Terms of Reference

On 3 June 2003, the Parliament of Victoria has referred to the Education and Training Committee a reference to inquire into, consider and report on the suitability of current pre-service teacher training courses, including:

  1. future requirements of such courses to train teachers appropriate for future schooling; and
  2. the particular training needs and arrangements for mature-age entrants from other professions - and, in conducting the inquiry, the Committee is to:
    1. determine the range and nature of pre-service teacher training courses within Victoria and the variation among these courses in areas of contact and practicum time, and in course focus on content and pedagogy;
    2. examine a range of pre-service teacher training courses across Australia and internationally, focussing on how these courses differ and how they meet the needs of teachers and education systems for the 21st century;
    3. determine the skills and knowledge required of teachers, and therefore of pre-service teacher training courses, in response to reflect the changing nature of education in the 21st century;
    4. examine issues related to attracting people from other professions to become qualified teachers in Victoria; and
    5. make recommendations on specific requirements for pre-service teacher training courses, based on the skills and knowledge required of teachers in the 21st century and to support increased entry of mature-age entrants from other professions.

By resolution of the Legislative Assembly

Dated: 3 June 2003

A report was tabled on 28 February 2005