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Thomas William Roper

Thomas William Roper

Chatswood, New South Wales
T. J. Roper, truck driver and clerk, and C. F. Roper (Gunn)
Relationship, 1s. (1) 20 July 1968 Marilyn Ann Joyce, 2d. (2) 14 September 1991 Anita Michele Shulz.
University tutor
State schools, North Sydney Boys' and Hunter's Hill High Schools, Sydney University, BA (Hons)
National Aboriginal Affairs officer National Union of Australian University Students 1967-1968, education v-president National Union of Australian University Students 1968-1970, tutor and senior tutor School of Education La Trobe University 1970-1973, adviser to fed. Minister for Aboriginal Affairs 1973, part-time commissioner Aust. Social Welfare Commission 1973-1976, member Vic. Institute of Colleges Council 1976-1981. Member, Australian Govt. Advisory Council on the Environment and Employment Opportunities 1994-96. Board Member, Australian Hearing Services 1995-2001. Board Member, Climate Institute, Washington DC since 1994. Board Member Greenfleet Australia, since 2003. Project Leader, Small Islands Project. Honorary Life Member, Metropolis Assoc.;
Australian Labor Party
Party Note
Joined Parkville branch, campaign director for D. Bornstein (q.v.) 1970, secretary parl. party 1977-1980, member state admin committee 1981-1985. Member, State and Federal, Education, Health and Transport ALP policy cttees.
Brunswick West
19th May 1973
19th Mar 1976
20th Mar 1976
2nd Oct 1992
3rd Oct 1992
31st Mar 1994

*The Start date for Members elected after 1900 is the date they were elected. The start date for pre-1900 Members is the date they were sworn in.

Inaugural Speech
11 September 1973, ALP, Assembly, Brunswick West
Minister of Health 1982-85. Minister for Transport 1985-87. Minister for Planning and Environment and Minister for Consumer Affairs 1987-90. Treasurer 1990-92. Minister for Aboriginal Affairs 1987-90, 1991-92. Minister for Employment, Post-Secondary Education and Training and Minister for Gaming Jan-Oct 1992. Shadow Minister for Sport, Recreation, Racing and Gaming 1992-93. Shadow Minister for Health 1976-82, 1992-93. Leader of the House 1989-92. Committee Service: Scrutiny of Acts & Regulations committee 1992-94. Printing committee 1973-1979. Public Servants Ethical Conduct committee 1974-1976. Subordinate Legislation committee 1976-1982. Privileges committee 1978-1982.
Author of: Aboriginal Education: The Teacher's Role 1968, The Myth of Equality 1970, Under Five in Aust (co-author) 1973, Personal Health Services in Vic. 1976
Who's Who in Australia 1977-1983; Victorian Parliamentary Handbook; 'Notable Australians', Melbourne, 1978; Herald 2 Apr 1969; SNP 29 May 1970, 10 Aug 1982; Age 2 July 1982; Prime Time Aug 1982; Spring Street Digest 18 Feb 1983; National Times 11 Nov 1983
Initial Data Source
Browne, G, 'Biographical Register of the Victorian Parliament 1900-84', 1985
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