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The DPS Parliamentary Library Research Service provides research support to Members of the Victorian Parliament. The Service’s publications are:
· Research Papers, which provide in-depth coverage and detailed analysis of key topics;
· Current Issues Briefs, which provide an overview of a subject in legislative, portfolio, or policy areas; and,
· Research Briefs, which provide analysis and description of current bills.
The views expressed in Research Service publications are those of the author(s). Contact details appear at the rear of each paper.
(nb. Readers should note that the information contained in Research Service publications is current at the time of their release. For information on bills as enacted visit the Victorian Legislation & Parliamentary Documents website.)

Parliamentary Research publications are released under a Creative Commons licence. Any content republished must be attributed to the author and not be altered, transformed, or built upon, nor used for commercial purposes without our permission  (see details here).

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This Brief provides background on the Bill, outlines a new health-based response to public drunkenness as proposed by the Expert Reference Group and discusses responses from stakeholders.

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This Brief provides background on the Bill, considers the proposed reforms, discusses responses from stakeholders and concludes with a jurisdictional comparison.

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This research paper by Parliamentary Library Fellow, Maria Mupanemunda, explores the potential for social procurement to create inclusive employment opportunities for jobseekers experiencing disadvantage.

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This Brief considers the background to the Bill, looks at the proposed reforms, discusses responses from stakeholders and concludes with a jurisdictional comparison.

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This Quick Guide provides a brief overview of the size, operation and recent history of residential aged care in Victoria

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For National Science Week - 15-23 August 2020 -  Parliament and the Royal Society of Victoria will present a forum around the theme ‘Possible impossibles: how science can help create a better future’. This paper highlights some of the ‘impossibles’ made possible with science and technology in Victoria.

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This paper examines the public health emergency laws and frameworks activated in response to COVID-19 as well as related constitutional, administrative and rights issues.

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This Bill Brief provides information on the current legislative framework, wage theft definitions and high-profile cases, then considers the Bill itself. It also discusses stakeholder responses and concludes with a jurisdictional comparison.

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This research paper overviews two centuries of epidemics and pandemics in Victoria’s history, and considers what lessons the past offers in comprehending the challenges presented by COVID-19.

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An overview of the North East Link Bill 2020, the government’s plans to establish a state-owned tolling corporation, the recent history of public-private road projects in Victoria and a summary of the business case for the Corporation.

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