Scrutiny of Legislation Conference


“Parliamentary Scrutiny – Looking to the Future”

In light of the present circumstances the Scrutiny Conference has been postponed. Further advice will be provided in due course.


To be advised.


Parliament House, Melbourne, Victoria

Conference overview

Delegates from the Federal, State, Territory and New Zealand parliamentary committees are invited to Parliament House in Melbourne, Victoria, to discuss the past, present and future of parliamentary scrutiny. Representatives from overseas parliamentary committees are most welcome.

The Scrutiny of Legislation Conference strengthens the commitment to parliamentary scrutiny across various jurisdictions. It supports the checks and balances processes which are of fundamental importance to the law making process.

At the seminar to mark the tenth anniversary of the Senate Standing Committee for the Scrutiny of Bills, Senator Barney Cooney stated:

“Since its inception, the Committee has operated on the basis that it keeps party politics at bay … Often what is involved is the balance to be struck between the public interest in preserving individual rights against the public interest in meeting community needs … The Parliament is the institution best placed to balance these interests. It is the Committee’s role to highlight these issues…”

Further information

See the Conference flyer, or contact:

Phone: 03 8682 2800