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Bruce Albert Edward Skeggs

Bruce Albert Edward Skeggs

11 October 1932 (Sydney, New South Wales)
21 March 2013 (Rosanna, Victoria)
Albert Edward, director, and Ethel Chown, musician
8 Sept 1958 Evelyn Alison Gronn; 2s. 2d.
Trotting commentator, journalist and publisher
Church of England
Cremorne and Katoomba (New South Wales), Flinders Park and Walkerville public schools (SA), Nailsworth High School (SA)
Trotting commentator 1948-1982, official Trotting Control Board Vic. commentator 1955-1982, called 20 inter-dominion championships, world record 34 000 trotting calls, Aust. and overseas; official commentator Royal Agric. Society Vic. 1952-1982; journalist Argus and Farm and Home 1950-1956; founding editor TV Week 1956-1960; professional vocalist stage and radio; established Cabon Publishing Company Pty Ltd 1960, chairman and managing director; editor and publisher Year Book of Aust. Trotting 1960-1961; editor Aust. Trotting Register 1960- ; member Austin Hospital Board 1970-1983, chairman fundraising and public relations committee 1972-1983; secretary British Commonwealth Day Movement 1972- ; chairman World Publicity and Promotions committee International Trotting Association 1972- ; honorary public relations director Aust. Trotting Council and Inter-Dominion Trotting Council 1973- ; member Middle Yarra Advisory Council 1973-1982; chairman John Newman Morris Hostel for Paraplegics Board 1973-1979; active various local organisations; member United Grand Lodge Board of Benevolence 1977- , president 1982-1984 and director of public relations 1984- ; member Royal Freemasons Home Board 1980- ; alternate member Anglican synod 1979-1984 and member management committee chaplaincy Department. Melbourne diocese 1980- ; Rotarian; president Freedom Coalition 1984- .;
Liberal Party
Party Note
Member state executive 1960-1973, secretary and treasurer Liberal Speakers Group 1961-1971, president 1971-1976, secretary Fawkner Park branch and Fawkner (fed.) electorate committee 1962-1970, political commentator 3XY 1963-1974, chairman Batman (fed.) electorate committee 1969-1973, president Heidelberg branch 1972-1973, 1982- , sought Ivanhoe preselection 1983
19th May 1973
1st Feb 1982
1st Oct 1988
29th Mar 1996

*The Start date for Members elected after 1900 is the date they were elected. The start date for pre-1900 Members is the date they were sworn in.

Inaugural Speech
19 September 1973, Liberal, Assembly, Ivanhoe
26 October 1988, Liberal, Council, Templestowe
Other seats contested
Batman (fed.) 1961, 1963, 1966
Trustee Cos Bill committee 1973-1974. Library committee 1976-1979. Statute Law Revision committee 1976-1982. House Committee 1988-1996. Deputy Chairman, Scrutiny of Acts and Regulations Committee 1992-1996.
Author of Golden Jubilee History St George's Anglican Church East Ivanhoe 1979.
Who's Who in Australia 1974-1980; Victorian Parliamentary Handbook; 'Notable Australians', Melbourne, 1978.; Age, SNP 16 Jan 1982; Heidelberger 3 Mar 1982; Doncaster Mirror 23 Mar 1982, 7 June 1982; Herald 6 and 10 Oct 1983; personal information
Initial Data Source
Browne, G, 'Biographical Register of the Victorian Parliament 1900-84', 1985
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