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Dr. Denis Vincent Napthine, Hon.

Denis Vincent Napthine

Geelong, Victoria
Married, three children.
Winchelsea State School. Chanel College. BVSc, MVS (The University of Melbourne), MACVSc, MBA (Deakin University).
Veterinary officer with Vic. Dept. of Agriculture 1975-1987. Manager with Vic. Dept. of Agriculture & Rural Affairs 1987-88. Memberships: Friends of the Points Reserve and Autistic Association; Warrnambool Racing Club; Panmure Football and Netball Club; Tyrendarra Football and Netball Club.;
Liberal Party
Party Note
State Council representative 1984-88. Hamilton Branch President 1985-88.
1st Oct 1988
29th Nov 2002
Seat abolished
South West Coast
30th Nov 2002
3rd Sep 2015

*The Start date for Members elected after 1900 is the date they were elected. The start date for pre-1900 Members is the date they were sworn in.

Inaugural Speech
2 November 1988, Liberal, Assembly, Portland
Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister for Health 1992-96. Minister for Youth and Community Services 1996-99. Treasurer 7-20 October 1999. Minister for Regional Cities and Minister for Racing December 2010-December 2014. Premier March 2013-November 2014. Minister for the Arts 6 March 2013-13 March 2013. Minister for Ports and Minister for Major Projects December 2010-March 2013. Leader of the Opposition October 1999-August 2002. Shadow Minister for Rural and Regional Development August-December 2002. Shadow Minister for State & Regional Development December 2002-January 2004. Shadow Minister for Rural & Regional Development January 2004-December 2005. Shadow Minister for Agriculture (Including Forestry) December 2005-May 2006. Shadow Minister for Water December 2005-December 2006. Shadow Minister for Agriculture May-December 2006. Shadow Minister for Ports and Shadow Minister for Racing December 2006-December 2010. Shadow Minister for Regional and Rural Development December 2006-February 2008. Shadow Minister for Regional Cities February 2008-December 2010. Leader of the Liberal Party March 2013-December 2014. Leader of the Victorian Liberal Nationals Coalition March 2013-4 December 2014. Committee Service: Social Development Cttee 1988-1992. Rural and Regional Services and Development Cttee 2003-2006. LA Privileges Cttee March 2007-November 2010. LA Privileges Cttee April 2011-March 2013 (Chair May 2011-March 2013). Dispute Resolution Cttee April 2011-April 2013.
Victorian Parliamentary Handbook. Personal information.
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Victorian Parliamentary Handbook, 54th Parliament
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