Select Committee on Gaming Licensing


Public Consultation

The Committee has received the following written submissions to the inquiry. (Some files are scanned from paper submissions and will not be able to be read by screen readers. Please contact the committee for access to this information)

1. Tom Wilson, individual (PDF 584Kb)

2. Tattersall's Pty Ltd (PDF 786Kb)

3. City of Kingston (PDF 4.5Mb)

4. Lotteries Agents' Association of Victoria (PDF 2240Kb)

5. Mildura Rural City Council (PDF 351Kb)

6. Maroondah City Council (PDF 240Kb)

7. National Trust (PDF 1020Kb)

8. Hobsons Bay City Council (PDF 59Kb)

9. Indigo Shire Council (PDF 196Kb)

10. Dr Charles Livingstone, Department of Health Sciences, Monash University (PDF 37Kb) Part B (1.8Mb)

11. Geelong Catholic Social Justice Committee (PDF 39Kb)

12. The Australian Family Association (PDF 276Kb)

13. City of Melbourne (PDF 632Kb)

14. City of Yarra (PDF 307Kb)

15. AMC Convergent IT (PDF 1.1Kb)

16. Grandparents Victoria (PDF 2447Kb)

17. Jennifer Borrell, Social Research Consultant, Borderlands Cooperative (PDF 40Kb)

18. Moonee Valley City Council (PDF 44Kb)

19. Dr James Doughney, Victoria University

20. The Council of Gambler's Help Services (PDF 111Kb)

21. Chris Cullinan, individual (PDF 3557Kb)

22. City of Whitehorse (PDF 3129Kb)

23. City of Greater Dandenong (PDF 123Kb)

24. Chrysalis Insight Inc. (PDF 143Kb)

25. Financial and Consumer Rights Council Inc. (PDF 158Kb)

26. InterChurch Gambling Taskforce (PDF 308Kb)

27. The Salvation Army Australia Southern Territory (PDF 80Kb)

28. Responsible Gaming Networks (PDF 163Kb)

29. Moreland City Council (PDF 1.4Mb)

30. Australian Hotels & Hospitality Association Inc. (PDF 102Kb)

31. Victorian Council of Social Services (PDF 187Kb)

32. Department of Justice (PDF 925Kb) Appendices to the Department of Justice submission:

33. Tabcorp (PDF 2.8Mb)

34. Wyndham City Council (PDF 781Kb)

35. Regis Controls Pty Ltd (PDF 112Kb) Presentation (PDF 176Kb) Patent (PDF 1.9Mb)

36. Duty of Care (PDF 121Kb)

37. City of Boroondara (PDF 3.1Mb)

38. Brimbank City Council (PDF 570Kb) Covering Letter (PDF 58Kb)

39. Mitchell Shire Council (PDF 1.6Mb)

40. City of Darebin (2.8Mb)

41. Local Governance Association of Victoria (185Kb)

42. Macedon Ranges Shire Council (162Kb)

43. Municipal Association of Victoria (476Kb)

44. Good Shepherd Youth and Family Services (81Kb)

45. City of Casey (78Kb)

46. Cardinia Shire Council (85Kb)

47. City of Greater Geelong (56Kb)

48. Australian Newsagents' Federation (2.4Mb)

49. City of Whittlesea (330Kb)

50. City of Hume (11.7Mb)

51. Local Government Working Group on Gambling (31Kb) Part B (373Kb)

52. Swan Hill Rural City Council (1.2Mb)

Last Updated on Friday, 18 June 2010