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Alan John Hunt

Alan John Hunt

09 October 1927 (Peterborough, South Australia)
19 July 2013
Robert H., Salvation Army and Methodist minister of religion, and Evelyn Christina Luxton
(1) 1951; 4s.; (2) 9 May 1964 Kathinka Forster nee Grant; 1s.
Renmark, South Walk, St Morris State Schools, South Australia
Hawksburn and Canterbury State Schools, Mont Albert Central School, Melbourne Grammar School
Melbourne University, LLB.
Secretary National Union of Australian University Students and delegate to World University Service conference, Bombay 1950; solicitor Melbourne 1951-1954, from 1954 senior partner Frost & Hunt, Mornington, later Hunt, O'Sullivan & Daniels; before parl. president Mornington APEX and Peninsula Regional committee Spastic Children's Society 1958-1960, chairman Mornington Shire Council Rail Service Advisory committee, member Vic. committee Miss Australia Quest; member Mornington High School Council 1956-1971; honorary solicitor various local organisations. Awarded AM 1992. Solicitor, Deacons Melbourne 1992-97. Senior Fellow, Governance & Government Unit Monash University. Chairman, Good Governance Panel for Local Government 1998-99. Commissioner, Constitution Commission Victoria 2001-2. Board, International Diabetes Institute 1993-2001. Honorary Fellow, Australian Institute of Urban Studies, Victorian Planning & Environmental Law Assoc and Royal Australian Planning Institute. Honorary member, Local Government Professionals Assoc. and Institute of Municipal Management. Twice recipient of Town & Country Planning Assoc. annual award "for notable contribution to planning" and once recipient of similar award from Victorian Planning and Environmental Law Assoc. Commissioners Inquiry into the Shire of Strathfieldsaye 1993. Member, Constitutional Commission 2001-2002.;
Liberal and Country Party
Liberal Party
Party Note
President Melbourne University Liberals 1948-1950, West Fawkner Young Liberals 1952-1953, president Mornington branch 1958-1961, Flinders electorate committee 1959, 1960, responsible for State Rivers-Ansett Board of Inquiry 1963, deputy government Legislative Council leader 1976-1978, government Legislative Council leader 1978-1982, Legislative Council opposition leader 1982-86.
South Eastern
15th Jul 1961
2nd Oct 1992

*The Start date for Members elected after 1900 is the date they were elected. The start date for pre-1900 Members is the date they were sworn in.

Inaugural Speech
1 August 1961, Liberal, Council, South Eastern
Minister without Portfolio Mar-Apr 1971, Minister for Local Government Apr 1971-May 1979, Minister for Planning May 1973-Mar 1976, Aug 1978-May 1979, Attorney-General Mar-May 1976, Minister for Fed. Affairs Mar 1976-Aug 1978, Minister of Education May 1979-Apr 1982. Library committee 1961-1970 and Chairman 1988-92. Statute Law Revision committee 1968-1971. Standing Orders committee 1970-1971, 1988-1992 (Chairman 1988-92). Economic and Budget Review committee 1982-1983. House committee 1982-1992. Legislative Council Prisons Service committee 1983-1984. Public Bodies Review committee 1986-1988. President, Legislative Council 1988-92. Printing committee 1988-1992. Legislative Council Electoral Reform and Nunawading Re-Election committee 1988.
Who's Who in Australia 1962-1983; Victorian Parliamentary Handbook; VPSG; Moorabbin News 21 Jan 1961; Herald 21 Oct 1967, 1 Dec 1971; Age 20 Oct 1978, 18 Feb 1980, 28 Sept 1981; Aust. Municipal Journal Dec 1978-Jan 1979; Teacher's Journal 7 Aug 1979; Blazey, P., 'Bolte: A Political Biography', Brisbane, 1972
Initial Data Source
Browne, G, 'Biographical Register of the Victorian Parliament 1900-84', 1985
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