Re-Member (Former Members)

The biographical database contains summary biographical information about all Members of the Parliament of Victoria since 1851. It is based on information drawn from two publications:

  • Thomson, K. & Serle, G., A Biographical Register of the Victorian Legislature 1851-1900, Australian National University Press, Canberra, 1972
  • Browne, G., Biographical Register of the Victorian Parliament 1900-84, Melbourne Government Printer, 1985

Records for members elected since 1984 have been created from the information contained in Parliamentary Handbooks.

Information about dates of Parliamentary service or dates of death is updated regularly. Other corrections and additions to records are made on an occasional basis as new information comes to light.

The Last Updated field refers to the last time the whole record was systematically checked and updated. In most cases this will be the date of publication of the source of the original data (see above).