Select Committee on Gaming Licensing

Public Hearings

Hearings held to date:

3 August 2007

Ms Penny Armytage, Secretary - Department of Justice

Ross Kennedy, Executive Director - Office of Gaming and Racing, Department of Justice

Alan Clayton, Director - Gambling Licences Review, Department of Justice

Garth Lampe, Former Director Gambling Licences Review, Department of Justice

16 August 2007

Professor Ian Dunn, Chair
Victorian Commission for Gambling Regulation

Mr Peter Cohen, Executive Commissioner
Victorian Commission for Gambling Regulation

28 August 2007

Mr Harry Boon, Chairman - Tattersall's Limited

Mr Dick McIlwain, Chief Executive - Tattersall's Limited

Mr Michael Mangos, General Manager, External Communications- Tattersall's Limited

Mr Ray Gunston, Investor Relations & CFO - Tattersall's Limited

29 August 2007

Mr Peter Kerr - Former Tattersall's Trustee

Mr Raymond Hornsby - Former Tattersall's Trustee

30 August 2007

Mr Anthony Sheehan, Director - Intralot

Mr Geoff Walsh, Executive Director - Pitcher Partners Consulting

Mr Duncan Fischer, Former Tattersall's Chief Executive

17 September 2007

Mr Danny Pearson, Director - Hawker Britton

Hon David White, Director - Hawker Britton

24 October 2007 Mr Adrian Nelson, Former Tattersall's Employee
11 December 2007

Department of Justice
Ms Penny Armytage - Secretary
Mr Ross Kennedy - Director, Office of Gaming and Racing
Mr Micheil Brodie - Director, Gambling Policy and Research
Mr Alan Clayton - Project Director, Gambling Licences Review

Tattersall's Limited
Mr Frank Makryllos, Chief Executive - Tatts Pokies
Mr Andrew Birks, Responsible Gambling Manager

Clubs Victoria
Ms Margaret Kearney - Executive Director

Tabcorp Limited
Mr Elmer Funke Kupper - Managing Director and CEO

Victorian Commission for Gambling Regulation
Mr Ian Dunn - Chair
Mr Peter Cohen - Executive Commissioner

11 February 2008

Macedon Ranges Shire Council (Submission 42)
Cr John Connor
Dr Lorraine Beyer, Social Planning Co-ordinator

City of Moreland (Submission 29)
Ms May Hader

12 February 2008

Responsible Gaming Networks (Submission 28)
Mr Phil Ryan, Chief Executive

Council of Gamblers Help Services (Submission 20)
Ms Wendy Sengotta, Executive Officer
Mr Chris Freethy, Member

Chrysalis Insight (Submission 24)
Ms Gabriela Byrne, Chair
Mr Tim Falkiner, Barrister

Victorian Council of Social Services (Submission 31)
Ms Cath Smith, Chief Executive
Ms Marilyn Webster, Vice-President
Assoc. Prof Linda Hancock

Grandparent's Victoria (Submission 16)
Mrs Anne McLeish, Director
Mrs Helen Brown
Mrs June Smith

Duty of Care (Submission 36)
Ms Sue Pinkerton, Secretary
Ms Elizabeth Mitchell, Vice-President

City of Greater Geelong (Submission 47)
Cr Jan Farrell
Ms Lisa Armstrong-Rowe, Community Development Officer
Mr Terry Demeo, Manager - Planning Strategy

18 February 2008

Dr Charles Livingstone ( Submission 10 - Part A, B)

Mr Anthony Sheehan, Director

Dr James Doughney (Submission 19 - Part A, B, C, D)

Department of Planning and Community Development
Mr Yehudi Blacher, Secretary
Mr Damian Ferrie, Executive Director - Community Programs and Volunteers
Mr Stephen Gregory, Chief Financial Officer

City of Darebin (Submission 40)
Mr Roderick McIvor, Manager - Social Policy

3 March 2008

Salvation Army (Submission 27)
Major Brad Halse
Mr Tim McCorriston

InterChurch Gaming Taskforce (Submission 26)
Mr Mark Zirnsak, Chair
Mr Brent Lyons-Lee
Major Brad Halse
Rev Margaret Burt
Mr Mark Clarke

Problem Gambling Foundation of New Zealand
Mr John Stansfield, CEO

AMC Convergent IT (Submission 15)
Mr John Szymanski
Mr John Flanagan

Regis Controls (Submission 35 - Part A, B, C)
Mr Elik Szewach, Chief Executive
Ms Lisa Horten, Director

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