grayson

pdf KCC.pdf 72.31 Kb


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