Re-Member (Former Members)

The default operator between fields is AND.

You can also refine your search by using OR and NOT (e.g. grazier OR farmer NOT pastoralist or (geelong OR melbourne) AND company)), and an asterisk for right-truncation (e.g. manage* to match manage, manages, manager, management etc.)

Searching for names can be done in the same way as keyword searches.

You can browse by last name by selecting the Browse Member menu option. Another method of browsing is to use truncation, (e.g.) type H* to match any names beginning with H (last name or first name).

Dates can be treated as normal text searches (e.g. 1970 NOT December ). Months must be written our in full e.g. January. Single digit dates must have a leading zero e.g. 06 instead of just 6.

The brief list of results can be sorted by name (alphabetically), or by start date (descending) by choosing the sort option and clicking the Sort button.