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The DPS Parliamentary Library Research Service provides research support to Members of the Victorian Parliament. The Service’s publications are:
· Research Papers, which provide in-depth coverage and detailed analysis of key topics;
· Current Issues Briefs, which provide an overview of a subject in legislative, portfolio, or policy areas; and,
· Research Briefs, which provide analysis and description of current bills.
The views expressed in Research Service publications are those of the author(s). Contact details appear at the rear of each paper.
(nb. Readers should note that the information contained in Research Service publications is current at the time of their release. For information on bills as enacted visit the Victorian Legislation & Parliamentary Documents website.)

Parliamentary Research publications are released under a Creative Commons licence. Any content republished must be attributed to the author and not be altered, transformed, or built upon, nor used for commercial purposes without our permission  (see details here).

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This fellowship paper chronicles the Victorian Government’s environment portfolios over the past fifty years and offers insights into their governance.

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This Bill Brief provides an overview of the Bill, proposed amendments to the Crimes Act 1958 concerning taking DNA samples from suspects without a court order, stakeholder views on the proposed reforms, and a jurisdictional comparison.

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This Bill Brief outlines the context for the introduction of the Bill, the key points in the Minister’s second reading speech and the purpose of the Bill. It provides some discussion of the evidence of the benefits of introducing nurse and midwife to patient ratios and outlines the approaches of other jurisdictions.

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This paper examines how parliamentary committees can facilitate meaningful engagement with people from culturally and linguistically diverse (CALD) communities.

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This explainer provides an overview of the circular economy concept, what it looks like and why it’s being talked about. It also discusses research and developments in the circular economy space, and some of the challenges. Additionally, it includes a number of examples of circular initiatives being implemented around the world.

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This paper provides an overview of ways in which Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders can exercise land and water rights in Victoria, and includes a discussion of the experiences of Traditional Owner corporations who have negotiated agreements under the Traditional Owner Settlement Act 2010 (Vic).

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This Bill Brief provides an overview of the Bill and analysis of its key features, plus background information and comparisons with other Australian jurisdictions.

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This publication provides crime data and offence rates for the five major crime categories over a ten-year period for all Victoria’s LGAs.

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This paper provides case studies of countries that have historic treaties or modern treaty-making processes with Indigenous peoples, self-governance arrangements, and other mechanisms aimed at realising Indigenous self-determination.

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This paper explains what the gig economy is, how it functions and the implications it has for labour rights. It also provides some information on the regulatory responses of other countries to the gig economy.

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