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John Ingles Richardson

John Ingles Richardson

Shepparton, Victoria
William, shopkeeper, and Ethelwyn Ingles Smith
11 May 1963 Alice Mary Salmon, nurse; 1s. 1d.
School teacher, manager and author
Kerang State and High Schools
Ivanhoe Grammar School
Bendigo Teachers' College, Trained Primary Teachers Certificate 1957
Melbourne University, BCom 1963
School teacher Braybrook Primary School and lecturer Footscray Technical College 1961-1967; manager James Bennett (Vic.) Pty Ltd Booksellers & Publishers 1967-1976; executive member Aust. Library Promotion Council 1969-1983; trustee Book House; National Book Council Vic. 1981-1983, director Victorian State Opera 1980-90; member Victorian Institute of Secondary Education Council 1982; script-writer for ATV0 'Magic Circle Club', ABC 'Adventure Island' and other TV programs, author of five children's books. ;
Liberal Party
Party Note
State Council Delegate since 1965. Branch President and Secretary at various times. Select Committees at various times.
Forest Hill
1st Mar 1976
1st Nov 2002

*The Start date for Members elected after 1900 is the date they were elected. The start date for pre-1900 Members is the date they were sworn in.

Inaugural Speech
28 April 1976, Liberal, Assembly, Forest Hill
Shadow Minister for Educational Services 1982. Assistant to Leader of the Opposition 1982-83. Shadow Minister for Consumer Affairs 1982-85
Ethnic Affairs 1983-85
Education 1989-90
Community Services, Housing and Aboriginal Affairs 1990-91. Public Accounts committee 1976-1980. Public Accounts and Expenditure Review committee 1980-1982. Select Committee of Inquiry into Community Welfare Dept. Documents 1981
Economic & Budget Review Committee 1982-83
Social Development Committee 1985-88
Chairman, Road Safety Committee 1992-99
Legislative Assembly Standing Orders Committee 1988-90 and 1992-99
Legislative Assembly Printing Committee 1992-96 and 1999-2002.
Children's books: Wilfred the Wombat; Gendarme the Police Horse; Gendarme at Work; Suey the Sheep Dog; Ace the Guard Dog. T.V. programmes: Magic Circle Club; Adventure Island; Sunnyside Up; ABC educational TV.
Who's Who in Australia; Victorian Parliamentary Handbook; 'Notable Australians', Melbourne, 1978; Age 23 Sept 1978; Nunawading Gazette 17 Sept 1980; Eastern Standard 30 March 1982; Sunday Telegraph 8 Aug 1982; personal information.
Initial Data Source
Browne, G, 'Biographical Register of the Victorian Parliament 1900-84', 1985
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