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The DPS Parliamentary Library Research Service provides research support to Members of the Victorian Parliament. The Service’s publications are:
· Research Papers, which provide in-depth coverage and detailed analysis of key topics;
· Current Issues Briefs, which provide an overview of a subject in legislative, portfolio, or policy areas; and,
· Research Briefs, which provide analysis and description of current bills.
The views expressed in Research Service publications are those of the author(s). Contact details appear at the rear of each paper.
(nb. Readers should note that the information contained in Research Service publications is current at the time of their release. For information on bills as enacted visit the Victorian Legislation & Parliamentary Documents website.)

Parliamentary Research publications are released under a Creative Commons licence. Any content republished must be attributed to the author and not be altered, transformed, or built upon, nor used for commercial purposes without our permission  (see details here).

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D-Brief Number 2, August 2007

This D-Brief provides an overview of the Gambling Regulation Bill 2007 including background information on gaming in Victoria and a look at the Bill in detail.

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D-Brief Number 3, August 2007

This D-Brief provides an overview of gene technology regulation, information about the bill including a discussion of the proposed major changes and stakeholders reaction.

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Current Issues Brief Number 1, April 2007

This paper includes discussion of the bill and its legal context, a summary of ethical considerations and positions, an explanation of Victoria's science, technology and innovation industry, and developments in interstate and international jurisdictions.

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Research Paper  1, February 2007

This Research Paper examines the campaign and the result, describing who won and why. It also includes a detailed explanation of voting for the new-look Legislative Council, and voting figures for each Assembly District and Council Region.

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D-Brief Number 5, November 2006

This D-Brief is designed to assist  in understanding the Proportional Representation counting system to be used for the election for the Legislative Council on 25 November 2006.

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D-Brief Number 4, May 2006

The Funerals Bill 2006 is designed to provide for the regulation of the funeral industry. This D-Brief provides information on the Bill and its main clauses, major issues raised by the Bill, the Parliamentary Committee report, and the developments in other jurisdictions.

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Current Issues Brief Number 2, May 2006

This Issues Brief provides information on the Charter of Human Rights and Responsibilities Bill 2006, including background information, key features of the Bill, current human rights protections, and Bills of Rights in other jurisdictions.

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D-Brief Number 3, May 2006

The Conveyancers Bill 2006 proposes a scheme for the licensing and regulation of conveyancing work by conveyancers. The Bill also proposes that conveyancers be authorised to carry out legal work associated with conveyancing. Includes information on the Bill and its main clauses, the current regulation of conveyancing in Victoria, the recent review of conveyancing services in Victoria, and developments in other jurisdictions.

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D-Brief Number 1, April 2006

Information about the bill and Victoria 's random roadside drug testing program. The paper includes a summary of drug driving offences and penalties, and outlines the drug testing process. Statistics on the prevalence of drug driving in Victoria and Australia and developments in other Australian jurisdictions are also covered.

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D-Brief Number 2, April 2006

The Aboriginal Heritage Bill 2006 is designed to replace the existing legislative framework for the protection and preservation of Aboriginal cultural heritage. Covers Commonwealth legislation, some key differences of the current & proposed regimes, legislation in other States & Territories, and references.

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