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Sir Alexander James Peacock

Alexander James Peacock

11 June 1861 (Creswick, Victoria)
07 October 1933 (Creswick)
James Henry and Mary
Millie Gertrude Holden; no children
Legal manager of mining companies
Church of England
Creswick Grammar School from 1871
Passed civil service examination 1874 and was a teacher at the school Jan 1877-June 1881; worked briefly in Melbourne, then entered a legal manager's office Creswick; established own business, extending to Ballarat and Melbourne and was manager of the Madame Berry and Berry Consuls gold mining companies. Prominent in Aust. Natives' Association, president 1885-1887, 1893-1894; carried Factories Act 1896; delegate to Federal Convention, Adelaide 1897. KCMG 1902. His brother, Andrew, was archdeacon of the Otway. His wife was elected MLA for Allendale Nov 1933 following his death.;
Liberal Party
National Party
Clunes and Allandale
1st Apr 1889
1st May 1904
1st Jun 1904
1st Oct 1933

*The Start date for Members elected after 1900 is the date they were elected. The start date for pre-1900 Members is the date they were sworn in.

Inaugural Speech
4 June 1889, Liberal, Assembly, Clunes and Allandale
Minister without office 5 Nov 1890-16 Feb 1892
Minister Public Instruction 16 Feb 1892-23 Jan 1893
Postmaster-general 15 Nov 1892-23 Jan 1893
Chief secretary and minister Public Instruction 27 Sept 1894-5 Dec 1899
Chief secretary and minister Labour 19 Nov 1900-12 Feb 1901
Premier, treasurer and minister Labour 12 Feb 1901-10 June 1902
Chief secretary and minister Labour 22 Feb 1907-20 Oct 1908
Minister Public Instruction, vice-president Board Land & Works and minister Labour 19 Feb 1913-9 Dec 1913
Minister Public Instruction and minister Labour 22 Dec 1913-18 June 1914
Premier and treasurer 18 June 1914-29 Nov 1917
Mim. Labour 18 June 1914-10 Aug 1915, 9 Nov 1915-29 Nov 1917
Minister Public Instruction, minister Labour, minister Forests and vice-president Board Land & Works 4 Nov 1920-28 Apr 1924
Premier, treasurer and minister Labour 28 Apr 1924-18 July 1924
Treasurer, minister Public Instruction and minister Labour 18 Nov 1924-20 May 1927
Speaker 1928-1933
Royal commission gold mining 1889, constitutional reform 1894
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Initial Data Source
Thomson, K & Serle, G, 'A Biographical Register of the Victorian Legislature 1851-1900', ANU Press, 1972
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