Review of the Victorian Charter of Human Rights and Responsibilities Act 2006

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The Charter requires the Attorney-General to cause a review of the first four years of its operation to be undertaken. The Attorney-General has requested the Committee to undertake this review.

Written submissions are now invited by the Committee against the following terms of reference questions –

1. Whether the Charter should include additional human rights under the Charter, including but not limited to, rights under the –

(a) International Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights;

(b) Convention on the Rights of the Child; and

(c) Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination against Women?

2. Whether the right to self-determination should be included in the Charter?

3. Whether there should be mandatory regular auditing of public authorities to assess compliance with human rights?

4. Whether the Charter should include further provisions with respect to legal proceedings that may be brought or remedies that may be awarded in relation to acts or decisions of public authorities made unlawful by the Charter?

5. What have been the effects of the Charter Act on –

(a) the development and drafting of statutory provisions;

(b) the consideration of statutory provisions by Parliament;

(c) the provision of services, and the performance of other functions, by public authorities;

(d) litigation and the roles and functioning of courts and tribunals; and

(e) the availability to Victorians of accessible, just and timely remedies for infringements of rights?

6. What have been the overall benefits and costs of the Charter?

7. What options are there for reform or improvement of the regime for protecting and upholding rights and responsibilities in Victoria?

Submissions should be addressed to Mr Edward O’Donohue MLC, Chairperson, Scrutiny of Acts and Regulations Committee and sent to –

Parliament of Victoria,
Melbourne Vic 3002

or by email (with position, name and address) to:

The closing date for submissions is Friday 1 July 2011.

Further information is available from the Committee’s Senior Legal Adviser, Mr Andrew Homer on (03) 8682 2891 or the above email.


The Scrutiny of Acts and Regulations Committee is calling for submissions for its Review of the Victorian Charter of Human Rights and Responsibilites Act 2006. Guidelines for submissions to this inquiry have been prepared by the Committee and are availalble here pdf PDF 174 Kb  rtf RTF 84 Kb


On 19 April 2011 the Committee received terms of reference to review the Charter of Human Rights and Responsibilities Act 2006 on the first four years of the Charter's operation. See pdf Victorian Government Gazette, S 128  bytes


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